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Very heavy Obsession Texture from Jenna Haze

Fleshlight Girls ObsessionThe Obsession Sleeve texture is one of my favorites, designed to work with the Jenna Haze Fleshlight. I liked it especially because you can tell that it was meant to be set apart from other sleeves.

While it’s not as straightforward as a lot of other designs, I think that fans and collectors are in for a pleasant surprise when they check out what this insert can do for them.

Obsession Fleshlight Description

The Obsession Texture sleeve features one orifice and it is approximately nine inches in length, designed to work with the Fleshlight Girl Jenna Haze case. The insert itself comes in a lush flesh-tone, designed to emulate the natural skin color of the girl after which it is modeled. The canal itself features a very carefully crafted mold, with a tight entrance and five chambers of constriction that give way to one final chamber, which contains a variety of textured nubs to massage your head.

These are perhaps the most exciting feature of the sleeve, as these create an interesting sensation that is unlike any other available with regular sleeves. Because of this uniqueness, I really recommend the sleeve for collectors and those who are looking for new sensations with their Fleshlight Obsession.

My Personal Fleshlight Obsession Review

It’s rare that a fleshlight can provide you with both amazing suction, incredible sensation and neat packaging, but this manages to get all of those crucial parts down just right. The Obsession sleeve texture is meant to feel tight and pleasing, and I can definitely recommend it as one of the more user-designed products available with the brand.

Obsession Sleeve Design

Fleshlight Obsession SleeveMy first impressions with the Obsession sleeve design were very positive. I liked the way the inside was arranged because it was obvious that the developers did their research. The coloring was a great way to make the sleeve feel a little bit more right and less like it was artificially manufactured.

The outside looks like any other sleeve, but the area around the lips is carefully molded for a more realistic effect. Inside, all of the ridges and constricting sections are constructed durably and reliably.

I can’t see this insert breaking from extended use in the future, which is good news for hobbyists and regular users. The inside is particularly interesting because of all of the massaging nubs near the end of the canal.

Feeling of the Obsession Texture

The feelings produced by this sleeve are some of the most intense I have ever felt with an insert. There is an initial tightness upon penetration, which segues into a powerful and intense head massage that is caused by the cross-rib textures within the first chamber. A little bit after, five ribs slide firmly along the head, providing the user with a very intense and stimulating feeling that is just smooth enough to feel natural and comfortable.

The impact is tremendous because of the high frequency, but it all only stands as foreplay to the much more intense bump stimulation within the insert’s main chamber. With the numerous ridges in the main chamber, the head meets against a variety of sensations, all intensely swirling around the skin’s surface to create a powerfully pleasurable sensation.

The bumps are designed to cling to and gather around the head, which results in a much more pleasant sensation upon thrusting. Because of the main chamber’s stimulation, the constricting sensations around the shaft feel even more intense, improving suction and providing more intensity. The ample space within is meant to create tight sensations for users of all sizes, and it is especially interesting if you are circumcised, as the head massaging sections are even more intense in their feelings.

Fleshlight Obsession Texture

Obsession Sleeve Hygiene & Durability

One thing I was not excited about when it came to the sleeve was the cleanup process. Like many other heavily textured inserts, the clean-up is a lot more tedious because of how much liquid could become trapped inside the bump textures and internal constriction chambers. Cleaning these sections thoroughly is crucial because it can help prevent mold from building up inside the textures.

In addition to the clean-up process being difficult, the drying process may take a little longer as well. Using paper towels inside can significantly speed up the drying, but technique does not matter so much as regular maintenance. I have not heard for any users struggling with durability issues, and I myself found the texture to be very sturdy and perfect for long-term use.Jenna Haze and her hot Fleshlight


My Fleshlight Obsession Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Few other inserts are designed in a similar way, and it’s the product’s unique arrangement that makes it such a must-have. I love the way the textures feel and the tightness of the chambers seem almost natural with the way everything else is arranged. However, this is not something for the casual user. If you are a hobbyist or a collector, you will absolutely love having this as a part of your repertoire.

It is designed for regular use, and though the cleaning process might be a little bit more intensive than desirable, the sensations alone make it worth it. Additionally, I think the sleeve can be a great way to familiarize yourself with some of the other options that the brand offers.

Review overview

Stimulation, intensity & structure 10
Tightness 8
Suction Effect 5
Orgasm Rating 10
Cleanup & Dry time 1
Price / Performance ratio 10


7.3 Flesh Score: Good In short, this is a must-have for collectors, and it can be one of the best regular options for those who like a little variety in their sensations. However, like many other complicated pieces, shoppers should be wary of the difficult cleanup and plan ahead of time. If you are not interested in a particularly heavy maintenance process, this might not be the answer for your fleshlight needs. However, if you are okay with the prospect and are more interested in the sensations, this insert can last you a very long time.

  • Incredible sensations that feel unlike any other Fleshlight on the market
  • guaranteed, fast orgasm
  • the pussy orifice is visually appealing formed
  • ideal for users of all penis sizes
  • The flesh coloring creates an appealing visual experience that matches the usage experience
  • one of the most difficult to clean sleeves I have ever owned
  • low suction feeling
  • In addition to its difficult cleaning process, the sleeve is also very slow to dry
  • Stimulation is maybe too intensive for beginners
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