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The European Fleshlight Store is gone

If you were wondering why your website bookmarks for haven’t been working lately, you finally have an answer with the enhanced URL news.

As of August 1, 2016, both Europe and the United States can use the address instead of the now-defunct bookmark. In most cases, European visitors are simply redirected to the new site without any hassles.

Access and Design

Be aware that Interactive Life Forms LLC. (ILF) despite the same website work on two different marketplaces (US and EU):

  • You might look for the French Dorcel Girls (Anna Polina, Valentina Nappi, Claire Castel, Lola Rêve) as a European visitor, but the Americas don’t have access to these ladies just yet.
  • But with a American IP adress you can see 4 new Fleshlight Camstar Girls (Hope Daylee, Natalie Star, Lindsey Banks, Autumn Woods). The peoples from Europe can´t see the Camgirls.

European visitors can see in the right of the Fleshlight logo a small EU symbol. Those symbols will tell you, whether ILF detect your correct IP address for your area.

Although most visitors are directed to, you might be able to use the older URL that’s welcomed many East-European visitors in the past. is still a viable URL, but it will be integrated into the new web address as soon as possible.

If you’re a frequent visitor to Fleshlight’s website, you might be startled by the new design. Take a moment to look over the home page because the menu structure is redesigned. It might take some time to get accustomed to the new format as you find your favorite girls and classic product choices.

Take the Girls on a Mobile Adventure

Times are changing, and the majority of website visitors access Fleshlight by using a tablet or smartphone. Give it a try today, and you’ll see a faster loading time with a clear home page on your screen. There have been some issues with desktop access, however, because the mobile site can be cumbersome with certain browsers, such as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Patience will be the key for Fleshlight’s updated site.

Not Everything is Positive After the Relaunch

Fleshlight’s restructuring means that some products and entire lines are coming to a close. For longtime fans of these sleeves, you might be frustrated by these changes.

For instance, the Fleshlight Girl EU collection is discontinued. You won’t see on the front page anymore:

It’s possible that the Primal texture will be fazed out.

Fleshlight Freaks series and Fleshlight Blade completely striked 🙁

The Fleshlight Blade and the complete Freaks series (Frankenstein, Zombie, DRAC, Cyborg and Alien) have already been confirmed as discontinued items.

In my eyes is this a fatal wrong decision! I hope, that this Fleshlight come back in a future Halloween offer.

Until all of these items are sold off, you can find them in the collector’s corner as designated on the new site.

Some popular Fleshlight Girls must go 🙁

Saving up to buy your favorite Fleshlight girl used to be a habit of many fans across the world. However, supplies are suddenly dwindling for certain ladies. There will be no more production runs for these ladies, including:

Head on over to the Director’s Corner so that you can purchase these sleeves and cases as soon as possible. When the supply runs out, you won’t be able to find these ladies anywhere. Don’t miss out as Fleshlight restructures their product line.

The nice sleeve search function “Fleshlight Orgy” is gone 🙁

It’s breaking news among Fleshlight fans that you can no longer see the Fleshlight orgy view that was so popular. In fact, the company isn’t clear about whether these sleeves will be available anymore.

To find the sleeves you’re looking for, you must use now the search function. Pinpoint the sleeve’s title, and search for it separately.

Porn DVD Store has been deleted 🙁

In the old Fleshlight store you could buy the best Fleshlight Girls porn movies from

Restructuring the Empire

One of the biggest shockers from this website update is the company restructuring. As you surf across Fleshlight’s pages, you’ll suddenly find a more conservative website. You used to see outright nudity, including breasts, vaginas and buttocks, but they’re carefully covered now.

In fact, Fleshlight or I.L.F. is trying to maintain a PG-13 website. Although the company hasn’t officially stated this goal, the changes across the website tell a different story. Take a look at a few reasons for the widespread changes.

  1. Fleshlight is trying to separate themselves from the pornographic industry.
  2. By reducing the pornography factor, Fleshlight legitimizes their work with payment processors. Customers can use various credit cards, PayPal and other bank outlets for their purchases.
  3. I.L.F. will increase their customer base by adding women. Females may be more inclined to buy sex toys when the website isn’t dominated by pornographic images.
  4. Search-engine rankings can rise when I.L.F. sites can be linked out to other URLs through blogs and press releases.
  5. Profits can only rise when the market is broader to include both men and women.
  6. Every business needs different routes for their products, and that fact includes sex toys being available to every gender and adult-age group.
  7. Google and other search engines simply rank websites higher on the pages when a PG-13 rating is part of the URL.
  8. More exposure and less pornography for I.L.F. means that legal problems can be almost nonexistent.
  9. When people hear that a sex-toy website isn’t full of pornographic images, they’re encouraged to shop around without any issues.
  10. I.L.F. hopes to attract religious people who’re open to pleasure, but without the pornographic elements.
  11. Non porn links can be share in Social media, like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. (Twitter has no problem with porn).

It’s time to take a good look at the new Fleshlight website. With so many products to enjoy, the current changes will eventually settle down as you enjoy your sleeves and cases. The lovely Fleshlight girls are waiting for you.

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