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All The Facts You Need to Know About a Fleshlight

The Fleshlight is the most popular sex toy on the market. Men love it because they are a lot of varieties of it, it feels like the real thing, it is inexpensive, and it is easy to take care of.

1.) What is a Fleshlight?

It is a popular sex toy that was invented in 1995 by Steve Shubin from Texas. It is the best selling male masturbation tool on the market. Since it looks like a flashlight, it is easy to use discreetly.

Men love it because it fits well and makes sexual activity feel really good. The insert feels just like real skin. Along with being easy to hide, this product is also portable and sturdy. These products are revolutionary because most sex toys are made for women.

Ever since they made their first model, their products have evolved a lot and they have a lot of different shapes, colors, inserts, add-ons, and orifices to meet the ever-changing needs and wants of their customers.

2.) Which parts has a Fleshlight?

  • The Case:

    The parts of the tool include the case, the big front screw cap, the small rear screw cap, and the insert/sleeve. The case is the “home” of the insert and is made of hard plastic. It ensures that the soft and elastic insert keeps its shape and ensures that the needed counter pressure is kept inside the canal.

    The case has an opening on both sides and has screw threads on the back and the front. When the case is closed, it looks like a flashlight to ensure discretion. There are many finger grooves in the back that provide a non-slip grip which makes it possible for the tool to sit comfortably and easily in the hand.

  • Big Front Screw Cap

    The big cap is screwed on the front of its case and it protects the exterior of the insert from dirt, dust, and other environmental elements that it can come across when it is being stored. It is only used for storage and is always removed before the product is used.

  • Small Rear Screw Cap

    The purpose of the small cap is to regulate the suction inside the inner canal. When the rear cap is closed all the way, suction is at its maximum. The more the cap is screwed off, the more the suction power decreases. In this manner, the user can vary the suction effect according to their individual preference and they can feel the stimulation of this item in a very different way.

  • The Insert (Sleeve)

    The insert is the interior part of the toy. It is made of “Real Feel Super Skin,” that is a very soft material that resembles skin, which is very elastic and flexible. It is put inside the case and becomes securely fastened to a groove.

    The side wings of the rear insert take shape against the wall of the case, is the entrance to the inner canal and designed like a orifice. There are a great variety of orifices, like pussy openings, mouths, and butts. The majority of them are castings molded from well-known erotic models and, for this reason, they look very realistic. There are also many different canal textures, that differ a lot in appearance and stimulation.

3.) What is The Sleeve Material?

The sleeve is made of Real Feel Super Skin that imitates what it feels like to be inside a woman. The interior sleeve of the toy is very customizable. A person can select: a color that represents the ethnicity that they are attracted to (including a see-through option) and an interior texture that stimulates the penis when it is being used (with more than 48 options to choose from).

This sleeve is made from a patented mixture of medical grade phthalate-free polymers. Even though this sex toy looks and feels real, it is not made of silicone, latex, or plastic.

4.) Which Fleshlight Series Are Available?

This line of products has expanded their line of products since they first started with lubricants, performance enhancers, and a lot more. With the variety of products that they offer, it is very obvious why this line of products is and will continue to be the best sex toys for men.

I think with this great variety of series that they offer that there is one out there for every man and it will not be difficult for them to find their favorite one:

  • Some of their series products include the the Frontrunner: The Fleshlight Girls with different orifices and textures. Since most men will not date a porn star in their lifetime, the girls products allows men to have a replica mold of their favorite porn stars body parts.
  • Fleshlight Ice is a transparent sleeve and case, where you can see your cock working.
  • Sex in a Can discreetly hides all Fleshlights in what appears to be a beer can.
  • Fleshlight Pilot for the discreet portability on air travel.
  • The Fleshlight Blade looks like a sword handle and it comes with a squeezable hilt-shaped case and provides a new sharply intense texture.
  • The Fleshlight Freaks allows for men to feel like they are with a Vampire, Alien, Monster, Cyborg or zombie.
  • The oldest series ist are the Originals,
  • The Fleshlight Go is a small sized Fleshlight.
  • With the Stamina Training Unit you can train your penis with masturbation over several hours.

5.) What Orifices Are Available?

There are quite a few orifices available. They include the lady/vagina/pussy, butt/anus, mouth, the non descript, and the pure.

6.) Which structures are available?

The structures that are available include many pink lady products from the original to the barracuda and they have three different types of these items. The three different types are the pussy, pink mouth, and pink butt.

7.) What Fleshlight girls are available?

The girls sex toys come in true-to-life flesh color tones. Every custom-molded girls masturbation sleeve is an exact replica of each star’s most intimate parts. The girls include Nikki Benz, Anikka Albrite, Stoya, Riley Reid, Jenna Haze, Angela White, Kayden Kross, Tera Patrick, Jessica Drake, Alexis Texas, Joanna Angel, and Misty Stone. These are just some of the girls that are part of the girls line.

8.) What assesoires are available?

  • The Vibro Pink Lady includes three vibrating bullets that can be put in it for total satisfaction.
  • The Vstroker lets a man control the position and speed while they view videos of porn stars.
  • The shower mount allows for shower sex that every man dreams of. The Launchpad allows men to watch videos on their tablet while using the it.
  • The Phone STRAP smartphone accessory allows for hands-free of television as it straps securely to the thigh.
  • The Top Dog Training Tool (Liberator Fleshlight Holder) provides a footstool sized mount that is just right for hands free pleasure and stamina training. The two-play provides strategic angles that allow for the feeling of rear and frontal entry. The backrunner allows men to duplicate anal sex.
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