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Fleshlight ICE: A masturbator cooler than ice

As I read, that the Fleshlight ICE comes again, I must immediately order one online. The previous transparent Fleshlight ICE has been discontinued in the year 2013. Many Fleshlight fans were very disappointed.

As my new Fleshlight was delivered in a discreet package at my front door, I was intrigued to try out, what was inside. I knew that the Fleshlight ICE would look different from other masturbators, but I was not prepared for this silicone beauty. It looked almost like the old ICE Fleshlight by earlier.

Fleshlight Ice Description

Other Fleshlights tend to be pink or skin-toned, but the ICE was transparent. The package stated that it is made with SuperEthnicity technology and that it is both latex-free and non-allergenic.

I ordered the Fleshlight ICE “Pure,” in which the orifice looks like a hole. I also could have ordered the “Lady,” which is shaped like a vagina. The third option is the “Butt” option, which is shaped like- you guessed it- a butt.

My Fleshlight ICE came with the Fleshlight and a transparent case. I also got a sample packet of lube and an informational leaflet about how to take care of the ICE. The ICE itself had a plastic rod inserted in the middle of it, so no matter what you do, take this out before you use the Fleshlight! There was a little cap in there as well. I’ll get to this later.

Fleshlight ICE Crystal texture

Experiences in my personal masturbator test

Transparent & cool design of the Fleshlight ICE

The masturbator itself is about 9.5 inches long and 3.5 inches wide. There are seven inner chambers total. These are easy to see since the Fleshlight is transparent. The first chamber is less than an inch in diameter and is textured with raised bumps. Next, there is a slightly tighter section that offers a rippled texture. A slightly wider chamber follows this and features more prominent rippling that feels like the ridges inside of a vagina. The next section is covered with rounded bumps, and what follows is an even tighter chamber. After this, you’ll enjoy rectangular bumps. The final section is slightly ribbed. I can tell you from experience that these variations help the Fleshlight do its job very well.

It’s easy to assemble this toy. It is easiest to put it together by holding the case and lowering the sleeve into the case. Then just screw the cap on the small end. This cap is an amazing thing. If you adjust the tightness of the cap, you’ll be able to increase the suction. I’ll warn you- the suction can make a louder so and when the cap is screwed on tight. When you loosen the cap, you’ll get a better sliding motion. The ICE has a sticky feeling to it, but you can get rid of this by rubbing a little corn starch onto the toy.

Very intense feeling

When I use the ICE, I start out by putting the sleeve into some warm water like I would do for any other toy like it. Once it had warmed up, I put it into the case and put Fleshlube onto the opening and inside the sleeve. I find the more lube I use, the better it feels. The best feeling for me is when the tip of my penis moves in and out of the chambers, and the different sensations are awesome. I love the alternating tightness of each chamber.

I have to admit it gave me goose bumps the first time I used it, and it gives me an extended orgasm almost every time I use it now. I love the mind-blowing orgasms this thing gives me, and I love that I can see myself penetrating it. My girlfriend likes seeing me move inside of it, too. I just hope she doesn’t get jealous!

Hygiene and Durability

The Fleshlight ICE is incredible, but I have to admit it takes a little elbow grease to clean it. Lube and your junk will get caught in all of the crevices inside of it. What I do is hold it under warm water and let the water run all the way through it. I then squeeze it to help get the juices out. Then I turn it over and let the water run back through the other end. The last thing I do is run toy cleaner through it. This kills bacteria. I rinse it one more time and let it air dry. I make sure to rinse the case and the lids as well. The ICE is durable, and you can extend the life of the toy by using corn starch on it.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

One complaint I’ve read about the ICE is that it’s too long, but I think that just gives the user more options for thrusting. Other complaints focus on the cost, and I have to agree that it’s very expensive. Its size and the clear case mean that it isn’t discreet. If you are fine with a larger toy that costs a little more, you won’t regret getting the Fleshlight ICE.

Review overview

Stimulation, intensity & structure 10
Tightness 9
Suction Effect 7
Orgasm Rating 7
Cleanup & Dry time 6
Price / Performance ratio 9


8 Flesh Score: Great The Fleshlight ICE offers a unique experience with a cool look. A seven-chamber design enhances pleasure, and a see-through design offers a great visual. The result is mind-blowing orgasms.

  • Very, very cool design
  • See-through design allows you to see yourself penetrating it
  • Seven separate chambers enhance pleasure
  • Easy to use


  • glutinous Sleeve
  • not really transparent – more like frosted glass
  • Difficult to clean
  • Not discreet
  • Expensive
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