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Fleshwash – An antibacterial cleansing liquid

Fungal growth – The arch-enemy of every Fleshlight!

It’s been a long time coming, but ILF has finally launched a hygienic spray under the name of Fleshwash, a cleaner specially designed with Fleshlights in mind. Fleshwash not only kills harmful bacteria, but also makes quick work of other germs and molds. This innovative cleaner also produces an anti-static effect against dust.

This cleaning spray is long overdue. For years, many Fleshlight fans were shocked to discover their expensive toys and masturbation aids at the mercy of unsightly stains and bacterial growths.

The reason for this is easily explained: the inner chamber of the Fleshlights is a trap for ejaculate and the remnants of lubricant which is often left behind after use. This residue is a breeding ground for bacteria and mold and if not cleaned regularly, these harmful growths can quickly explode and get out of hand. Furthermore, the inner chamber can be incredibly difficult to clean and dry thoroughly before storing away, especially when the chamber itself is sealed tightly. What’s more, the moist cornstarch of Fleshlight Renew Powder also promotes the growth of mold.

I myself have been the victim of this dastardly enemy of the Fleshlight. Since ILF doesn’t provide any specific guidance and information on the correct cleaning, drying and disinfecting steps for Fleshllights, I’d like to introduce you to Fleshwash disinfectant in this review.

ILF itself makes the recommendation for using isopropanol for disinfection and mold prevention purposes. Therefore, I not only tested the Fleshwash product itself as a cleaner for Fleshlight products, but also tried isopropyl alcohol. I hope this review helps you decide on the best steps to keep your favourite Fleshlight model clean and that you’ll never have to deal with meddling mold again. Feel free to leave any questions, comments or feedback at the foot of this page.

What is Fleshwash?

Fleshwash is a disinfectant produced by ILF, the manufacturer of Fleshlights. It is offered in a 100ml pump bottle for easy dispensing. Although previous versions of this liquid used to be a vibrant yellow in colour, this latest cocktail comes in a translucent green shade. Although many prefer to use general cleaners, this solution is specially formulated for cleaning Fleshlights.

After the rinsing and washing of the inner sleeve of a Fleshlight, this hygienic spray is to be dispersed into the inner chamber and outer sections of the sleeve. The odour is light and pleasant, with a subtle apple-like scent. ILF promises that the sensitive SuperSkin material of Fleshlights will withstand the disinfection process and remain in tip-top condition, even after regular use.

On the plastic bottle, you’ll find clear instructions in English, Spanish, German and French. Here’s a little more info on what to expect from the label:

  • Surprisingly, the product is labelled “Fleshlight Wash”, not “Fleshwash”
  • The disinfectant is non-irritating to the skin, non-greasy and contains zero alcohol
  • The application notes are that the surface of the sleeve should be sprinkled generously with the spray and allowed to air dry
  • It is ideal for the correct care and maintenance of latex, silicone and SuperSkin material
  • Contains: Water, methylpropanediol, sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonates, disodium lauroamphodiacetates, sodium triceth sulfates, cocamidorphyl, betaines, hexylene glycol, ethyhexylglecerine, disodiumEdta, caprylyl glycol, citric acid, sodium benzoates, sodium chlorides, CI 191-40, CI 28440, CI 42051, CI 42090, CI 47005, perfume

The main ingredients and their benefits:

See below for a breakdown of the main ingredients used in this cleaning spray:

Methylpropanediol: disinfectant on an alcoholic basis

  • Sodium C-14-16: Grease solvent, which is also contained in detergents (for laundry) or shampoos
  • Disodium Lauroamphodiacetate: Antistatic additive, which should prevent the attraction of hair and dust on the SuperSkin-Sleeve due to a reduced antistatic effect
  • Sodium Triceth Sulfate: a cleaning substance consisting of lauryl alcohol, which is mainly contained in shampoos to dissolve the skin nut
  • Hexylene glycol; Is an alcohol-based solvent and a fragrance (perfume)
  • Citric Acid: also called citric acid, regulates the pH as organic acid
  • Sodium Benzoate: Fleshwash is stable for at least 12 months because it contains the preservative
  • Sodium Chloride: also known as sodium chloride, which means nothing but saline solution

If you have any corrections or wish to add something important, feel free to add a comment at the foot of this page.

The wrong disinfectants can damage your sleeves

If you’ve spent any time at all observing the online discussion about Fleshlights, the topic of mold growth seems to be a paramount concern for many Fleshlight owners. I attribute the problem to the lack of awareness on the part of ILF. Many users to not know how to properly wash, dry and maintain their sleeves after use.

For reasons of cost and the concern that disinfectants could damage the sensitive SuperSkin material of their sleeves, many users do not use mold remover. The concern of Fleshlight owners is not unfounded. Anyone who chooses an unsuitable mold remover for cleaning may fall foul. The sleeve can be easily damaged and render a Fleshlight unfit for use.

It is therefore worthwhile to take a closer look at the selection of cleaners on the market. It’s not just about having antibacterial qualities and fungicidal properties, but rather that the cleaners themselves are gentle and non-abrasive to the elastomer material used in the innovative SuperSkin mix.

