Dominika C: A beautiful, erotic actress from the Czech Republic

On May 2, 2017, fans of the European erotic star Dominika had a special reason to be joyous. Finally, the producer of Fleshlights has announced that the emerging porn actress is getting a sex toy of her own. The beauty from the Czech Republic is the new Fleshlight Girl.

Because the Fleshlight corresponds to the anatomical shapes of the model, Dominika C’s protruding, small-sized labia are a feast for the eyes. But the new inner channel also seems to be very interesting! I present you the new artificial pussy in this short overview.

Who is Dominika C?

Fleshlight introducing: Dominika CMore than 30 years ago the erotic actress Dominica saw the light of the world. The lascivious artist, who collaborates with famous photographers, was born on July 10, 1985 in Prague. Dominika was already known as a softcore model at a young age. Her thin body, small breasts, and fleshy labia were presented not only for websites such as X-Art or MCN Nude. She also worked for the erotic pages of Playboy and Met Art.

With her dark hair, her fawn-brown eyes and her natural physique, Dominica became an erotic dream for men: anyone who appreciates delicate proportions should be inspired by the Czech model.

Now, this European erotic star is collaborating with the manufacturer of Fleshlights. The Butterfly Fleshlight by Dominika is the first and only men’s sex toy for which the erotic actress has provided her body.

For further information, please visit the Dominika C Homepage as well as on Twitter and Instagram.

The Butterfly Fleshlight in brief

Dominka C is a popular softcore artist who rarely reveals her most intimate zones. A full view of her voluminous labia can be enjoyed by users of the new Fleshlight. Ultimately, the toy scores through its detailed reproduction of her vagina, which can now be taken. The thick labia contribute to the opening being very inviting.

In the narrow inner channel, which is characterized by ample passageways, fantasies with the actress can be fulfilled. Because each area of the inner channel has its own style, there is certainly plenty of variety in the insert. Structured elements such as knobs, which are located in the long passages, contribute to this. Narrow ribs caress the user’s penis. Four compartments, which are available in a mother-of-pearl colored case, are designed to increase the pleasure.

At the end of the insert, the manufacturer positioned new nubs, which are not yet available in any other inner channel. There are large and rectangular bulges arranged in a pattern resembling a chessboard. Through these elements, each one centimeter wide and one-half centimeter high, users penetrate into the ending inner channel. In this case, they penetrate a contracting opening, which is located between the elements.

Dominika Butterfly texture

My practical test of the sex toy follows

The Butterfly Fleshlight by the erotic beauty Dominika C scores with innovative interior elements that contribute to the intensification of pleasure. The outer form appears very inviting.

Due to the combination of narrow chambers, wide passages, varying nubs and additional ribs, fans of the actress won’t be the only ones to enjoy a lot of pleasure with the toy. The Fleshlight is especially liked by lovers of the erotic star. Diverse pleasures, which can be experienced with the inner channel, speak for the use of the new insert, which is already available through the Fleshlight Onlineshop.

I feel that it is great fun to penetrate the end of the long inner channel. I expect intense pleasure when the penis is exposed to certain friction and the tip is gently massaged.

Therefore, I will order the sex toy soon to test it in the near future. I will tell you about my experiences soon. Subscribe to my Facebook or Twitter channel or RSS feed.

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