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The Fleshlight Alien pleasures your fantasy

Neytiri AvatarHaving sex with an alien being is a fantasy for many men. I admit that I was always jealous of Captain Kirk from Star Trek as he visited so many planets and dated countless women. It makes sense that ILF or Interactive Life Forms out of Texas would come up with an alien pussy that pleases the men of this world.

From the moment that I saw this texture, I knew that it was straight out of Pandora – The World of Avatar. This blockbuster film centers around the native people, named Na’vi, who live on a faraway planet called Pandora. Set in the year 2154, Avatar became an instant hit with science-fiction fans because of the beautiful Neytiri. This character is played by Zoë Saldana, and I definitely want to know how she feels when I thrust my way inside this alien orifice.

I’m not the first man to fantasize about alien women because the pornography industry has already banked on this scenario. There’s a porn film from HUSTLER called This Ain´t Avatar XXX that stars Misty Stone. Whether you’re thinking about Misty or Neytiri, you’ll have an alien experience with this texture.

I decided to buy this sleeve for a test and try it out for myself. You can benefit from my experience as I dive deeper into this alien orifice. If you’re curious about Avatar ladies, I have the answers to help you make that next Fleshlight decision. Please write me your opinion, thoughts and experiences in the comment field under this review.

What is the Fleshlight Alien?

Alien Fleshlight Metal CaseI discovered that this Avatar Fleshlight was introduced in 2010. I was fascinated by this Alien choice. When you first receive it, the pearly-blue sleeve is hidden within a dark-blue case. I was thrilled with the color selection because it closely resembles the movie hues. The Alien experience can’t be realistic without the right color. The entire sleeve is made from Fleshlight’s secret Super Ethnicity™ material.

A closer look at this product tells you it’s about 10-inches long. The canal itself is 9.5-inches long, which is ample enough for most men. I measured the diameter at 3 inches when I received it. You’ll feel the lips on your member as you thrust your way inside. With just a cursory glance, I was pleased with the Alien’s appearance.

The developers of I.L.F. combined the well-known for this beauty Sleeve. The canal combination and orifice are exclusive to the Fleshlight Alien. I can tell you that the sensation is closely related to the Lotus node, Vortex, Speed Bump  (Stamina Training Unit) textures. If this fact makes your head spin, you’re in for a great time with Neytiri.

My Personal Fleshlight Alien Masturbator Test

If you’re new to the Fleshlight world, I’ll start my review at the very beginning. ILF ships all of their products in discreet boxes, which allows you to receive the sleeve at almost any address. In most cases, you’ll receive a plastic holder, sleeve and some lube. This lubricant is perfectly matched to the Fleshlight, but it only comes in sample sizes with the product. Make sure you buy a larger bottle as you settle into a rhythm with your Alien.

Look inside the sleeve before attempting any penetration. The manufacturer preserves the sleeve’s structure by adding a plastic tube to the interior. Slide the tube out before you use the item. I never want to see what happens if you try to use the sleeve with the tube.

You’ll also notice a cap that screws onto the back of the plastic holder. This piece is optional. Essentially, you screw it on for more suction. If the sensation is too intense, pull the cap off for a more relaxing session. I prefer both ways, depending on my mood.

alien fleshlight texture

The Space Design of the Fleshlight Alien

You’ll feel like you’re diving into deep waters when you first enter the Alien. A funnel shape is the best way to describe the entryway, especially with the double clitoris design that enhances the exotic experience. The entryway opens up to the first section. With spiral ridges lining the first chamber, you’ll know this is a different kind of sensual experience. The ridges line this bulging chamber so that your head can feel relaxed before the next section begins.

A lotus section defines the second chamber. I prefer the lotus near the middle because it adds suction to the shaft that would otherwise be lost during the session. Some men might be disappointed that there’s only one Lotus area, but the simplicity of the Alien makes it a wild ride regardless of the texture quantities.

The third and largest chamber is full of massaging nodes. I almost lost myself the moment that I struck these bumps because the rest of my shaft was already tingling. You’ll have ample room to move toward the rear of the sleeve, which gives you a climax unlike any other. Keep on massaging yourself even after orgasm. It’s possible to keep on going with this Alien’s magical canal.

The orifice is a little wider than other Fleshlight orifices, but I found that this allowed me to thrust deeper into the Fleshlight.

