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The popular Fleshlight Freaks and new shocking Beasts, Monsters and Zombies were reborn!

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The Return of Fleshlight Freaks

Adding Pleasure to your Halloween

New Fleshlight FreaksThe Fleshlight Freaks series was a hot commodity with Fleshlight users. With the relaunch of the Fleshlights website in January 2016, the series experienced a discontinuation. This left many unpleasant comments and concerns from avid fans of the product line.

Interactive Lifeforms (ILF) is proud to announce a re-launch of this famed product line. With Halloween right around the corner, ILF proudly introduces 4 new Fleshlight Freaks textures including the ever-so-popular Alien texture. These textures feature a bold and classic pink design and encompass some unique inner-chambers one won’t find within any other Fleshlight products.

Take a brief look into some of these items below. We will write a review that details the products more in-depth in the coming days. Keep an eye out for these reviews and these products as they are often hot buys and are only available for as long as the spirit of the Halloween season lasts.

New Look, Same Intense Feelings

With a new product re-launch comes the new looked Fleshlight male masturbator toys. The Freaks series has added some additional flavor to the three classic orifices: Drac (Dracula), Cyborg and Frankenstein. The new look adds intrigue to any user’s first glance. The upgrade helps add additional material for you to conjure up during your fantasy creation. These freaks are sure to provide a scare with their cinematic films, but will hold up the saying ‘freak in the sheets’ in the most literal of aspects.

The Alien Fleshlight is also back in classic form. The texture is designed to feature the mimicked pussy of the Navi girl from the Avatar films. This out of this world experience is sure to provide you with many intense orgasms as you experiment with a forbidden species.

The re-design of these classic tales truly helps shape an intrigue we can’t begin to fathom. The pure sense of partaking in masturbation with a freaky, fantasized individual can really spice up your masturbation sessions. The Fleshlight Freaks Fleshlight is sure to bring you some sizzling action this Halloween.

Textures that Re-Define the Creative Process

The innovative minds at I.L.F., LLC have helped bring these freaks to life. The sexual prowess each texture possesses is sure to make anyone’s head spin. A few of these unique textures include: the Predator Fleshlight, the Reaper Fleshlight, the Zombie Fleshlight Pussy and the Zombie Mouth Fleshlight. Each one of these models features some of the most unique inner-makeups one will find in a male masturbator toy.

  • The Predator Fleshlight features four intensified chambers for maximum sensation value. The round nods will grip rub your cock to high levels of stimulation while the crossed rib technology tickles your imagination. A sure fire bet to heat up action in the bedroom, the Predator provides the user will a titillating tale for those who dare to enter this beast.
  • The Reaper Fleshlight is an intense roller-coaster ride of a masturbator. Adding four chambers to an inner-canal that uses 6 different pleasure heightening features, the Reaper is sure to add maximum intensity to your masturbation. Large nodules, wide ribs and additional obscure nodules are featured inside this toy. Do you have the guts to penetrate this forbidden freak?
  • The Zombie mouth and pussy textures both excite and intensify masturbation. This beast has gained a wide-range of popularity with users based off of these characters being heavily featured across the main-stream media. The trend doesn’t stop on the big screen, as these characters are brought back from the dead to please your cock.

Each features 3 different sensation chambers with each orifice featuring a consistently strong grip on your penis throughout. Spark your curiosity with these incredible textures.

We will write a test review about the three new Freak Fleshlights in the next weeks.

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