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Fleshlight Launch – The new Fleshlight Wanking Machine


Finally: An effective masturbation machine for men!

When I read the Fleshlight Newsletter on March 13, 2017, I was thrilled! ILF released a fuck machine for men named Fleshlight Launch™, which can be used with a Fleshlight!

Fuck machines are not new in the erotic scene, but I have been always envious since the pleasure was reserved primarily for the women. For years, I have been searching for an automatic wanking machine.

I am very curious about how the masturbation device works in practice and have collected some information for you before actually testing it.

KIIROO and ILF reunite their expertise

The American erotic specialists from Fleshlight and the Dutch technician experts from KIIROO have recently presented the interactive KIIROO Onyx™ Masturbator. It was positioned as a new generation in the development of interactive sex toys.

But at the SXSW trade in Los Angeles, the partners now presented an even cooler men’s sex toy: The Fleshlight Launch! All Fleshlights can be used in the device. Now, an electronic accessory provides the Fleshlights with space so that hand movements are no longer necessary. Since mid-March 2017, this tool has been available on and

What is Fleshlight LAUNCH?

The Fleshlight LAUNCH not only provides automated movements but can also connect interactively with partners around the world.

The masturbation device features two operating modes:

  1. In manual mode, the device, which could be called a wanking machine, speeds up to 180 automatic strokes in one minute.
  2. In interactive mode, the KIIROO Fleshlight Launch connects via Bluetooth to smartphones, tablets as well as Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh (MAC) devices to provide access to interactive services.
    The connection to the service requires a registration. As a result, it implies a possible monitoring and control by a third party! Girlfriends, domina, webcam model or even porn stars from porn movies can regulate the tempo of the masturbation machine.
Fleshlight Launch introducing

Interactive porn and erotic games with Virtual Reality (VR)

Various porn scenes are available for users at The erotic movies were pre-coded in such a way that the Fleshlight can simulate the movements of the actresses: the result is a lusty realism, which makes these scenes a special pleasure.

The manufacturer also promises compatibility with popular VR glasses for its accessories that are distinguished by a slim and discreet design, allowing users to move into new worlds.

In addition, the Fleshlight Launch may be used with various 3D Erotic games, thus enabling other forms of interactive pleasure.


Bluetooth makes it possible

The Fleshlight Launch is produced by KIIROO according to specifications of the American producer. A Bluetooth connection opens up its full range of features. It provides the connection to the PC, iPhone or Android device so that the user can select various functions.

Other settings can be made directly on the device. To begin with, the user can select the operating modes by means of control elements located on the accessory’s top. The innovative touch system promises an extremely versatile operation. Finally, the pace and the intensity of the impacts can be varied very easily, as men touch the wanking machine on the side controls.

The device has a built-in rechargeable battery, which can be recharged via a USB cable. A detailed guide in English and the USB cable is included in the package. A Fleshlight is not included.

The product is not only compatible with all existing Fleshlights but is also compatible with other devices provided by KIIROO.  It can be combined with the KIIROO Onyx masturbators and the KIIROO Pearl vibrators.

KIIROO promises further software updates for its device in the future.

Unluckily selected product name

Although the  Fleshlight Launch seems to be a highly innovative product – its name is, however, unluckily chosen.

Finally, there is another device from Fleshlight under the name Launch Pad, which serves quite different purposes. This accessory is a holder for the Fleshlight and an iPad of the second, third or fourth generation, which can be combined in this way.

There is also a risk of confusion between the products. The American manufacturer of Fleshlight speaks of a “Launch” at every presentation of new products. Consumers could be irritated by the repeated use of the term.

My test follows!

The Fleshlight Launch is obviously a useful accessory that allows men to extend their love life. Since no manual work is required, buying the brand new device sounds like a good idea.

The unluckily chosen product name seems the only weakness of this sex toy. Only the future will reveal, whether it is really reliable in long-term use.

I ordered the Fleshlight Launch and will give you a test report as soon as possible!


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