Fleshlight Cleaning & Care Instructions

fleshlight cleaning care instructions

How to clean a Fleshlight?

You have just obtained your very first Fleshlight toy. The excitement and anticipation that fills your body and senses is so immense that you can’t withstand the pressures to try it out any longer. Use it and get your sexual fix whenever you please; we aren’t going to make you wait any longer. What we are going to do is to recommend ways to clean and take care of your toy so you can continue to use it with comfort and ease.

Cleaning your device is an essential step to ensuring that your device remains usable, tight/pleasurable and free from harsh bacteria and other potentially dangerous conditions. Using your toy can be fun, but cleaning and taking good care of it is essential to its effectiveness. Below you’ll find a guide to what to do and what not to do when caring for your new sex toy. You’ll also find from useful suggestions and tips that will make your toy stand up against the test of time.

What NOT to do with your Fleshlight Toy

Your Fleshlight toy is a sensitive piece of material. Just like a woman, you have to handle it with tenderness, but you want to be able to be rough with it as well. That is okay and even your greatest thrusts cannot harm the material of your Fleshlight.

  • Let’s start with cleaning with soap. This is a terrible idea as the microbeads found in soap will destroy your inner cavity, much like it would irritate an actual vagina for a woman. Do not use soap to clean as this process also harms the inner make-up of the toy. It essentially irritates the inner materials and breaks them down. So not only does it harm your toy, but it can also hurt the sexual experience for the user. The combination of these two factors should be enough to steer you away from using this particular method of cleaning.
  • Baby powder or talcum powder are also big “no-no’s” for your Fleshlight toy. Do not use baby powder or talcum powder as they contain very harsh chemicals. Your genitals are self-cleaning and adding these powders leads to irritation. Not only does the irritation pose a potential threat, but absorption does as well. Your genitals are prone to absorbing things, so harmful toxins and chemicals are not items you want your body to take in. The short and long term risk of these chemicals can pose a large threat to the body and possibly lead to lifelong problems.
  • Another problem some Fleshlight users can encounter is black spots on the Fleshlight sleeve. This is a mold that you are noticing and you always want to avoid mold. ! The reason why these particles appear, is if you let your Fleshlight not dry completely and you close the cap. Please read: How to dry your Fleshlight? You can remove the mold in the initial stage with Isopropanol alcohol.
  • Many massage oils or oil based lubes destroy your Fleshlight! The reacting with oil and the Real Feel Super Skin ™ causes, that the material is becoming more and more fragile and ugly appearance. Prevent this from happening by not using products that contain other oils. The Fleshlight itself already comes specially formulated and already features the use of some oily substances in order to create for the complete experience for the user. Please use only


Ways to Correctly Clean and Maintain your toy

Now that we have covered all the cleaning products you should avoid, we can move onto some of the useful steps to cleaning and maintaining your Fleshlight toy. Your just received your Fleshlight toy and you are eager to use it. Consider the steps mentioned below before using your new toy.

  • Step 1:
    Run it under water to remove some of the powder your toy contains. The powder is mostly found on the outside and it keeps your toy dry in the shipping process. Warmer water is better for stimulation, but you can use cold water if you please. That preference is really in your hands. Anywhere from 5-10 minutes under the sink will do.
  • Step 2:
    You are now ready to lube up your device before use. We recommend not going in dry, as that won’t be comfortable for the user and won’t enhance your experience in any way. Fleshlube is a safe lube that doesn’t contain the harsh oils mentioned previously. Use any amount you deem necessary to complete your fantasy.
  • Step 3:
    Slip your penis in the Real Feel SuperSkin Sleeve and release your inner fantasies!
    You have just experienced your first Fleshlight orgasm and it was an experience you’ll never forget.

In fact, you think you have enough stamina to take it for another spin and go for round two. Hold on cowboy, you need to clean your toy first. Repeat the process of running hot or cold water through your toy to take care of any excess substances you may have left within your Fleshlight.

You can use isopropanol or isopropyl alcohol to clean off the outer and inner portions of your toy. This type of alcohol contains little toxicity in its residues, so it is one of the preferred cleaning methods.

How to dry your Fleshlight?

After cleaning the outer and inner portions of your toy, you are going to want to let it dry.

The preferred drying period is 3 days on a well ventilated place. Some of us are rather impatient and we don’t want to have to wait as long to use our toys. Have no fear as Fleshlight created a product just for you.

Use 24 hours a SleeveWarmer™ for faster drying. This Fleshlight product is perfect for those who want to use their toys on a daily basis.

Other Cleaning Tips

Fleshlight also provides additional options for maximum use potential and ensuring that your masturbation experience seems like the first time, every time. After each use, try using corn starch powder on the outside of your toy. This powder is an essential step you are going to want to take if you let time elapse between uses.

Using these starches will help keep your toy’s shape, reduce stickiness, and prevent from outer deterioration (outer deterioration can cause for inner problems as well). Use only on the outer portions of your device and not too close to the entry chamber. Getting corn starch in your toy might not create for a pleasurable experience. Fleshlight Renewing Powder is also made available on their site which is a similar comparison to the corn starch method.

Feshlight also carries their own line of Fleshwash products. These products contain the essential ingredients to ensuring a full clean after each use. Using the alternative methods above will also do the trick, but why not get all you need for the cleaning process in one bottle instead of searching for these additional measures? This concludes all you need to know to ensure that the before and after process of masturbating with your Fleshlight toy can be a positive one.

Happy ecstasy Fleshlight users!

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