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Dillion Harper is a Fleshlight girl: Crush texture


Dillion Harper – A new star on the Fleshlight scene!

It was good news for fans of adult entertainment on Black Friday 2016 when up and coming porn star Dillion Harper unveiled her very own addition to the Fleshlight series with her bespoke orifice and exclusive inner channel.

The young American is renowned for her lush curves and doll like face and her star is most certainly on the rise. This must-have masturbation accessory stands shoulder to shoulder with some of the finest products from the Fleshlight Girls collection.

It’s to get excited for the latest starlet on the porn scene. Get set to discover her delicious inner channel and enjoy stimulating sensations whenever the mood takes.

Who is Dillion Harper?

Dillion Harper, the curvy brunette from Florida, started her career in the world of adult entertainment by venturing into the exotic modelling scene. In just a few short years, she has become one of the most celebrated names in the porn world with a keen focus on hardcore titles. Her boundless enthusiasm, bouncing breasts and doe-eyed face make her one of the most sought-after actresses working in the industry today.

It didn’t long for Dillion Harper to notch up an impressive selection of nominations. No stranger to adult entertainment accolades, Harper notched up a nomination for “AVN Best New Starlet Award” in 2012. In 2013 she was cover girl in Hustler Magazine, hardly an achievement to be scoffed at. In 2016, premier porn site PornHub announced that Dillion Harper had landed herself in the top 20 most sought after adult actresses in the year 2015.

You won’t just find this award-winning actress hard at work in front of the camera. Harper maintains an impressive circle of fans and followers online with her several social media channels. Fans of the porcelain faced babe can follow her online via Facebook and Twitter, or catch up on the latest developments, uncover older credits and earn a little more about this sexy star and her background at:

The Dillion Harper Fleshlight with Crush Texture

This enticing pussy orifice is a stunning recreation of Dillion Harper’s luscious lips and labia. Beautifully reconstructed by a true to life moulding of some Harper’s most attractive assets. What’s more, the inner sleeve of this Fleshlight has been designed exclusively for use with Dillion’s debut orifice and is called Crush.

A look at the impressive cross-section of the inner chamber will leave you aching with anticipation. The channel itself has three chambers with different structures, each part promising unique sensations to build to a more rewarding orgasm.

Just behind Dillion’s pussy orifice opens the 12 centimetre long first chamber. It is divided into two distinct sections. The first section is about 7.5 centimetres long and consists of a mixture of rewarding ribs and knots, with longitudinal ribs running backwards creating a more invigorating sensation on your erect penis.

The second section is dominated by concentric rings and a mixture of more longitudinal ribs and bobbles. The second chamber narrows and tapers down to a properly reward those who venture deep enough. Deeper still, the chamber gives way to large vertical slats that will spread a spectacular tingling across the surface of the head of your penis glans. Perfect for those after a firm and rewarding massage from base to tip. What’s more, small air pockets between these slants and ridges help create a minor suction effect that creates a more intense sensation and stronger orgasm.

This sleeve insert really comes into its own in the third and final chamber. This area is dominated by spiral ribs, creating a tight tugging sensation on every inch of the penis that penetrates it. The total depth of this sleeve chamber is a whopping 18cm, more than deep enough for most men and definitely worth the effort for those with a larger member.

Overall, the distinct chambers of the Crush inner channel promises a fabulous level of stimulation that’ll leave you tingly from base to tip. Cleaning is also a breeze, with a medical grade polymer ensuring maximum flexibility and a truer to life sensation against your own skin. You’ll have plenty of fun getting to grips with the invigorating textures the Crush sleeve has to offer, with the possibility to enjoy a completely new and unique experience with every use.


Review follows later…

According to this research, I will next week directly a Dillion Harper Fleshlight pussy orifice and crush put texture me and undergo a comprehensive test that inner channel. Certainly more than once. 🙂 You can read my review here soon.

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