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Kiiroo Onyx Bluetooth Masturbator with Fleshlight Insert

kiiroo onyx bluetooth fleshlight

KIIROO Onyx – The First Active Masturbation Device For Webcam Sex, Porn movies and CyberSex

Take your first foray into the world virtual sex with the Kiiroo Onyx Bluetooth Masturbator. This teledildonics sex toy guarantees maximum pleasure, bridging the gap between entertainment and self pleasure.

This remote controlled “male masturbation device” can be used to indulge yourself when the mood takes. The handy black box is filled with high technologies and the material based on the popular, conventional Fleshlight. Sync up to your favorite porn sites with wireless Bluetooth ™ connection to get yourself off in style.

Interactive Pleasure with Kiiroo

This latest collaboration between Kiiroo from the Netherlands and ILF, LLC. from Texas, USA will ensure an orgasm like nothing you’ve felt before. Unlike other male masturbators, the Kiiroo Onyx connects you to the heart of the action onscreen.

The remote controlled Fleshlight has a very cool feature: The webcam girls of Flirt4Free ,, and ImLive can control the Kiiroo Onyx masturbator. After you’ve registered with your favourite porn sites, an interactive experience awaits, with intense stimulation that corresponds with what’s happening onscreen.

This male masturbation device is compatible with Kiiroo compatible porn videos and FeelPorn Stars subscriptions, with an epic range of videos on offer. Whatever your preference, your bound to find something that’ll get the nerves tingling. There’s more than enough categories to fill every niche.

Real Cybersex For Couples With Kiiroo Onyx and Pearl

you’re stuck in a long distance relationship, this interactive masturbator is ideal. With the Kiiroo Onyx Bluetooth Masturbator, your other half can trigger stimulation from hundreds of miles away.

This interactive sex toy for couples lets you elevate mutual pleasure to the next level. Your other half is firmly in the driving seat, deciding when to stimulate you.

Even if you’re playing solo, you’ll find plenty to love about this masturbator. Simply slide your finger over the side of the Onyx, the device will react and you’ll me moments away from a climax.

Terrific Intense Stimulation with Fleshlight Textures

This Fleshlight sleeve set isn’t just about wireless novelty, there’s plenty to enjoy about the base model itself. The sleeve offers an incredible array of textures, with plenty of bumps and ridges to excite.

You’ll be able to indulge in superior stimulation from base to tip. Made from Real Feel Superskin material, this sleeve is designed to feel just like the real thing. The natural sensation of the material and interactivity on offer makes for pleasure that’s as close to the real thing as you can get.

Compatible Tech for an Easy Climax

It doesn’t matter what kind of system you own, the Onyx will give you the orgasmic kick you’re after. Suitable for use with Windows, Apple Mac, Android, Apple iOS and other popular systems, it’ll take mere moments to sync this device up to your preferred operating system.

Once you’re fully installed and ready to go, brace yourself for intense sensations, innovative interactivity and an orgasm like you’ve never felt before.

We will write a test review about this crazy Kiiroo Onyx masturbator in a few weeks.

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