Fleshlight Alien – Feels like not from this world

The texture feels smooth and velvety. It heats up easily, which is good since I like to heat up a Fleshlight in a bowl of warm water before a session. The warmth also loosens the material so that you aren’t as constricted as a cold sleeve’s experience.

I knew that this masturbator was going to feel good since it’s comprised of the best textures Fleshlight has to offer. The spiral chamber really wrapped around the head of my penis and then I was pleasantly surprised by the constricted space when passing through the Lotus node. The big circular bumps in the longest chamber were mind-blowingly good.

It felt like a massage, and I got some pretty good suction going. The combination of textures led me to that kind of orgasm that just hangs there for a moment. I’d say that if you don’t have a ton of time to get off, this toy would be a good choice since it can make you come pretty quickly.

If you are driving too wild, ends the masturbation game already in less than two minutes in an absolutely mega moderately intense and really highly satisfactory orgasm. The irritation is for the first couple of times is so intense that you´ll no longer sustains continue to masturbate after orgasm . This will change but after approximately five applications. You learn the intense feeling love very quickly!

Hygiene & Cleanup of the Alien Fleshlight

After the ejaculation, you should, despite deep relaxation for the sake the Fleshlight material and the hygiene go to the sink. You have to wash out lubricants and semen from the channel after each use. Never leave the used Fleshlight under the bed overnight!

The only bad thing about heavily textured Fleshlight canals is the clean-up, and the Alien Fleshlight is no exception. The Lotus node and the circular bumps need to be cleaned well because sperm and lube can get caught in the crevices.

As with most Fleshlights, you’ll need to flush out the sleeve at both ends with warm water, then use toy cleaner to sanitize it. If you use hot water and/or soap, you will eventually damage the item. It takes around two days to dry, which is a little quicker than some Fleshlights.

After several sessions can be the Alien sleeve sticky. I use Fleshlight Renewing Powder from Fleshlight to preserve the material. As an alternative, you can use talcum powder. You should take a distance of the tips to use corn starch because it favors mold. Take care of your Alien so that she can take care of you.

This ain´t Avatar XXX

My Fleshlight Alien Conclusion & Final Thoughts

Finally, the Alien Fleshlight is one of my best experiences! The design is very crazy, but cool and the sleeve is very intense, soft and cuddly. The combination of the three most popular textures VORTEX, LOTUS and STAMINA is succeeded so well that the penis will pleasured with an unimaginable, high-grade feeling.

Because of the variations, you can experience with the suction cap on or off. It’s difficult for me to sum up my sessions. At times, they’re intense and euphoric. On other days, I take my time with the session as the Super Ethnicity material grasps my member with a firm hold.

I thoroughly enjoy using Fleshlight Alien, and it definitely passes the test when it comes to great orgasms. Its unique design sets the stage for some pretty good fantasy. For example, I have found myself thinking about Zoë Saldana as one of the Na’vi. If you’re into it, there’s plenty of alien porn out there.

I like to watch the funny 3D alien porn This Ain’t Avatar XXX while I use this crazy Alien Fleshlight.

Important Fleshlight Alien Update

ILF has deleted the Fleshlight Alien in the Fleshlight Store! But fortunately, the production of this Fleshlight will be continued in Spain. If you’re having trouble finding the Alien masturbator directly from ILF, try alternative websites:

Review overview

Stimulation, intensity & structure 9
Tightness 8
Suction Effect 9
Orgasm Rating 10
Cleanup & Dry time 6
Price / Performance ratio 9


8.5 Flesh Score: Great I'm thrilled with my Fleshlight Alien texture because I can fantasize about the Na'vi ladies as I thrust my way inside. Simply hold onto your mental picture and continue with your session. The resulting orgasm will make you feel like Pandora is under your feet with the exotic wildlife cheering you on.

  • Double-clitoris fantasy opening
  • Amazing suction action
  • Deep thrusts engaged by wide opening
  • Shimmering, blue color matches perfectly with Avatar’s lady friends
  • Feel every texture difference as you move down the sleeve
  • Fast or slow orgasm is possible for every man
  • Lack of tightness at opening reduces penetration factor
  • Blue color may distract non-Avatar fans
  • Must wash and dry this texture very thoroughly
  • Internal texture is difficult to clean
  • Limited, texture differences may disappoint some fans
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