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Fleshlight Quickshot Boost & Vantage – New double-ended masturbator

fleshlight quickshot new masturbator

Completely new masturbation feeling with the QUICKSHOT

The Texas-based company ILF LLC, manufacturer of the Fleshlight, surprised us yesterday with a completely new masturbation model. Although the conventional Fleshlight version with the 7″ (23 cm) long housings has proved itself millions of times, ILF is now embarking in a completely different direction! The new product is called the Quickshot™.

The new masturbator is only 11 centimeters long and is also called a “masturbation ring”. A Quickshot can be opened at the front and rear. Both end caps are removed for use and screwed back on after cleaning. Due to the short length, users can now observe their penis during masturbation. This possibility can also be very attractive for couples, because the partner can stimulate the glans with the mouth and the hands.

Quickshots are easy to clean, very affordable and space-saving companions for trips. There are a variety of uses: You can, for example, specifically stimulate only the head of the penis or the entire surface of the penis shaft. The use is particularly comfortable thanks to its low weight and small size. A Quickshot™ is easy to handle and easy to direct when masturbating.

There are currently two Quickshot models available:

The first Quickshot models in the series are called the Boost and the Vantage. They are not only different in terms of their interior structure, but also with respect to their optics:

Quickshot Boost:

The Quickshot Boost has a black case and a silver insert. The inner structure of the sleeve consists of spiral ribs. The contrast between silver and black is excellent and lends this design an elegant character.

Quickshot Vantage:

The Quickshot Vantage has a transparent case and a transparent, icy colored sleeve. The inner structure of the sleeve with cross ribs is more than convincing. The highlight of this design is that the penis can be observed through the plastic during masturbation. That looks damn cool.

Features of the new Quickshot series

  • Fleshlight Quickshot reviews Not only can you use a Quickshot masturbator alone, but also together with a partner for erotic foreplay. This leads to unique sensations when the penis tip is additionally stimulated by the partner with mouth and hands. Most women find it particularly exciting to be able to watch a man masturbate. Since the functionality of the sex toy (as opposed to other Fleshlights) is so clear, women also find the sight very exciting.
  • Many Fleshlight fans complained for years that they could not see how the penis ejaculates. Men who are able to ejaculate quite far are now getting their money’s worth with the Quickshot! Due to the open design, the man can freely ejaculate from the masturbator.
  • The double-sided Quickshot masturbator makes it possible to allow the orgasm to unfold in a completely controlled way. This opens up playful possibilities for orgasm control (tease and denial) and you pass several hours masturbating without ejaculating.

The extraordinary range of application possibilities not only increases the fun of the masturbation, but also reduces the cleaning effort. It should be remembered, however, that a Quickshot must be cleaned well after each use for hygienic reasons, even if sperm has not ended up in the insert.

When it comes to traveling or business travel, the new Quickshot series is even more discreet than the previous Fleshlights. The artificial vagina will not be recognized by X-ray scanners at the airport. A Quickshot will always fit inconspicuously in a bag, can be cleaned fast and dries faster than a Fleshlight of twice the length. A Quickshot is thus hardly likely to be found by a maid.

Flleshligh Quickshot vantage blowjob

In the next weeks, I plan to order both QUICKSHOTs and carry out an extensive test and summarize my opinions and experiences in a review. I hope I can help you find the Fleshlight that personally suits you best.

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In the meantime, I wrote two test reviews about the masturbators:

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