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4 new Fleshlight CAMSTARS with Flirt Texture

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Get excited by the Flirt4Free Camstars: Hope Daylee, Natalie Star, Lindsey Banks, Autumn Woods

If you’re a real fan of Fleshlight (offered by Interactive Life Forms LLC), you’ll be thrilled by the recent announcement at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2016. When this convention was held between January 20 and 23, 2016, everyone’s eyes were on webcam girls.

Fleshlight didn’t disappoint because computer sex fans were satisfied with the announcement of four, Flirt4Free Camstars making their way into the texture business. Lindsey Banks, Natalie Star, Autumn Woods and Hope Daylee can now be part of your daily fantasies.

Some girls sending from a professional studio and some from home when it comes to Cam2Cam interactions, but fans can now have their orifices ready to go when a video pops up on their TV screens.

  1. A very popular Flirt4Free Camstar and a great Fleshlight delight is Natalie Star. She has long, black hair and a come-hither look that will melt any man’s resolve.
  2. Hope Daylee is one of the top porn stars that you can find online. Her voluptuous body gets men excited as her sex chat sessions heating up nearly each week. She is the quintessential, girl-next-door with long blonde hair to drive you wild.
  3. Autumn Woods is a favorite with men who want to dominate their ladies. She’ll have a camsex session with you as you explore her orifice at home. From oral to traditional positions, lovemaking is her specialty.
  4. The 4th model who’s part of the Flirt4Free and Fleshlight family is Lindsey Banks. She’s a shy-looking girl, but she’ll get you going really quick. Her orifice is part of the newly released texture announced in Vegas too.

All four Camstar Fleshlights contains the new Flirt texture

The incredible announcement revolves around the Flirt texture. These four ladies all have the same texture, but there are some differences. The interior canal may be identical among the ladies, but the exterior lips are perfectly formed from each individual camstar. Wide-open lips are common among every Fleshlight product, but you’ll have narrow, fleshy and other shapes that define the entryway. Each Flirt texture comes in a dark blue case, which accents the pale flesh color that beckons you inside.

Fleshlight usually creates their own textures based on chosen women, but this announcement centers around Flirt4Free. If you aren’t familiar with this website, you’ll want to couple it with your pleasure session. Girls from across the world will log into their accounts as they show off their talents for you. Hope, Lindsey, Natalie and Autumn are all part of this website. With sleeves based off of their private regions, you’ll be able to create a fantasy unlike any other. Flirt4Free is a platform for lovely ladies who simply want to please men and women alike.

Natalie Star presents the interactive Kiiroo masturbator

If you’ve never heard of the newest toy called Kiiroo, you’ll want to perk your ears up. This unsuspecting, black box is filled with constricting rings. It’s controlled by Bluetooth, which is either in your hands or your partner’s hands. Feel the sensation of penetration while your partner explores their own sensuality with their toy. The Kiiroo is perfect for the single man or a couple. The canal is still constructed of the finest material that simulates real flesh. You may want to buy this toy quickly because it’s set to sell out as soon as it hits the market.

Stay tuned for further announcements as 2016 quickly morphs into 2017. With cybersex becoming the newest craze, it’s only natural to enjoy the Fleshlight Cam Star Collection and more. In the next few years, you might see several more webcam stars with their own textures to please your shaft all night long.

Important Note for the European visitors:
Unfortunately I.L.F. has blocked the access to the CAMSTARS Collection via IP Addresses- detection.
This texture will probably only produced in the United States. 🙁
I´ve tested the new CAMSTAR Fleshlights an wrote reviews about it for you:

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