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Alexis Texas – Hot Texas bombshell

Who is Alexis Texas?

Alexis Texas Fleshlight

The gorgeous Alexis Texas is currently one of the most sought after porn stars in the industry. Since her debut in the porn scene, this gorgeous Texas lass has starred in over 550 porn films. She started her career in erotic film at the tender age of 22 and has not looked back since then.

Her career has progressed at an incredible speed and the future looks very promising for Alexis career-wise. The debut film on the porn scene was the widely acclaimed “Collage Amateur Tour in Texas”. This film did very well and went a long in establishing her as a formidable force in the erotic film genre. She is a very proud and outspoken Texan. Although her legal name is Thea Alexis Samper, she is professionally known as Alexis.

Alexis is beautiful woman by all standards. She has ample yet attractive features that are irresistible and sexually exciting. Apart from that she is skillful, versatile and has no limitations when it comes to sex. This explains why she is one of the most highly booked porn stars in the industry. Her looks, expertise and exemplary performance in the films she stars have made her garner a legion of fans all over the world. Her popularity has made her films famous and she has become a porn producer’s dream talent.

A porn star with blockbuster movie talent

Alexis’ first major role on a porno film was on the renowned film “Cheerleader with Alexis” which debuted in 2008. This was her breakthrough role that propelled her into international superstardom. Other notable porno films that Alexis has starred in include: Not the Bradys XXX, The Office: A XXX Parody, Batman XXX: A Porn Parody, Scrubs: A XXX ParodySuperman XXX, Superman vs Spiderman XXX and The Incredible Hulk XXX.

Alexis is far from camera shy, she is versatile and has shown this in all her porno films. She can do anything and is not gender based. Her sexual fluidity has enabled her to star in roles with both genders and even participate in sex scenes that feature multiple sex partners. She has also mastered the art of oral sex and masturbation and has no problem with sexual elements that some women consider taboo such as eyesculating on a woman’s ace. This sexual fluidity and flexibility has made her the go girl for sexual fantasies no matter how weird or experimental your sexual fantasies are.

Alexis Texas Fleshlight

Alexis Texas Fleshlights:

Alexis’ incredible career coupled with her legion of global fans has grabbed the attention of Fleshlight – a leading manufacturer of masturbation products. Fleshlight has not only made Alexis a brand ambassador of its products but has also honored her by manufacturing an entire line of masturbation products that are inspired by this superstar’s gorgeous features.

If you are a fan of this breathtaking Texan lass, then you will be delighted to know that Fleshlight has molded products that mimic her vagina and anus.

With this Fleshlight line modeled after Alexis, you will be able to access masturbation products that are an exact replica of the genitals of the biggest porn star in the US. You can choose between two very incredibly satisfying products.



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Pussy – Outlaw This mind blowing pocket pussy has narrow chamber that mimics the movements of an actual human vagina. With this product, you are guaranteed deep penetration, and a narrow canal that is as realistic as Alexis’ tight and young pussy. Evaluation in the direct comparison:
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Alexi’s profile:

Alexis Texas Porn Star PortraitDate of Birth: May 25, 1985
Place of Birth: Castroville, Texas
Country of Birth: USA
Current residence: Los Angeles, California, USA

Body height: 173 cm
Weight: 59
Body in inch: 34 – 27 – 40
Bra size: C
Hair: blond
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eye color: blue
physique: thin
Tattoos: no
Piercings: yes (navel)
sexual orientation: bi

Filmography: The Incredible Hulk XXX, Young Big Tits, Hardcore Allure 1, Its starts with a Kiss, Batman XXX: A Porn Parody, Superman XXX and Superman vs Spiderman XXX.

Porn Studios: Adam & Eve, Brazzers, Hustler, Bang Bros, Vivid, Wicked Picture, Digital Playground, Evil Angel, New Sensations
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