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New Fleshlight Series released: The Fleshlight GO

fleshlight go masturbator

Take your fantasies on the journey with the Fleshlight GO

Since June 2015, you can experience the newest masturbator from ILF, LLC. (Interactive Life Forms). The new series is named Fleshlight GO and you won’t believe how good these feel. There are two vaginal orifices and one butt texture available in this series.

Stop right now so that you can get acquainted with your next favorite male masturbator.

Sizing Matters

Many experienced men are thinking, that the standard Fleshlight sizes is too big. In the Fleshlight Forum is often to read the desire for a smaller Flesh Light. ILF offers now with the GO-series a smaller and handy Fleshlight. Instead of stretching a full, 10-inches in length, the GO series is compact at 8.5 inches. With this length, you’ll be able to feel every inch of your fantasy as you reach orgasm.

Fleshlight created this series out of a need expressed by many men. People who travel on a constant basis will still need some satisfaction after a hard day at work. The solution is in the Fleshlight GO Torque Ice or Fleshlight GO Surge Lady. They’re designed to travel in nearly any carry-on or checked luggage. As you pull it out, you’ll experience a very tight Fleshlight. Those nights in a hotel room will feel instantly better for your mind and body.

Fleshlight GO Torque Ice

When you first look at the Fleshlight GO Torque Ice texture, you’ll be amazed at the design. The entryway is a swirl orifice that seems to pull you into its grasp. Within the canal are multiple features that will give your stamina a challenge. Experience ridges, bumps and bands that suck, pull and massage your member to satisfaction.

In total, you’ll experience five chambers within the Ice sleeve’s crystal texture. It comes with a clear case that allows you to see your session as you thrust through the canal. In many cases, men like to pair this experience with a lover so that they can see the masturbation in clear view. Whether you’re in a relationship or enjoying Fleshlight on your own, there are few drawbacks to the Ice design.

Fleshlight GO Surge Lady

When you want the feeling of a real girl, look for the Fleshlight GO Surge Lady. The vaginal orifice is as real as you can get with Fleshlight’s SuperSkin material covering every inch of your member. In fact, many people commend this texture because of its tight and cushioning sensation around the shaft. The realism continues with the soft-pink color of the lips that pout outside of the black case.

The design on the Surge Lady is fascinating to men because it’s not truly divided out into distinct chambers. You’ll encounter tantalizing bands, alternating node sizes and ridges in various patterns along the interior. Keep up with this lady by using the sleeve every day during your travels.


If you’re curious about the Fleshlight GO series, it’s time to check out our reviews posted online. You’ll learn about firsthand accounts with these sleeves so that you can know what to expect. I hope you enjoy the descriptions because these experiences can be yours too.

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