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One of the most exciting parts of going online today is exploring all of the webcam stars that seem to pop up with each search. From watching private experiences to a one-on-one session, being part of a voyeuristic fantasy is what I’ve always dreamed about. With that fact in mind, I was ecstatic to find out that Fleshlight is working with some of the Flirt4Free Camstars to develop new textures!

The Flirt4Free CamStars Natalie StarHope Daylee, Lindsey Banks and Autumn Woods are the first girls, who has molded her pussy for the FLIRT-Sleeve.  I’m proud to say that I’m one of the first people to experience the Fleshlight Flirt test, and you can benefit by learning more about these Flirt4Free Webcam girls right now.

Fleshlight Flirt Texture Description

I’m an experienced guy so I’ve tried a lot of products to please my cock. Part of the fun that surrounds this texture is the fact that it’s based off of four of my favorite ladies. Imagine yourself with one or several of these webcam stars as you get your fill of this texture. In order for you to really understand how you’ll feel with this tantalizing sleeve, I promise to keep an objective perspective as I walk you through this Fleshlight Flirt review.

One orifice is what you’ll see as you gaze down on the open labia that is the Flirt texture. The pouting lips and pale-pink coloring make you think of a young beauty about to enjoy your talents. Enjoy a long, canal length of about 9.5-inches or 25.5-centimeters. Many of the online reviews even give you a moving ruler in order to match your potential ride to the available chambers within the texture. You’re in for a wild time when you buy this sleeve.

I’ve visited several websites, including, and I’m always looking for that distinct experience. If you can look inside of this texture, you’d notice a straightforward canal with several chambers to greet your member. From tiny, criss-cross sections to large, enticing bumps, this sleeve offers four sections to excite you beyond belief. In fact, many fans find it difficult to compare this sleeve to any others on the market today. Webcam stars are the future of my fantasies, and I’ll bet you’ll feel the same in time.

My Fleshlight Camstars Flirt Review

As I close my eyes, I can feel every inch of the five CAMSTARS. You might wonder if I’m exaggerating, but this texture has almost every sensation that you can imagine. From penetration to suction, there’s a feeling unlike any other hidden within this sleeve. It’s time that you heard my opinion about this texture before you buy any other products. Fleshlight continues to thrill me with every twist and turn.

Hint: Fleshlight CAMSTAR Cherry Devivre has her own exclusive Fleshlight Luxe texture.

Fleshlight Flirt Sleeve Design

The opening into this canal is a tight one. Some men even liken this initial sensation to a virgin experience.  The fake pussy of Autumn Woods, Natalie StarHope Daylee and Lindsey Banks looks really authentic.

You’ll need to penetrate the Flirt with each use because the material doesn’t stretch out compared to other items on the market. As you ease about one inch into the canal, you’ll be greeted by a widening of the chamber. Don’t be fooled by the lack of tightness because there’s a long set of bumps that have strategic crisscross sections lining their surface. You’ll move along these for about 2 inches of your experience.

A smooth ring greets your penis glans as you enter the next chamber. There’s a large bump and a narrowing of the passageway as you move even further into your dream girl. Hidden along this corridor is a twisting section that stretches for nearly two inches. You’ll enter the final chamber as the canal continues to narrow down. In fact, this area is entirely lined with rings as you complete your first thrust. Pull back and try the canal out again. You’ll be hooked on the feeling with just one try.

Great Feeling with the CAMSTAR Fleshlight Flirt

The main sensation that you’ll feel throughout your experience is tightness. Fleshlight designs the sleeve with a mixture of different diameters in order to tickle all of your pressure points. Let’s be honest; every man wants a tight experience. However, you can’t have a tight canal with just one diameter. Varying those conditions allows the suction to come into play. You’ll notice the main suction effect occurring near the center of the sleeve as you feel air bubbles becoming trapped in the area. The final, ringed area has some trapped air, but the suction won’t be as intense at this point.

Men often ask me if the orgasm is quick or a slow-coming session. I can hold my own with this texture, but beginners may notice that they only get about halfway in before the session is over. Lube up the sleeve with care, and take your time with the fantasy. Building your stamina with an intense sleeve is part of the sensual fun.

Fleshlight Flirt Hygiene & Care

At this point, I haven’t heard of any durability issues surrounding this Flirt texture. You can use it almost every day without any stretching, tearing or breaking. You’ll want to prevent mold with isopropyl alcohol, however. Those small, internal crevices will accumulate a lot of residues with each use. Ideally, clean and dry the sleeve after each session. You’ll have a perfectly clean lady to enjoy afterward. Using a dirty sleeve will only reduce its effectiveness and longevity.

Fleshlight Flirt Review Conclusion

I find it difficult to critique a pussy texture that’s so unique to the Fleshlight CAMSTARS so I’ll leave you with these impressions. Currently, there are the sleeves Flirt and Luxe with the Fleshlight CAMSTARS.

Because there are several webcam girls, the textures are slowly being released, according to Fleshlight COO Brian Shubin. Don’t be disappointed with the wait because the anticipation is just as exciting as receiving the fake vagina choices.

Begin with one lady, and the other signatured releases will be out soon. The Flirt Fleshlight is one of my favorites, and I know you’ll anticipate a lot more fun with the future ladies to come.

Review overview

Stimulation, intensity & structure 8
Tightness 5
Suction Effect 6
Orgasm Rating 8
Cleanup & Dry time 5
Price / Performance ratio 8.5


6.8 Flesh Score: Good My penis will never be the same after trying out this molded pussy. Enjoy the thrill of being with Natalie Star, Hope Daylee, Autumn Woods or Lindsey Banks at any time of day. With this pussy sleeve, you'll be in heaven with just one thrust.

  • Pussy replica accurate down to labia detail and model’s skin tone
  • Tight sensation felt throughout the canal
  • Four unique chambers to vary your ride
  • Customize the texture with your choice of plastic sleeves, including a darkblue hard case
  • Cherry Devivre is sold separately from these CAMSTARS
  • Smaller men may not reach the final chamber
  • Last chamber too narrow for some bigger penis glans
  • Difficult to control orgasm
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