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Sleeve Warmer: Heat up your favorite Fleshlight

The feeling of a warm and wet pussy surrounding your penis is an experience that is not easily mimicked. The sensations brought about through sexual ecstasy are often strived for through the creations of sex toys. Creating a molded version of a porn star’s pussy or anal cavity is only half the battle. The rest seems to lie upon your shoulders as you create the mood and the mindset to fulfill your fantasies.

The creators at Fleshlight want to ease this process with the creation of the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer. The Fleshlight warmer is designed to rev up your toy to make it feel like a warm pussy. This device is an essential add-on that is compatible with nearly all of the Fleshlight toys and it takes the hassle out of preparing your toy for penetration. Let’s take a deeper look into this upgrade and the benefits it provides the user.

What is the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer?

The Sleeve Warmer itself extends about 9-10 inches in length, which will allow for full insertion into just about any Fleshlight toy. It is black in color and features a desktop stand at the bottom for stability. The warmer features a battery that is 12V USB powered. The warmer comes with both USB and wall charging ports so you can recharge your battery whenever and wherever you please.

The product heats up to a maximum of 105 degrees F/40 degrees C. The ideal warming temperature is anywhere from 90-100 degrees, which can be obtained from a brief 5-10 minutes of your toy placed around the warmer insert. An automatic shut-off function prevent overheating and also prevents from any damage to the inner canal and the SuperSkin texture.

The insert is also water resistant, which contributes to being able to pre-lubricate your device before use and before placing your toy on the stand.

How to use the Sleeve Warmer?

Using your Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer is a process that can be differed based off of individual preferences. You can simply apply your toy to the stand and let that 5-10 minutes pass before using your toy. This is effective, but it also lacks some additional intrigue that could be essential to an intense orgasm. It is recommended that you apply a coat of light lubricant to the shaft of the warmer or on the inner cavity of your toy before placing it on the warmer.

This will help heat the lubricant and your toy, creating a dual process that can benefit the user towards reaching the maximum intensity in their individual orgasms. Pre-lubrication also allows for your toy to slide onto the warmer more easily. You won’t have to apply much pressure to ensure that it is fully inserted into your toy and it will create a more stimulating experience once the masturbation fantasy begins.

My personal Sleeve Warmer Review

I have found this Fleshlight accessory to be an essential add-on to an increased sexual experience. Before placing my toy on the device, I’ll plug the warmer in and let it stand for 5 minutes. Letting it stands will allow the device to heat up a little. I then place some FleshLube on the inner cavity of the toy I’m using.

I then place the toy on the device for 5 minutes. I have found that this heats my toy to around 90-95 degrees F and leaves a warm Fleshlight for me to use to my pleasure preference. This provides a realistic temperature one might find through penetrating a real pussy. The warm feel adds heightened excitement and releases additional sensations throughout my body. It brings you as close to real sex as you can imagine and brings an essential intrigue towards the use of the Fleshlight warmer.

First Impressions of the Sleeve Warmer

At first glance, the warmer looks like a large dildo. That is as far from the truth as one can get. The design really can seem perplexing, but once you get past the structure you can really find the necessity within the product. Heating a normal Fleshlight toy is done via running your toy under warm water. This is a tedious process that takes about 10-15 minutes and it never stays as warm as you would like it to.

The extended length of the warmer and its ability to heat the inner canal provide for a lasting warmth you cannot recreate on your own. The design is really essential to the recreation of real sex. If it didn’t have the look of a dildo then it wouldn’t be as effective as it needs to be. The simple process involved in heating your toy with the warmer also allows for the user to prepare themselves for masturbation. A little foreplay and some pre-masturbation touches and feels will get you ready while your toy is undergoing the process of becoming the closest thing to a real-feel pussy on the market today. This is a win-win proposition for the user and you’ll never want to masturbate again without the use of this sensational accessory.

Usefulness & Handling

The sturdy base of the warmer provides for an easy application of the warmer. Simply slide your toy on the extended warmer and wait those few minutes before using. The warmer also acts as a storage location when you are not using your toy. It can help influence the ability your toy has to keep the form of its inner canal. Unplug your device and place your toy on the stand when not actively using your toy.

The usefulness of this accessory can also be cited when it comes to overall preparation time involved before masturbating. An ordinary toy involves about 20 minutes of preparation in regards to warming, lubrication and cleaning before use. Preheating the Fleshlight and providing a warm inner canal can be done in a matter of 5-10 minutes with the use of the warmer. This gets you to unleashing your wildest fantasies in a fashion that doesn’t allow them to fade with a long wait or preparation period.

Hygiene & Durability

The make-up and rechargeable battery allow for this add-on to stand up against the test of time. Cleaning the warmer could not be made any simpler for the user. Applying some FleshWash to the shaft of the warmer and adding a little pressure allows for a quick and easy clean. The make-up of the toy also speeds up the drying process which can often be tedious process. Remember to unplug your toy when it is not actively in use. Although it features an automatic shut-off feature, overheating your device by leaving it plugged in can potentially damage the ability of your warmer to perform at a peak level.

Conclusion and Sleeve Warmer test result

The durable build, the increased sexual excitement and stimulation and the simple preparation process all bode well for the promotion of this accessory. Adding these three factors into the consideration of effectiveness truly provide you will an experience that can’t be mimicked in any other fashion.

Heat the Fleshlight and take pride back into your masturbation with the Fleshlight warming accessory.

Review overview

Handling & Usage 10
Usefulness & Practicality 9
Scope of delivery 10
Durability 10
Cleanup & Dry time 10
Price / Performance ratio 10


9.8 Flesh Score: Great A warm and juicy pussy is right around the corner with the Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer. The sensations that are added to masturbation make it feel as if you are penetrating a porn star who wants your juicy penis. Your penis with thank you for the use of this add-on and you'll never want to masturbate again without it. Heat up your sex life with this Fleshlight sensation today.

  • Green LED lights provide you with a ready-to-use toy
  • Stable base for ensured warming
  • An automatic shut-off feature to prevent overheating
  • A quicker preparation process
  • A simple clean-up routine
  • Additional storage of your toys after use
  • You can forget the Sleeve Warmer some hours or days. This consumes power.
  • Can be difficult to warm some of the more complex models
  • Widened models can feature colder pockets
  • It looks like a big dildo 🙂
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