This handy Fleshlight let you fly

The all new FleshLight Flight is the latest and greatest version of the classic Fleshlight with a few additional improvements over the original. While the total length of the unit is 8 inches the full insertable length is now 6 inches. While this seems too small for some I can guarantee from experience it is more than enough to satisfy even the largest members.

The smaller size also comes along with a much quieter mold and casing which helps to hide your FleshLight from prying eyes. Whether this is your spouse, a friend or anyone else in your life you want to hide your nocturnal (or otherwise) activities from.I have been a longtime user of the original FleshLight so I was extremely eager to get my hands on the new FleshLight Flight. In the following review we will examine some of the features of the new FleshLight Flight and I will give you my “hands on” experience with the latest and greatest offering from ILF – Fleshlight.

fleshlight flight pilot

What is the Fleshlight Flight?

The Flight has two different settings for internal moldings: “The Instructor” and “The Pilot”.

  • The Pilot Fleshlight is matte black with the exact same holes/orifices. This model is the upgraded version. The main difference between the Pilot and the original are the curvatures that go down the base of the unit that help to add sensation. The sleeve textures add a whole new dimension of feeling that really changes how the unit feels. The different textures are set into the chambers and when you assemble the unit you can feel them.
  • The Flight Instructor is the other option when it comes to stealthy FleshLights for taking on airplanes or other discreet uses. This unit is more basic but it also gives much more of the classic feel compared to the Pilot. The canal is the same length but lacks the same varied textures that you will find on the Pilot. While the Pilot is a dark black matte color the Flight Instructor is a bright white color that resembles an iPod or other Apple device- very sleek and sexy.

When you open the box, there are three different parts you need to screw together. It is not a hard process- if you can plug in a laptop charger you can put together one of these bad boys. The box comes with all of the assembly pieces as well as a complimentary lube to use with your new sleeve. There is also an instruction kit alongside a few pieces of promotional literature that help you to find out about other sleeves offered by Fleshlight.

Fleshlight Flight Pilot textureExperiences in my personal masturbator test

Discreet design

If anyone reading this knows me they will understand that I am a loud and proud user of my FleshLight sleeve. However this does not mean I want to advertise my use to every single person I meet- most especially travel security agents. I cannot imagine how embarrassing it would be to have to explain my sleeve to a TSA agent in front of a group of people in line or to be pulled aside after arriving at my destination and going over the use of my Fleshlight. Since the vast majority of the time I am flying short distances I keep my Pilot in a small travel bag. The sleeve still says FleshLight on the side but aside from that it is hard to tell that it is a sleeve.

I love the design factor- interesting that even sleeves are starting to have such a beautiful aesthetic. Even if the Pilot was not meant to be stealthy it would still look very cool. 99% of people out there will not be able to tell what the item is as long as they do not closely inspect it. The materials are high grade and more than a value for the price that you pay.This need for discreteness and secrecy is one reason I invested in the FleshLight Pilot. However it is not necessary to sacrifice pleasure for convenience.

Good orgasm feeling

The FleshLight Pilot looks small and sleek but the inside is fantastic. It has different ribbing and textures throughout the stock of the sleeve which leads to more intense feelings when using the FleshLight. When using the Pilot you have the option to go slow or fast but both will end with a fantastic orgasm.

Hygiene & Cleanup

The unit is incredibly slide friendly whether you use lube or not. The construction allows for a lube free feeling if you like a little bit more pressure when you orgasm. After you finish the suction effect pulls you out and allows a very clean and realistic finish. The dry time and the cleanup are actually much better than a standard sleeve due to the smaller size.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

While earlier iterations of the FleshLight were fantastic for their time this version fills a much needed role. The discreteness of the unit allows for guys on the go to enjoy their sleeve without any embarrassment. The size of the sleeve also allows for great clean up and dry times. The only problem is the fact that guys with larger members may not be able to get full use out of the sleeve- but it should get the job done. All in all this is a fantastic foray into the FleshLight sleeve market.

Review overview

Stimulation, intensity & structure 10
Tightness 10
Suction Effect 9
Orgasm Rating 10
Cleanup & Dry time 6
Price / Performance ratio 10


9.2 Flesh Score: Great The Fleshlight Flight Sleeve is the new and stealthier version of the classic Fleshlight. The unit has a gorgeous form factor, flawless feeling (with two different settings) and is a great option for a stealthy yet effective sleeve.

  • Discrete design allows for stealthy storage and travel
  • Very aesthetically pleasing materials and form factor
  • Different molds and textures make the sleeve a joy to use
  • Easy clean up due to size factor
  • Dry time is very good since you can take the unit apart
  • Guys with larger penis will not be able to use the sleeve fully
  • Sleeve still says FleshLight on the side which may diminish from the stealthiness of the unit
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