One of the first Fleshlight Girls

On the May 19th, 2017 I learned from the Fleshlight newsletter about the new Savage texture. I was very surprised, because Lisa Ann is one of the first Fleshlight Girls. As usual, I.L.F. was very tight-lipped, and shortly afterwards I understood the connection:

Lisa Ann has been in the programme since 2011. It was then that she got her very popular Barracuda Fleshlight and the standard textures Swallow, Forbidden, Lotus, and Mini-Lotus. The last four were removed from the range in 2016. Lisa Ann was therefore missing an anal texture. But she’s found it now in Savage.

Who is Lisa Ann?

Women of a certain age are particularly sought-after by many men. This is not just because they are often naturally blessed with lush female curves, but also because they know what to do with them. They enjoy dressing in lingerie or vinyl and leather and seducing the men. A typical example of this type of woman, known as a MILF in the world of erotica, is the model Lisa Ann.

She was born on the 9th May 1972 in the town of Easton, Pennsylvania. She has led an eventful and successful life. Back in 1990, she began dancing as a go-go girl in clubs to finance her training as a dental technician. At the age of 22, in the first flush of youth, she became an actress in the porn industry.

Lisa Ann, who has Italian roots, is very popular with the men. Not only does she have a Mediterranean temperament, but at 1.57 m tall and weighing 51 kg, she also has the build of an athlete. This makes her breasts that take a cup size 85E all the more remarkable!

Lisa Ann stopped working as an actress in the porn industry in 1997. Many of her colleagues were falling ill with AIDS, and some of them even dying. She took up working as a go-go dancer again. For the short time that she was married, she even became a respectable housewife. But after her divorce, she returned to working in the porn industry, initially as an agent procuring actors and actresses.

Since 2004 she has worked again as an actress in porn films. Alongside this, she founded her own talent agency in 2006. Her breakthrough came in 2008 with the porn parody Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?, a satire that took the mickey out of Sarah Pailin who at the time was Governor of Alaska and candidate for the US vice- presidency.

Lisa Ann, with her curves and her fiery temperament, is made for the role of MILF (mothers I’d like to fuck). In 2011, she was entered into the list of the 12 most popular porn stars (“The Dirty Dozen”) by CNBC. In the same year she became a Fleshlight Girl. Along with the parody already mentioned, Fly Girls is one of her best-known films. So far, she has acted in more than 540 porn movies and directed 53.

Lisa Ann Savage Sleeve

Fans of Lisa Ann love not only her tremendous tits but also her well-rounded, sexy buttocks. What man would not be tempted to take this hot MILF from behind? This dream can now come true with the new Savage Sleeve by Lisa Ann.

When it comes to the topic of anal sex, Lisa Ann is no abstainer and likes to take it hard. The name of the new sleeve also alludes to this. Savage means wild, primitive or barbaric. The Savage Sleeve is a perfect replica of Lisa Ann’s rear entrance and an absolute pleasure for all lovers of anal sex.

Since 2011, there have been various Fleshlights by Lisa Ann, including replicas of her mouth, her pussy (Barracuda) and her anus. Apart from the Barracuda, the other sleeves were removed from the range some time ago. This makes it all the nicer that Lisa Ann is now making her sexy buttocks available by means of the Savage Sleeve.

The entrance of the Savage Butt Texture is very tight, which is only right for an anal Fleshlight. Inside, a gently curved and finely-ribbed channel awaits your manhood. It is enclosed gently but at the same time firmly. If you thrust hard, it will give you incredible feelings of pleasure. The Savage Sleeve deserves its name, because when you are inside it, you will lose all control and become a savage, concerned only with satisfying your own lust.


I can’t wait to experience this feeling for myself. In the coming week, I shall be ordering myself the new Lisa Ann Savage sleeve and will soon be publishing a detailed test report.


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