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Quickshot Vantage – A Clear Open Ending Masturbator

Most sex toys for men are very disappointing. Fortunately, we have the producers of the innovative company Interactive Life Forms (I.L.F. LLC) the best masturbators of the world. This Manufacturer meet the needs of the customers and has created in-depth product lines with many porn stars.

With the introduction of the new QUICKSHOT masturbators with the Fleshlight product family provides a very enriching experience. This series encompasses a compact design with a clear structure that allows for viewing and using pleasure. This product line features two separate products: The Quickshot Boost and the Quickshot Vantage. Each of these two products features a few key components and adds spice to any masturbation experience.

In this review, we introduce the transparent QUICKSHOT Vantage. I hope that I can help you, to choose a new Fleshlight. Please write your questions and experiences as a comment under this test report.

What is the Quickshot Vantage?

The Quickshot Vantage is made in a transparent case and sleeve. Because the ice design, you can watch your cock in his work. Your penis head can look out on the front end. Your partner can stroke the beginning of your shaft and can play with the end of your shaft and penis head during the experience.

In the comparison to the conventional Fleshlights, the Quickshot rather compact. From insertion point to exit point it is about 3.5 inches in length. This sleeve measures 4.4 inches in length.

QUICKSHOT Boost and Vantage are the first products that Fleshlight has created that defines ease of usage. You can pinch the device between two fingers and enjoy long strokes of happiness.

The ends of the toy feature the same insertion point texture, allowing the user to use either side while experiencing the same amount of pleasure.

The pleasure modules featured in the canals include one ribbed ring, multiple spherical pleasure balls and raised squared edges that all combine to create an intense masturbation session.

My Personal Quickshot Vantage Review

This Vantage promises to be pure genius. I think it is a “must have” masturbator for any avid Fleshlight fan. The duality that this toy allows makes for it to be one of the most highly sought after items I think Fleshlight has ever created. I was very curious about the test.

My First Quickshot Vantage Impressions

The delivery of the Vantage comes in a grey-white blister carton box with a big window.

After unboxing, I was surprised about the small Fleshlight size. Curious, I screwed up the caps. The rib, edges and round modules and the transparent ice-look; looks very cool. When I put my finger, I was surprised how sticky, cold and moist the material was without lube and powder. The channel structure felt very intense.

Unusual, But Horny QUICKSHOT Feeling

Although the Quickshot Vantage is very short you need lube to use. I like the original FleshLube – It is not sticky and has a nice viscosity that allows for a fluid and smooth stroking motions.

Vantage´s feeling does not lack in intensity because the pleasure points within the canals are featured in just the right amount. The small length of the toy really opens up the possibilities that can come about with these models.

Since your penis goes entirely through this toy, you can easily penetrate the toy. The suction featured is rather minimal which allows for these fluids motions and extended range of motions. With the entry point is around 0.6 inches, it isn’t too tight on the head or shaft of your penis.

The average Fleshlight toy usually covers the length of your penis and swallows it up. These two-ended toys help expose your penis to your partner or additional methods of pleasure. There is nothing quite like having your partner stroke you while licking the head of your penis. This design helps create a long list of additional possibilities to help you maximize the orgasm each time you masturbate.

The orgasm is incredible as it usually involves little effort in stroking motion, which allows you to focus more intently on the feelings you feel throughout your masturbation sessions.

Good Hygiene and Long Durability

The clean-up of this Quickshot Vantage is one of the easiest set to date. His two open ends and the short canal are very hygienical. Simply rinse your device under warm water and you are ready. 😉 I recommend you after each rinse to use FleshWash. This has a disinfectant effect and is a featured product that keeps your device clean.

In contrast to the other Fleshlights could you dry the Quickshot masturbator very fast. You can use a soft cloth or paper towel. Refrain from using rags or tissues as they leave behind little dust and paper particles that can adversely affect your masturbation experience over time.

Let drying this sex toy more than 12 hours on the air and don´t close the caps, not under one 3 days.

The short length of the toy renders these models rather durable. But to ensure maximum effectiveness at all times, you must care your Fleshlight Quickshot. The inner canal still features the SuperSkin technology, but this is why the material is very sticky. Occasionally, the sleeve should be a powdered with a talcum or Fleshlight renew powder. Properly washing your masturbator not with soap. Using ever oil-free lubricants! That will help to boost the life of your sex toy.

My Quickshot Review Conclusion

The Quickshot Vantage is really a very cool masturbator. It looks completely different from the generic Fleshlights, but the feeling is very intense.

Vantage’s small length allows an ease of access that can’t be found anywhere else. The multiple methods of usage and styles of masturbating increase dramatically with this product. You can see, how your penis ejaculate. Adding your partner in on the fun helps create for new experiences and electrifying orgasms you’ve never experience before.

Absolutely perfectly is the cleaning and drying time. It takes only a fraction of the time, as with the classical Fleshlights. I can really recommend to buy the Quickshot Vantage. Thumbs up! 😉

Review overview

Stimulation, intensity & structure 6.5
Tightness 2
Suction Effect 2
Orgasm Rating 7.5
Cleanup & Dry time 10
Price / Performance ratio 8


6 Flesh Score: Good Use this toy with your partner or use it by yourself; either way will produce a masturbation experience unlike any other. Long strokes of pleasure await as you anticipate the arrival of your Quickshot Boost Gold & Quickshot Vantage toy. Take the dive with this experience of ecstasy you won't find anywhere else.

  • A true ease of access; almost effortless when compared to natural masturbation
  • Two open-ended areas
  • A duality feature that is added with the short length
  • Three different pleasure additives featured within the canal
  • The reel feel texture allows for a real sex experience
  • No clean-up involved after ejaculation
  • Long strokes of pleasure
  • Small stature that only covers a portion of your erect penis
  • Sometimes can involve more grip pressure to produce effectiveness
  • Only covers a portion of your penis
  • Targeted stimulation that requires fluid motions to feel throughout
  • The Quickshot Brings the Spice back in your Love Life
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