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New Fleshlight Series Named CAMSTARS : Cherry Devivre & Her Luxe Texture

fleshlight luxe camstar cherry devivre

Flirt4Free Star Cherry Devivre Is The First Fleshlight CAMSTAR

Professional pornography actresses might be your favorites to fantasize about, but there are so many more women to enjoy. Fleshlight understands the male mind, and that’s why the company has fixed their sights on those webcam stars of tomorrow. In fact, it’s not just one girl that’s receiving the ultimate Fleshlight treatment.

Several top webcam stars are becoming part of the CAMSTAR line offered exclusively from the Fleshlight company Interactive Life Forms LLC (ILF). The first Fleshlight Camstars Girl is Cherry Devivre.

Fleshlight Luxe – Let´s Take a Peek Inside

The big news this past July 2015 was the release of the 1st Cam Girl Model. You’ve probably heard of her before as she gazed at you through the webcam lens in the past. Cherry Devivre is the first Fleshlight Camstar girl with the introduction of the Luxe texture.

If you’re new to the Fleshlight line of exciting sleeves, you’ll be enthralled by the Luxe design. All of the curves from Cherry have been well defined into this exciting ride for any man.

Miss Devivre herself planned an intimate photo shoot after having her pussy molded to perfection. You can take a look at these still photos.

Pull up a webcam session when you feel the need to enhance your texture experience. Many men have been curious about these sleeves for years, but they’ve never tried them. It’s time to take the leap, and enjoy a purely exotic ride with the girl of your dreams.

A molded Fleshlight  is different than any other sex toy you might use otherwise. Each texture is carefully designed with fantasy and science behind it.

Because Miss Devivre is one of the most popular Cam Star girls, her Fleshlight Luxe texture has some special internal curves. Enter her vagina orifice, and you’ll experience bumps, rings and ribs unlike any other ride. You’ll need to hold onto your stamina with this lady in your hands. She won’t let go until you’re ready to finish.

Other CAMSTARS Fleshlights will follow in 2016

Miss Devivre might be the first in the CAMSTARS line, but you can also look out for other ladies that are part of the webcam world.

If you want to add to your texture collection, also order the Flirt sleeve. This texture is based off of the remaining CAMSTAR girls’ orifices. You’ll have the variation that you crave as your voyeuristic dreams come true. When you really want to be with Cherry Devivre, however, the Luxe texture is the best choice for your manly needs.

Manufacturer Fleshlight and live cam operator Flirt4Free selecting now, who will be the next 4 Fleshlight CAMSTARS.

Be aware that this texture will take you to places like never before. Your pressure points will be stimulated as suction finishes you off. Cherry Devivre is a popular webcam star for a reason. Her orifice will get you where you want to be.

If you’ve never experienced a Flirt4free session with a CAM STAR girl, you’re missing out on a spine-tingling sensation. Don’t be shy about your fascination with Cherry Devivre, and pick up her texture as soon as possible. Once this news spreads around the world, she might be difficult to find. The Luxe texture will keep you up at night for very good reasons.

Update February 2016:
The new Fleshlight Camstars are: Lindsey Banks, Hope Daylee, Natalie Star and Autumn Woods.
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