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New Relaunch of & shop separation in three warehouses


New shop system and all-new online infrastructure

Although the Fleshlight manufacturer ILF, LLC radically updated the website in March 2016 (read also: Relaunch 2016), it was given an entirely new shop system and a new design (less than one year later) on March 6, 2017,

Also, the European online store at was closed in August 2016 and all customers have been forwarded to the main site. ILF has  undone now this change! There were probably various logistical issues in the branches.

Starting immediately, European, Canadian, and Australian customers will now be rerouted to a different Fleshlight store based on their IP addresses (as was the case before last August).

Different offerings in the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe

Although,,, and may have similar looks, they do actually offer different products.

Europeans will receive their shipments from Seville in Spain, while American customers will receive theirs directly from Austin, Texas. Canadians are supplied from Toronto and Australians from Brisbane.

Updated look and many new features after relaunch

Also striking is the “more modern” look of the online shop. The previous shop already had several brand-new internet technologies, but the current store has somehow been made to look even cooler. Now there’s almost no text, but instead lots of very professionally designed graphics.

Unfortunately, you can still only choose to view the shop in either Spanish or English. Hopefully we’ll soon be able to surf the site in other languages!

Both the navigation elements and the page structure are now clearer. In the Fleshlight Girls category, you now have a better idea what textures each girl has.

Finally! Alternative payment methods

The credit card is the main means of payment in most non-European countries. In Europe, most peoples pay with a debit cards, coupled with a bank account. Fleshlight has finally added SEPA direct debit, SOFORT direct payment, PayPal and even AMAZON Pay.

That is tremendous progress. All the work and courage done in 2015 to convert the whole concept has been worthwhile!

The Fleshlight Orgy function is back!

After the relaunch in March 2016, I really missed the Fleshlight Orgy function. In the old Fleshlight shop with the black design, you could very clearly see all the models with their available channels on one page. Originally the site was designed to allow sleeves to be ordered without cases, but it also helped to understand the many channels faster.

Finally, though, the Fleshlight Girls Orgy function is back! You can once again see a list of erotic actresses with a list of textures available for each model.

Fleshlight’s own rating system

Just as you’re familiar with on Amazon, Fleshlight has now made it possible for customers to leave product reviews and to give products stars. This helps Fleshlight newbies find their way around more quickly.

Although there is no uniform system for ratings and reviews are rarely very detailed, you can still get a sense from the overall direction of the ratings whether a sleeve is worth buying or not. It is also easier to identify which are the best Fleshlight products.

Loyalty program

At the bottom menu of the site, they’ve added a new loyalty program. If you subscribe to Fleshlight’s social media channels, if it’s your birthday, or if you have written reviews, you can be rewarded with Flesh Bucks.

I’m not entirely sure whether the system is currently functioning fully. I can’t find where my loyalty points are displayed.


All in all, the new shop system makes a good impression. However, it will take a while to get used to it. I hope ILF won’t be making any more such massive changes to its system.

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