My personal Fleshwash review

First impressions

For one of my Fleshlight models, I purchased the anti-bacterial mold remover straight away. The 100ml bottle was covered in a shrink wrapping film that lay loosely in the box alongside my Fleshlight devices. The foil not only prevented any leakages from spilling into the carton, but also certified that the cleaner itself had not been tampered with and used previously. The tube itself can be freed from its packaging quickly thanks to a flap and perforated seam.

In my research into the ingredients used, I found the statement that Fleshwash does not use any alcohol to be incorrect and slightly misleading. The disinfectant contains both methylpropanediol and the fragrance hexylene glycol, both compounds based on alcohol.

In principle, I find that ILF offers a solid cleaning compound in Fleshwash, although I do have to say that the information available on the website is very poor. Many questions are left withstanding. Do I have to rinse the sleeve clean after application or leave it on? Should I turn the sleeve to allow ample coverage of the texture? Does the sleeve need to be dry or wet prior to application?

My first test

During my initial test, I adhered strictly to the application notes. I flushed my Fleshlight sleeve thoroughly with lukewarm water, dried it with a dish towel and then sprayed the Fleshwash solution as described. The apple scent of the liquid was incredibly pleasant, although I was left wondering why so much froth formed when spraying.

It did not very long however for the residue to evaporate. However, I wondered if the whole inner channel was really cleansed as I’d hoped, because I’d only been advised to spray via the ends of the chamber itself. I can’t imagine a generous application was allowed to perforate the entire insert.

All in all, the cleaning is quite simple and the result convincing. I immediately noticed the difference upon a subsequent use of the sleeve. Things felt smooth and the sleeve was nowhere near as dusty as it had been before. I also liked the fact that the pump bottle is a more discreet 100ml, making it ideal for storing away in luggage if I’m travelling with my Fleshlight.

However, a lot of questions remain open. I would hope that a larger bottle follows, with the potential to pour the solution into the sleeve, allowing a more even coverage of the entire interior. For this reason alone, I’d recommend opting for the alternative approach of using isopropanol to cleanse Fleshlights thoroughly.

The cost-effective alternative of isopropyl alcohol

What is is Isopropanol

Isopropanol is synonymous with isopropyl alcohol. It is a colourless liquid which is combustible and volatile. The stinging smell can also be quite unpleasant. Isopropanol can be found in many disinfectants used in medical practices and hospitals. It can’t be mixed with water at will.

I would like to introduce not only Fleshwash as a cleaning option in this review, but also a cheap and reliable alternative in isopropyl alcohol. You can buy generous containers of this solution online for very little money. This solution is used in all manner of applications, including everyday products like nail polish remover.

Isopropanol has the following properties:

  • The solvent and diluent does not damage the SuperSkin material
  • It is ideally suited for sleeve cleaning – since the isopropanol has a disinfectant effect, mold is removed and quickly evaporated
  • The smell is a bit sharp
  • Has formed on a Fleshlight texture mold, this can be removed with isopropy alcohol
  • It contains pure alcohol and no dubious ingredients
  • Very cheap purchase price in large quantity (1 liter bottles are very convenient)

Summary of my review

Th fact is, without thorough and intensive cleaning, the shelf life of your Fleshlight is greatly diminished. ILF doesn’t currently provide adequate information on how to properly maintain your Fleshlight and its sensitive sleeves. Please read up on my cleaning and maintenance guide for a quick breakdown on best practice when it comes to Fleshlight care.

I must confess that I like both options. For Isopropanol, you’ve got price on your side and the generous quantities you can grab for next to nothing. I can also rely on this solution being safe and reliable when it comes to targeting bacteria, mold, germs and fungi.

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t want to completely shrug off Fleshwash. It offers a solid alternative to cleaning your Fleshlight and also has the added perk of being an anti-static treatment which can help keep dust build-up at bay. A combination of both solutions is a nigh-on perfect approach to cleaning.

I’d advise you not to experiment with chemical cleaners from the supermarket and to resist using soap if you prize your Fleshlight. I’d also advise you not to dispense with regular disinfecting of your sleeve. After three to five Fleshlight uses, you’ll need to take steps to perform a basic cleaning routine to prevent mold and bacteria from forming. Whatever option you decide on, make sure regular cleaning is at the forefront of your Fleshlight maintenance routine.

Review overview

Product quality 9
Durability 9
Fertility 8
Fertility 7
Benefits 7
Price / performance ratio 7


7.8 Flesh Score: Good This easy-to-use disinfectant offers a pleasant scent and convincing cleaning properties. My only reservation is that the manufacturer maintains this is an alcohol free alternative, when it isn't. The inner chamber of my Fleshlight could also do with a more thorough application and this pump bottle doesn't offer the coverage for that purpose. There's better alternatives out there, although the dispenser bottle of this cleaner makes it ideal for travel purposes.

  • Quality cleaning effect
  • Rapid evaporation
  • Pleasant smell
  • Long-term value (will last you about 6 months)
  • Comfortable feeling on sleeve after applications
  • Ingredients aren’t properly described
  • This isn’t free of alcohol, as described
  • Frothy foam forms after spraying
  • The pump dispenser doesn’t offer adequate coverage for cleaning
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