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Fleshlube Water, Fire & Ice – Original from ILF

What is Fleshlube?

The Fleshlight product line continues to grow at an exponential level. New Fleshlight Girls and orifices are in constant development as the demand remains high. An innovative way to raise customer satisfaction is through unique product upgrades. The ideas that are reaching the market come from some of the most brilliant minds behind male stimulation and masturbation. In order to keep the customer truly satisfied with their experience, ILF has released a lubricant product named Fleshlube for their toys.

Fleshlube is a safe-to-use lubricant for any Fleshlight toy. The chemical make-up allows for it to feature a substance that is thinned out and watered down. This creation allows for a more stable and smooth masturbation experience. Fleshlube, in comparison to other gel-like lubricants, creates a more user-friendly experience with less irritation. The product goes hand-in-hand with all Fleshlight toys and below we’ll take a look at the different versions of Fleshlube and their features.

Enjoy the complete new Fleshlight Feeling

Lubricants are often made with different flavors or feelings throughout product lines. Fleshlube is no different in that respect. This masturbation lube comes in three intense stylings: Fleshlube Water, Fleshlube Fire and Fleshlube Ice. Selecting one of these three options will create for a discovery of the best lube for Fleshlight masturbation. Let’s detail each of these three sensations.

  • Fleshlube Water is designed with an extensive combination of materials to make it feel as if it were H2O. This substance comes out as a very thin and slippery film. The user will not have to use much to get the full effect out of this lubricant. Titling this product with the water notion could not be more accurate as it encompasses all the qualities water has. Creating a feeling as if nothing were there, this lubricant excels in improving your thrusting within the Fleshlight toy. Hypoallergenic, natural and paraben-free, this product reveals a make-up that is safe to the touch and will not pose any chemical threat to the user. The clean-up is easy too!
  • Fleshlube Fire incorporates the same make-up as mentioned above, but introduces a soothing feeling of warmth for the user. Turn up the heat in the bedroom with the warming sensation of Fleshlube Fire. The water-like substance remains consistent in this lubricant and adds that warming feeling. The warming helps stimulate both you and your partner. Warming sensations are used to amply the average sexual experience for a user. Use in moderation as there are key additives included to produce these warming feelings.
  • The predecessor to a warming sensation is something that cools you down. Fleshlube Ice is the lubricant responsible for raising some goosebumps and creating an electrifying shiver throughout your body. Cooling is responsible for peaking your arousal and keeping you rock hard throughout any masturbation or foreplay experience. Tingling sensations run throughout your body and heighten your sexual awareness. It is a great way to get anyone’s attention and it can lead to a very memorable masturbation session. Like the other Fleshight lube, use in moderation or experiment with a small amount to account for the enhancement it produces.

All of these lubricants come in different sized options. 4oz and 8oz packages are available for convenience. Try a smaller size to get a sampling of what lubricant works best for you. The water-based formulation allows for these lubricants to be used with Fleshlight toys, but does not draw the end-of-fun line there. Using during foreplay and with a partner are also great options for these unique lubricants.

My personal Fleshlube Review

Personally, I think this makes the Fleshlube line a very attractive option for both Fleshlight users and others. The water-based substances are a nice upgrade from gel-like lubricants. This is perfect for use with the toys, but also doesn’t detract from alternative usages. Being water-based, this product holds up against the test of time. It does not dry up and you don’t have to worry about clumping or bunching-up inside the canal of your toy.

It also is great for those looking to get the most value out of their lubricants. A little amount is needed for your toy or personal use. A few drops does the trick and keeps your device ready-to-use throughout the duration of your masturbation session.

The implementation of different feelings is a nice touch as well. Experimenting with Fire and Ice is a fun little additive that ILF has created for users. I prefer the Ice lube over the Fire solely based off of the fact that it really gets your entire body into the action. The warming sensation is really targeting your penis and doesn’t shock your body as much as the Ice substance does.

The additives that are included in these additional sensation options keep the SuperSkin material in your toy safe and performing to the full extent. Compare against all lubes that use perfumes or harmful petroleum, the Fleshlube product line features a substance free of these harmful components.

I had tested many gels and lubes in the last years. I´am looking always for a substance that make a efficient lubricating film, limits irritation and don´t damage my sleeves. But I come back again and again to Fleshlube.

Test Report Conclusion of Fleshlube

All 3 Fleshlube variants are my personal favorite lubricants. They has a very low viscosity, do not dry on the penis skin, not make gel crumbs and has no odor.

Experiencing the use of water-based lubricants is a sensation you won’t soon forget. The ease of use created by these lubricants allows for smooth thrusting motions and simple penetration. The creativity of the user can now be unleashed without having to worry about irritations and discomfort. The diverse product line adds to the user’s intrigue and creates for a new sexual prowess for any individual.

I recommend every Fleshlight fan to use Fleshlube!

Review overview

Odor 8.5
Glide capability 9.6
Economical 10
Cleanup from Sleeve & Penis 8
Dry time on penis skin 8.5
Price / Performance ratio 10


9.1 Flesh Score: Great With all factors considered, there is no reason someone should own a Fleshlight without Fleshlube. One without the other just doesn't feel right or sound right. The benefits of these lubricants with truly exceed your expectations. You may never want to try another brand of lubricant again. Get yours today and enjoy masturbation unlike ever before with fleshlight lube.

  • Water-based substance removes gel-like issues
  • No additives included
  • Easy clean-up
  • Safe for your toys and foreplay fun
  • Does not dry up
  • The best Fleshlight lube on the market
  • A little amount goes a long way – economical!
  • Comes in different styles/feelings for added sensations
  • Water-like substance often pours out of the bottle rather quickly – can sometimes use too much
  • Sometimes difficult to apply
  • Price point is slightly above other market options
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