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How can I buy a cheap Fleshlight?

The Fleshlight is the No. 1 male adult toy on the market today. This stateside and international sensation has created a customer base that ends across the nation. The extensive list of featured Fleshlight Girls continues to grow as Fleshlight looks to bring you as close to the starlets that you can possibly get.

The only issue many people have with taking part in this global phenomenon is the price tag. Each individual Fleshlight toy can set the consumer back anywhere from $50-$150. The cost is the main factor that steers people away from the toy and resorting to using their classic methods: their hand and lotion.

The good news is, that we have a way around these costly toys. A cheap Fleshlight makes for a happier customer. Below you’ll find a guide to everything you need to save money on your Fleshlight toys.

Fleshlight Discounts, Coupon Codes and Vouchers at

Fleshlight believes their product should be in the hands of every male across the nation. This mission has led for them to strive to save you money within every aspect of their business model. Take advantage of some of the offers below to enjoy a pleasurable experience that won’t break the bank.

1st way: Safe money with “Fleshlight Deals”

The first option one should consider to saving money is to search different avenues for Fleshlight items. Fleshlight’s website features a ‘Deals‘ page that combines some discounted items that range anywhere from $20-$100 off their original retail price. These Fleshlight Deals are hot and feature some of their best packages including the following:

  • Flight Pilot Shower Pack: Everything you need to take your Fleshlight on the go. The Flight Pilot sleeve comes with a matching texture. It also comes with a wall and shower mount/adaptor that can be used in any location you please. Also enjoy a bottle of Fleshlube to enjoy maximum stimulation and pleasure with each use.
  • Lady Stamina Pack: This pack was especially created for those looking to improve upon their sexual performance in the bedroom. The pack comes with the Stamina sleeve and texture and features a mount that can be used anywhere you please.
    The sleeve and texture helps build sexual stamina, improve your techniques and abilities and will lead to an orgasm like you wouldn’t believe. Fleshlube is also included for you to practice your skills when the moment seems right.
  • Nikki Benz VIP Experience: This goddess in the porn industry is ready to take you on. Try Nikki’s MVP or Reign sleeves and fulfill your sexual fantasies. Fleshlube and Fleshwash are also added to this experience to ensure a squeaky-clean toy with maximum stimulation at all times.

2nd way: Safe money with Fleshlight Coupon Codes

The second option to saving money involves the use of a Fleshlight Coupon Code. These coupon codes are often made available through Fleshlight’s website. The best way to obtain these codes is through signing up for their newsletter. Please scroll down on the Fleshlight Homepage to the field “GET EXCLUSIVE DEALS & NEWS PRODUCT RELEASES” and register your email adress.

Their newsletter contains all sorts of fantastic discounts, coupon codes (or a voucher), and the latest news about Fleshlight. Entering a Fleshlight Coupon code could not be made simpler. Once you are ready to check out you will see a box marked “Coupon Code/Gift Card.”

All you have to do is enter the code given to you and you’ll see the discount applied before you complete your purchase order. The voucher is often made available for a limited time and they often pop-up quickly, so do your research and make sure you’re aware of the time period for using a particular coupon.

3rd way: Safe money with the Sleeve Combo Pack: “Buy two, get one free”

Combining your favorite pornstars into a single pack of ecstasy was and is easily the best idea Fleshlight has come up with. When purchasing from these packs, the consumer often engages in a price point that essentially is a ‘Buy two get one free‘ proposition.

Three girls headline these combo packs: Riley Reid, Nikki Benz and Anikka Albrite. Mix and match between these three to experience the qualities you enjoy from any one of these top starlets. If personal selection is more your forte, try Fleshlight’s buy 2 get one vortex free deal.

This allows you to personally select between any of the Fleshlight Girls the site has to offer. You can also specify your favorite vortex features like Super Tight, Tornado or Wonder Wave just to name a few.

With each of these Fleshlight discounts made available to you at such a low cost. Its easy to safe money with Fleshlight deals.

Safe money with “Fleshlight Deals” on AMAZON and other Sextoy stores

The alternative option is through searching for a Fleshlight Deal on other stores. Amazon is one of the most popular platforms for purchasing products online. They feature Fleshlight products across nearly the entire country. A simple search will give you all the products you heart could desire. A keyword search works best, so simply type in “Fleshlight” and you see some of the lowest prices featured across many avenues the worldwide web holds.

You can find in our linklist good Fleshlight store alternatives.


As you can see, there are many options for you to take advantage of to help you safe money and experience a masturbation experience unlike ever before.

Your Fleshlight deal is right down the road with all these options for a cheap Fleshlight toy. These options make your search for the ultimate toy a rather simple process. Doing your homework can pay off in the long run, so researching these different avenues and product combos should be an essential feature of your purchasing process. There are many deals to be had that can bring that price tag down immensely.

So seek out your own personal Fleshlight today; you won’t regret it.

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