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Place an order over 79 $ and get a Fleshlight Freaks Sleeve for free!

Halloween is right around the corner. What better way to celebrate then with an exclusive offer from Fleshlight?

The company Interactive Life Forms (ILF) produces many crazy freak sex toys. Unleash the beast and take part in fulfilling these extreme fetishes with all of the monster pussy you can handle.

Simply place an order of $79 or more on Fleshlight’s website during the promotional period and you’ll receive your choice of an extra Fleshlight sleeve. This Fleshlight offer is exclusive to this promotion and won’t last long.

Choose From the following sleeves: Zombie Alien Cyborg Dracula and Frankenstein. Discount your savings will this buy one, get one limited offer. Below you’ll find a few specifics about each individual Fleshlight Freaks sleeve:

  • Fleshlight Frankenstein Sleeve

    Goose bumps for Halloween! Frankenstein’s bride could not be tighter. This tight entry way opens up into a spiral of ribbed rings. Push deeper into this monster and find a zig-zag pattern that massages your shaft while gripping it tightly.

  • Zombie Sleeve

    This flesh eating monster will truly make your sensitive flesh tingle with excitement. Entering this pussy is a unique experience as you head is massaged by a wall of tentacles you must push past. A tight canal then guides you through this toy as your penis is surrounded with ribbed rings and a wavy-like pattern that tickles your shaft to great excitement.

  • Fleshlight Alien Sleeve

    The color of this sleeve is out of this world (blue to the normal pink/tan) and the intergalactic sensations will have you craving this forbidden fruit for days, even weeks at a time. The tight entryway is combined with an inner canal that features all sorts of pleasure enhancing studs, tentacles and crossed rings. Since aliens are said to be more technologically advanced then humans, we’ll save this experience as a surprise for its users. The Alien Avatar Fleshlight provides you with an experience that will leave you cumming in no time at all.

  • Dracula Sleeve

    Drac wants to get the blood flowing in your penis. This Vampire craves your penis inside her pussy. The Vampire pussy is made up of a simple structure that alternates ball-like ribs and rings throughout the toy. The toy tightens and widens throughout, creating a consistent sexual experience.

  • Cyborg Sleeve

    The Cyborg sleeve probably contains the most complex make-up of the monster pussy series. Entering in this monster is a tight push through thick walls of straight-lined stimulators. Pushing past this initial pleasure will make your head spin as you find another canal with a raised line that massages your under-shaft. The final component involves tightening and loose canals to enhance the masturbation experience.

Whichever creature you choose to use as your personal masturbator; the final decision can’t be wrong. Take advantage of this limited offer and enjoy a fetish you never thought you’d admit to enjoying today.

Safe money with the creepy Halloween Special! 😉

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