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Fleshlight Launchpad: Have Sex With Your iPad

Imagine your favorite pornstar as she prepares for a hot scene. She undresses very slowly and works herself up a bit to make sure she is as desirable as can be. She then positions herself for penetration. This time you are her co-star as you penetrate her in any way you please.

The innovative technology at Interactive Life Forms (ILF LLC) and Fleshlight bring you the very first POV experience that makes you the star of any hot scene you can find. With an Fleshlight holder named “Launchpad” or “Tablet Mount” you can insert an Apple iPad and your best Fleshlight. So you can watch porn and fuck a horny Fleshlight Girl. 🙂

We have made a Launchpad test. In this review you can read my personal opinions and the pros & cons. Please write a comment under this the test report, if you have any questions or thoughts.

Apple said “iPad is not for Porn”, but I.L.F. Fleshlight say “yes”

steve jobs say: no porn with apple devicesAfter more than two years of development the Fleshlight Launch Pad is finally available for users to play with in whatever way they want. Steeve Jobs (The deceased founder of the Apple company) has held strong for years in his opposition against using the Apple devices (iPone & iPad) for pornography viewing.

He said his devices were not meant for that content and that users should use android and other devices for this content. Steve might not like the idea, but users are going crazy over this new technology made available for exciting masturbation sessions.

Thus, it is possible to watch porn videos with the iPad or masturbating during Facetime LiveChat or Skype sessions. Very hot are videos on the point of view (POV) perspective at e.g. and 😉

What is the Fleshlight Launchpad?

The Fleshlight holder measures 9.8 inches (25 cm) in length, 7.6 inches (19 cm) in width and 4.2 inches (10 cm) in height.  It is made of themoplastic rubber, which helps keep your toy in place without damaging it in any way.

The Tablet Mount It comes with a removable support frame. This frame is made up of a strong PVC material to ensure that it fits snug around your tablet. It fits around the iPad devices:

  • Apple iPad 2
  • iPad Fourth Generation
  • iPad Third Generation
  • but not for: iPad Air, no iPad Mini.

You then can strap in your Fleshlight toy (Fleshlight texture, Fleshlight GO, Fleshlight Flight, etc.) in with a Velcro fastener that ensures your toy stays connected during masturbating.

This iPad Cover features rubber grip to ensure for sturdy handling and ease of access to enjoy a pleasurable experience at any given angles or positions. It also features handgrips on either side for you to switch up methods you use when masturbating.

The Launchpad would be delivered in a simply plastic bag without a package.

My personal Launchpad Review

Bringing the point of view aspect into the world of masturbating is a genius concept. You no longer have to hold a mobile device or keep your computer nearby when masturbating. You can literally star in any point of view porn scene and it can help immerse you in an experience you won’t find anywhere else. The ability to use your own Fleshlight mold can also contribute to the overall satisfaction you will receive with this iPad gadget.

The adjustable straps add to creating a tighter experience or a looser grip for ease of switching up the positions you choose to create. Imagine using your favorite porn star Fleshlight sleeve and watching on of their very own point of view videos; yeah its that good! As a product tester I highly recommend this device.

Unboxing & My first Launchpad Impressions

First of all, it was a pity, that the Launchpad has no carton, but only a foil bag. At first glance the product looks rather large and bulky; but don’t let that fool you. The material is rather flexible and is easily placed on your iPad or tablet.

The unboxing portion is rather simple and all parts come assembled so you can get right to using your new add-on. If you go with the nose to the material, in the first weeks after buying you can reek a minor chemical or sweet smell. The product test is surpassed on all levels and starting usage is made simple with the already assembled device.

Handling & Usage

When using your new LaunchPAD first start by search some hot point of view videos on your favorite porn website (,, etc.). Once you have found your perfect video, you must first remove the support frame.

This process is done simply by pulling it out of the Fleshlight holder. You then insert your favorite Fleshlight. You can use different Fleshlight toys on either side and you then secure your toy with the Velcro fastener with the neoprene strip.

Then take your iPad and click it in to the support frame. Insert your supporting frame to the Fleshlight holder. This will be performed after you add your favorite toy.

Lube your masturbator to your individual preference and enjoy the incredible penetration experience. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be penetrating a porn

Cleaning & Hygiene

The cleaning portion with this device can be rather tricky. You want to remove your Fleshlight and remove the support frame (with the iPad) and clean the items all separately. Never leave you iPad in its support frame when cleaning! Since the material is made of rubber, the cleaning can be done by simoly using Fleshwash or another cleaning product that doesn’t contain any harmful oils.

Dry with a towel or a paper cloth and let stand for about 15-20 minutes in-between usage. The hygiene portion is important as well. Since the material is made of rubber, your device won’t hold any offensive smells if cleaned correctly.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Masturbating will never be the same with this new technology. Allowing you to switch your positions, remain flexible in usage and bring in the new element of point of view videos all add to an intrigue that can’t be found elsewhere.

The possibility to rotate yourself to new positions and angles allows you to try new things with your favorite pornstars. If you own a tablet or an iPad, this gadget is a must have for Fleshlight enthusiasts.

Review overview

Handling & Usage 9
Usefulness & Practicality 8
Scope of delivery 8
Durability 8
Cleanup & Dry time 9
Price / Performance ratio 9


8.5 Flesh Score: Great This device changes the masturbating experience for good. Putting you at the center of the attention and as the co-star in your favorite porn scenes is just the beginning. You can follow your favorite pornstars with all of their point of view scenes, or vary your point of view experience with all sorts of models. The simple attachment and ease of access allow for you to be penetrating your favorite stars in no time at all. Invest in this technology today and you'll never want to masturbate in any other fashion ever again.

  • Ease of usage and change in positioning
  • An easier clean-up process
  • The ability to use your favorite Fleshlight toys
  • The point of view element adds to new levels of excitement
  • A handheld model that puts all of you items in one spot (no multitasking necessary)
  • Flexible materials that allows for simple cleaning and good hygiene
  • Penetrate anyone you would like with this close-up expeirence
  • Rather bulky and not as convenient in storage
  • Might not be compatible with your smaller iPad
  • Not compatible with other Tablets (e.g. Samsung Galaxy Tab, Amazon Fire Tablet)
  • Masturbate in an entirely new fashion
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