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Go For The Gold Olympic Celebration On Now

There’s breaking news from Rio de Janeiro this year as the Olympics descend on this tropical land. Between August 5 and 21, 2016, all eyes will be on Rio as athletes from across the world compete for the gold medals.

Kick start your personal athleticism by shopping our Fleshlight Olympic “Go For The Gold Sale”. There’s so much to explore with our masturbation toys and incredibly low prices.

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Save money by exploring ILF Fleshlight products that offer almost any fantasy you can imagine. Take a look at the hot prices on some of your favorite products, including:

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Don’t forget to explore the Fleshlight Olympic specials when it comes to ass textures. Your favorite, lovely ladies are just waiting to be brought home, such as:

This sale is also the perfect time to stock up on those critical, playtime products.

Fill up your product care inventory

You might have a huge collection of Fleshlight sleeves, but they’re no use without Fleshlube on hand. Purchase several containers of this specialized lubricant so that you’re always ready to go when the need arises.

Take good care of your sleeves and plastic holders too by adding both FleshWash and Fleshlight Renewing Powder to your Olympic sale purchase. The Fleshwash is strong enough to remove all of those leftover residues while protecting the material from any damages.

Using other cleaning products may affect the overall lifespan of your sleeves. The Fleshlight Renewing Powder gives you a chance at extending the life of the product by keeping it as smooth as possible. Rub the powder onto the products with regular frequency, and they’ll feel like they’re brand-new materials with each use.

Set your own world record with the Stamina Training Unit

This product isn’t just designed for your own enjoyment, it’s meant to train you into a great lover.

Referred to as the VStroker with Stamina Training Unit, this product has wireless capabilities. It connects to your computer where you’ll see and hear a lovely lady during your experience. You’ll be able to hear and see her reaction as you move along. This feedback will only allow you to be better at the real thing when your opportunity arrives.

Fleshlight is dedicated to your pleasure and improving your stamina simultaneously. Take advantage of this Olympic sale as you practice your way to glory. Add sleeves, lubricant and other products to your virtual shopping cart, and watch the savings add up. You’ll win the gold medal in no time.

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