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The elegant Fleshlight with a sword grip

The Fleshlight Blade and the Fleshlight Sword are both smaller versions of the original design, and they have one other major difference as well. Both the Sword and the Blade have a squeezable case. I already owned the Fleshlight Blade, and I thought I’d give the Fleshlight Sword a try once I foandout that its chambers were designed differently than the Blade. In this review, I’ll try to do them both justice by describing my experience with each.

What is the Fleshlight Blade?

The Blade offers a realistic, vulva-shaped orifice and ribbed chambers. The Sword orifice is shaped like an anus and has a bumpy series of chambers. Both types of masturbators feature a flexible sword handle shaped squeezable case, and both of them feel tighter than an ordinary Fleshlight. Each one is a little over seven inches long, and an average penis length can enjoy all of the chambers. The Sword has a gold case and the Blade has a bright blue case. Both inserts are pink.

What is the Fleshlight Sword?

The Sword canal has three chambers with bumped textures. The canals are connected by ribbed connectors. The canal is a little wider than other Fleshlights, but you can squeeze the squeezable case to make it feel tighter. The Sword begins with a pretty tight, smooth canal like an anus, then it opens into a wider chamber that is covered with rounded bumps. This chamber has a constricted area in the middle that feels great. The next chamber offers a ribbed texture, then you’ll find another chamber covered in smaller rounded bumps. After another ribbed connector, you’ll hit last chamber, which is is cone-shaped and covered with bumps as well.

The Blade also has a multi-chamber system, but each chamber offers a difference ribbed texture that feels a lot like the ridges inside of a vagina. The first chamber has a cross-ribbed system, and the second chamber has the same texture, is circular in shape, and is much tighter. The third section is more elliptical in shape. The fourth canal follews a tight connecting passage and is the widest chamber. However, I foandthat I could squeeze the flexible case and make it feel nice and tight.

My personal Fleshlight Blade & Sword Test

Crazy masturbator design

The packaging for both the Sword and the Blade are pretty much the same. I ordered both online, and they are a little cheaper than other models. I received a discreet package with both purchases. Both masturbators come in a cardboard box with a see-through plastic window, and both come with a little sample packet of lube. I was pleased with the soft cases of both Fleshlights, and I’m always excited to use either the Blade or the Sword. Sometimes it’s nice to have the option of having control over the tightness. Both of these toys are easy to assemble, through the triangular case can make it difficult to get the insert inside. My trick is to put it in halfway, then pull it the rest of the way through the end hole.

My first impression of both the Sword and the Blade was that they were both highly ornamental and had very detailed designs. I don’t really care about the color of the cases, but these are the most attractive masturbators I own. These toys are both made of the Fleshlight “Real Feel Superskin.”

Intense Feeling

Before I use the Sword or the Blade, I put the toy in some warm water for a while before I use it, and I put plenty of lube on the orifices, in the toys, and on my penis. You can mix and match them during one session if you’re feeling really inventive and have time for it. Both of them feel warm and soft inside, and I love the sucking, massaging feel from the head of my penis to the base.

The smaller, lighter case wasn’t as taxing on my wrist as the typical, bulky Fleshlight cases. However, since there’s no adjustible cap at the tip of these Fleshlights, they don’t offer as much suction as other models. The flexible case is an added bonus, because I can squeeze it at strategic points at each chamber to make the feeling more intense. I like to squeeze different points each time. It really never gets boring! The orgasms are definitely satisfying.

Hygiene & Cleanup

Once you’re done, you’re going to have to clean your Blade or Sword. Unfortunately, those same textures on the inside of the toy make it difficult to clean, and clean-up will take a good amount of time. Like other Fleshlights, you should run warm water through both ends, then run toy cleaner through. Make sure to rinse out the cleaner. Expect to need four to six hours for them to completely dry out after you’ve cleaned them. If you dust your Sword or Blade with renewer powder, you’ll be able to get it back to its silky texture.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

The Fleshlight Blade and the Fleshlight Sword deliver deeply satisfying orgasms. The flexible cases give you great control over how tight the masturbator feels. The interesting designs make them very unique. The very golden and metallic look are very cool and a nice change to the traditional Fleshlight design. It is a pity that you can not regulate the vacuum. This masturbator is small and nice to handy.

Review overview

Stimulation, intensity & structure 9
Tightness 7
Suction Effect 6
Orgasm Rating 8
Cleanup & Dry time 5
Price / Performance ratio 9


7.3 Flesh Score: Good The Fleshlights Blade and Sword are very exceptional masturbators with a very cool finish. The orgasm feeling is good. Due to the small size, lies it very well in the hand.

  • Flexible case gives you more tightness control.
  • A cheaper price tag won’t drain your wallet.
  • Smaller, more contact design makes it easier to hold for longer periods.
  • The suction isn’t as intense as with other masturbators.
  • The design is a little gimmicky.
  • Both models make a sound with each thrust, and it can get distracting.
  • The flexible case makes it difficult to get the insert back into the case.
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