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The demand for male masturbation sleeves is one of the fastest growing in the entire adult toy market. As the No 1 selling masturbation male sex toy, manufacturers are popping up everywhere. This means that consumers now have more options than ever when it comes to choosing a sleeve, but few manufacturers are as well known as Fleshlight.

While having more options is always great, it can also make it hard to determine which sleeve is right for you. That's why I have made this Fleshlight review site. My goal is to provide you with real information from a person who has actually used these products. By providing you with my honest opinion, I hope to make picking out your next male sextoy easier.

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What You Will Find Here ?

As a review site, I will mostly be focusing on Fleshlight reviews and product comparisons. I hope to make these reviews stand out by providing real information backed by pictures that I take of the actual product. No stock photos here. Just the real deal!

However, I also hope to provide you with an in-depth look at the world of male sex toys by also covering news and information related to this industry. These articles and editorials will be placed on my news blog. I'll also be providing information and overviews on some of the most popular erotic models on the internet.

We all know that masturbation sleeves can be a bit expensive, but I hope to save you money by providing Fleshlight coupon codes that you can use to get great deals on the adult toys I talk about and review on my site. Besides offering coupon codes, I will also post information and bring attention to special offers that manufacturers and online stores are offering.


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Fleshlight FLIGHT Aviator – New inner channel
Fleshlight Aviator: Taking Off to New Heights of Pleasure Almost every man, even those in long-term relationships, masturbates on a regular basis. This is completely normal. There's hardly a better way to relax after a hectic day and fall asleep. The feeling of pleasure achieved by manual manipulation is not nearly as intense as the pleasure offered by the Fleshlight

Latest Reviews

Angel Fleshlight: Pussy of Kendra Sunderland
Test: Kendra Sunderland Fleshlight with Angel texture Today I'm testing the Fleshlight Girls Kendra Sunderland Fleshlight with the Angel texture for you, which has been commercially available since February 2017. With more than 150 textures, of course, the question arises as to what is the best Fleshlight. There is no general answer to this question for this masturbator, considering every

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fleshlight girls birthday calendar
Fleshlight Girls Birthday Calendar
When Does Each Fleshlight Girl Celebrate Her Birthday? Being with a Fleshlight Girl is almost like being with the real person. Your fantasies come alive as you enjoy each lady through their specialized molds and designs. Make your fantasies even more real by keeping this Fleshlight Girls birthday calendar close at hand. With one glance, you'll know which girl is

A Flashlight as masturbation device ?!?

The wordplay of "flesh" and "light" refer to the outer, plastic, hard cover that resembles a flashlight. Inside this fake vagina, the material feels just like the real thing and is known as "real feel super skin". This love cave contains inner canals with different textures, structures, and chambers, that stimulate the penis and will lead you right to orgasm. Want to hear the best part? This popular onanism hole was made from the pussies, mouths, and butts of real porn stars!

What masturbator options are there ?

During Summer 2016, you have 12 different varieties to choose from:

  1. The worldwide best sextoys for men are the Fleshlight Girls masturbators. That comes with an ivory (pearl white) case and either a pussy, mouth, or butt orifice, molded from a real porn star.
  2. There is also the two double open-ended QUICK SHOT masturbators for free ejaculations.
  3. If you're a bit more adventurous and want to try something new, look for the Freaks series, which offers wild orifices in the shape of Aliens and zombies.
  4. If you travel often, try the Fleshlights Flight and GO. They are smaller than the regular size and you can take them on the go.
  5. The ICE is best for those who really want to stimulate their penis glans and watch while they work their cock.
  6. Gentle vibrations will give you the Vibro products.
  7. With the Stamina Training Unit, so you can learn Edging and orgasm control.
  8. The Sex in a Can items feel just as good as the other toys, but look just like a beer can.
  9. The Blade and Sword models are for those wild and crazy men, who want the sword as a handle.
  10. The Build your Own series allows you to create an individual masterpiece and choose the color, orifice, and structure of your adult toy.
  11. The old-school Classic / Original Fleshys were the first male sex toys on the market between the years of 2005 and 2010.
  12. The Flashjack love toys are molded in the shape of butts and specifically designed for bisexual and gay men. These are very popular in the gay scene.

Why is this man lovetoy so popular ?

It is not an easy task to stimulate the penis! The cheap sex toys are not enough to trigger an orgasm. Most men who purchase cheap toys wind up throwing them in the trash and go right back to using their hand.

This frustration is why the inventor of the Fleshlight, Steve Shubin, created the first fake vagina with a hard case, soft insert, and intense stimulation that worked wonders on the penis glans. Finally, amazing orgasms were possible with a sex toy!

Although other companies have tried to copy it, this masturbator is still the most effective and versatile sexy toy out there for men. Each option offers a different feeling of incredible suction, tightness, and stimulation.

Find YOUR personal masturbation device here based on our reviews, images, and information. Find here all informations about the world´s best male stroke toy!