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Angela White is the New Fleshlight Girl! Her Textures: Entice & Indulge

angela white fleshlight

The beautiful and enticing Angela White from Australia

Interactive Life Forms (ILF) LLC, the founder of the most creative men’s sex toys over the world, has a released a new Fleshlight Girl: Angela White from Australia.

Angela White is absolutely stunning and you can’t keep your eyes off her with her long brunette hair and large and irresistible breasts. If you love busty women, Angela White is for you. Her sexy blue eyes pull you in as you watch her pleasure herself and others on screen.

For many years, she only performed solo or in lesbian scenes before finally releasing the DVD Angela White Finally Fucks. She launched her own website in 2013 and has since shot and produced her videos exclusively for that site. She also often performs on

Two new Angela White Fleshlights

Using advanced modeling technology, Fleshlight has recreated Angela’s perfect pussy and anus for you to enjoy all on your own. What man hasn’t dreamed of getting it on with Angela White and now you can take your fantasies to the next level.

  • Indulge Texture:
    The Indulge Fleshlight, which is the model of her pussy, measures a full nine inches long.  So you can go as deep as you like and really pleasure yourself. There are wave like chambers within that include knobs that will feel amazing against your penis. Additionally, there are smooth ribs running along these chambers that will give you mind blowing satisfaction.
  • Entice Texture:
    Although you can’t deny that the Indulge Fleshlight would be as sweet as Angela White’s pussy, sometimes you might prefer to fantasize about bending her over and putting it in from behind. This is where the Entice Fleshlight comes in.This toy is molded in the shape of her tight anus and will give you undeniable pleasure. Inside, there are alternating patterns of knobs and O shapes that is unique and satisfying. The farther you push into the toy, the tighter it feels, just like it would in real life.

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You can purchase just the Entice or the Indulge or them both together to really get the full effects of what it would be like to have Ms. White. It is also possible to purchase just the insert if that is all you require.

With these amazing sex toys, you will reach an orgasm in no time.

Check out our reviews & infos and see for yourself here:

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