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Riley Jensen Fleshlight with Wild texture published


Tattoo Model Riley Jensen makes your fantasies come true

At the end of May 2017 there was, once again, growth in the Fleshlight Girls – Family. With Riley Jensen, not only does a particularly pretty and incredibly erotic girl join the illustrious circle of Fleshlight ladies, but the new sleeve also shows an interesting, newly designed structure.

The new Fleshlight Wild promises very different sensations with five cool chambers. Because Riley only does predominantly lesbian porn, certain erotic fantasies can also be fulfilled in this way.

Personally, I am very curious about how intense the sex feels with Riley’s artificial pussy. But before the test report is released, I did a little research and compiled the most important information about the model and the new “Wild Fleshlight” for you.

Who actually is Riley Jensen?

Riley Jensen has built a career as a porn star, especially with girl-on-girl scenes. The actress, born in 1990 in Stockton, California, is not a lesbian, but sex with a woman before a camera seemed to be particularly fun for her.

At the same time, Riley was and still is something like the teenage girl next door in her videos. No wonder: the dainty, only 5 foot tall brunette is visually a refined and almost irresistible mixture of youthful innocence and pure sexual energy. There was inevitably another component in her display art. Riley has a lot of tattoos and a new, exciting market segment in the porn business opened up with punk and ink porn.

The fact that she is extremely successful and does very well in the business is proven not only by the many films she has appeared in, but also in number of awards she has received. For example, in 2012 she received the coveted AVN Award for the best girl-on-girl scene in a production. However, she has also long since left the porn industry behind her. Otherwise, she is a mainstream model, presenting her fantastic body regularly in magazines on the tattoo scene.

In the end, it was probably only a matter of time before Riley became a Fleshlight Girl. As is customary, her sweet little pussy has been molded right down to the last detail. She herself is also enthusiastically inspired by the result – and users will be too, in all likelihood.

Wild inner workings

The Riley Jensen Fleshlight not only scores with original labia replication. In its interior, there is a structure which can be described as Wild texture and is completely new. This is a really refined combination of cross ribs, four individual studded rings as well as three clearly perceptible constrictions.

The feelings that this unique mixture triggers are actually wild. Sexual stimulation takes place in a variety of ways in five different chambers. Variety and an intense experience are undoubtedly guaranteed when used.

In the interplay with the detail-formed pussy and with the image of Riley Jensen in mind, this sleeve is a wonderfully wicked and wild sex toy. The fact that the wild texture matches the new image of Riley perfectly is almost self-evident. I bet that it will very quickly find many fans.

Fleshlight Wild Texture

A detailed review follows

The Fleshlight with the new “wild texture” and the Riley Jensen pussy orifice is brand new. I will order it within the next few weeks and then, of course, also intensively test it. Then I will publish a detailed test review …

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