Crush Fleshlight: Pussy texture by Dillion Harper


Crush Fleshlight: Pussy Canal of Dillion Harper

Test report: Dillion Harper Fleshlight with Crush texture

Dillion Harper FlehlightSince the November 24, 2016 (Black Friday) the Fleshlight with Crush texture has been available from Fleshlight Girl Dillion Harper. I bought the exciting Pussy Fleshlight to test it for you.

Dillion has the reputation of being the “nice girl” next door. The Fleshlight with the Crush texture is the only Fleshlight available from this dream woman. The Pussy Fleshlight is provided with an original print of her exciting labia, and, as usual with all Fleshlight Girls, it also comes with an original signature by the model.

Who is Dillion Harper?

The seemingly innocent Dillion Harper is a sex-crazed and nymphomaniacal model born on October 27, 1991 in Florida. Dillion Harper is very petite. She is 5′-4″ tall and weighs 115 pounds, and with her long smooth hair she looks very girlish.

Harper established an extremely precipitous career! While studying for dental hygiene, she earned some money along the way as a nude model for various erotic magazines (for Penthouse Magazine, among others). In 2012, she shot her first porno. And already in 2013 was a covergirl for Hustler. She built up an incredible fan base within a few months and years. Her direct connection to her fans on Twitter made her once again even more likable.

In 2015, she was, according to Pornhub one of the 20 most popular and sought after porn stars by her fans. Dillion Harper has received many awards since the beginning of her porn career in 2013.

In my opinion, Dillion is a worthy Fleshlight Girl, as she has countless fans who masturbate with her Fleshlight with Crush texture while watching any number of her numerous pornos. You can find exciting info and photos on her Twitter account.

Construction and details of Crush texture

When I unpacked my Dillion Harper Fleshlight with Crush texture, I was not surprised that it, too, as with all other Fleshlight Girl models, comes in a fine looking, pearl colored case. Even at first glance the small opening of her delicate labia is more than tempting. At the very sight I wanted to test my new Fleshlight immediately.

Fleshlight Dillion HarperThe Crush texture is 8.8″ long and is very tight just past the point of entry. After that the sleeve spreads, having a total of three chambers. The Fleshlight with the Crush texture is characterized by three chambers, which promise intense stimulation, but are nevertheless wider than the innermost diameter.

The first chamber is the largest of the three chambers, reaching almost 5″ in length, thus taking up half of the sleeve. The long chamber is furnished with two different structures. In the front area there are alternating nubs and longitudinal ribs with a length of about 3″, with an internal diameter of about 1.3″. Almost seamlessly, it then transitions into a region in which 5 offsetting nubs are arranged. The tips of the nubs point towards the sleeve entrance.

The transition to the second chamber is characterized by a distinct narrowing (approximately .6″ inside diameter), consisting of longitudinal grooves and cross-placed small surfaces (cuboid) with rounded edges. The second chamber is about 1.5″ long and consists of three hefty cross ribs. In the third chamber, which begins with a narrowing (.6″), spiral ribs dominate the end of the sleeve. The inner canal continues its funnel-like shaping after the narrowing, up to the sleeve’s end.

My personal review of Crush texture

Dillion Harper Crush OrificeAs usual, I use the Fleshlight with plenty of Fleshlube and my preheated Sleeve Warmer . During the preparation phase, I became more and more excited. Dillion Harper’s delicate labia had a very inviting effect on me. After a few minutes I could wait for it no longer and delved into my new Fleshlight with Crush texture.

The entrance area was quite narrow, but then widened noticeably without any real loss in intensity. My excitement increased steadily. The varied structures offered contrasts that increased my pleasure, without bringing me to orgasm too quickly.

Because of my penis length, I unfortunately cannot reach the last chamber of the sleeve. Still, I did not feel like I was miss anything. I found the change between intense narrowness and stimulating width very stimulating. Particularly exciting, I felt the possibility that I could control the suction effect through the thrust intensity in the sleeve.

I had the most intense sensations in the first, longest chamber. During masturbation not only was the rim of the head intensively massaged, but also the shaft of the penis.

I have enjoyed this masturbation to the fullest and can experience a very intense orgasm.

Crush Canal Dillion Harper

Care and hygiene

As with all other Fleshlight textures, the Dillion Harper insert is no exception. Whenever you enjoy particularly intense stimulation during masturbation, you must remember to clean the insert after orgasm. The countless nubs and grooves, which offer you a special fun in the masturbation, collect sperm and Flesh Lube (Lubricant) that sticks between the structures.

It is therefore of crucial importance that you clean your Fleshlight immediately after use, so that no mold can form. With the Dillion Harper Fleshlight you benefit from an intense masturbation experience, as long as you are prepared to perform a thorough cleaning after the enjoyment. Cleaning is not so difficult, but you have to be very thorough. Especially the rear area, which is quite tight, you have to rinse and disinfect thoroughly, so that no sperm or lubricant remnants remain. Also, take into account that an intricately structured sleeve has a longer drying time, unlike a relatively smoothly formed insert.

The Crush sleeve has many narrow spaces in the inner channel and therefore needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Despite this chore, I am not distressed over cleaning the insert. I have grown accustomed to the fact that intensive stimulations are usually followed by thorough cleaning. The somewhat longer drying time, which is also due to the many narrow spaces, I have shortened by using my sleeve warmer. Nevertheless, I always wait at least 24 hours before I put the cleaned, disinfected and dried sleeve back into the case. After approximately 2 to 3 uses I always treat the outer insert with Renewing Powder, so it remains good-looking and soft.

My review conclusion of Crush texture

The Crush texture in the Fleshlight of Fleshlight Girl Dillion Harper, I can only recommend to you. It is ideal for all penis lengths and offers especially varied stimulations that you will like to experience again and again. I felt the sleeve as being intense, but by no means so intense that I came to an orgasm too early. In my opinion, the sleeve is a particularly stimulating addition in any Fleshlight collection, although it is also suitable as a first purchase for Fleshlight beginners.

I can recommend the sleeve with Crush texture very much; you will certainly not regret having the “girl next door” Dillion Harper in. She will fascinate you and not let you go. During masturbation you can increase your excitement even more when you view some videos of the little lady. The feeling of being close to her can be enhanced.

Dillion Harper has only one Fleshlight, which is furnished with the unique Crush texture. Although the cleaning and drying of the sleeve takes some time after use, the texture is absolutely recommended. It is a successful mixture of intensive areas and wide areas. Masturbation can always be felt differently, because the feeling can be changed by the masturbation speed and by the suction effect via the valve cover.

The Crush texture fits exactly to Fleshlight Girl Dillion. It seems innocent and dainty, but is nymphomaniacal and thrilling. Since the most intense areas of the sleeve are in the front area just past the entrance, men with shorter penises have very intense sensations when using the Fleshlight with Crush texture.

Review overview

Stimulation, intensity & structure 8.5
Tightness 6
Suction Effect 5
Orgasm Rating 8.1
Cleanup & Dry time 4
Price / Performance ratio 8.9


6.8 Flesh Score: Good The Fleshlight with the Crush texture of the Fleshlight Girls Dillion Harper offers the proper stimulation for every man. It is varied and intense at the same time. You never get bored even with frequent use of the sleeve with the different areas. The cleaning effort perfectly matches the masturbation feeling that the insert can offer to every user. The Crush texture is suitable both for beginners and for experienced users and also offers intensive stimulation for men with a shorter penis.

  • varying sleeve
  • you can adjust the suction intensity during wanking
  • suits any penis length
  • attractive appearance
  • somewhat complicated cleaning time
  • relatively long drying phase
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