Review: Fleshlight Quickshot Boost (Black case)


Quickshot Boost : The short Fleshlight for a perfect blowjob

The Fleshlight QUICKSHOT™ is a revolutionary sex toy made by the Fleshlight company. Many people think it is one-of-a-kind due to the fact that any man can use it to satisfy their sexual desires no matter where they are. With all of the features it offers, it is believed to be the best male masturbator.

When looking for a sex toy to purchase, there is a lot of information that a person needs to know. These facts about the Fleshlight that I researched will help you see why it is the best one on the market. In this review, you can read all PROs and CONs about this unusual Fleshlight. I tell you if it is worth to buy this product. If you have questions or comments, please leave a message under the test report.

What is the Fleshlight Quickshot Boost?

There are two varieties of the Fleshlight Quickshot: The Quickshot Vantage and the Quickshot Boost. The Vantage is clear and people can see through it and the Boost is in a black case. The Vantage is clear like the other Fleshlight ICE models, but the materials that the sleeve is made from appears to be more sticky. There is some sparkle added to the black case which is very different from the usual pink sleeve. Everyone has its own one-of-a-kind texture.

The in of the Fleshlight: The length without the cap on is 3.5 inches and 4 inches with the cap on. The diameter is 2.5 inches (1.8 inches on the inside), the circumference is 5.89 inches and the weight is eight pounds and ⅝ of an ounce. The color of the case is black. The outside is two inches long, but the area that people hold when using it is 1.25 inches long.

The shape of the canal includes two identical end caps on each side and it has one chamber. The chamber is a nice and snug band of black plastic. The size is the same throughout the whole toy except for the areas that have texture in them. The texture has horizontal ridges in groups of three at regular intervals throughout the toy and has a shallow nub between these groups.

My personal Quickshot Boost masturbator test

Delightful QUICKSHOT Design

The Fleshlight Quickshot is compact and has an open-ended design. These features give it an edge over traditional sex toys. The Quickshot has a non-anatomical orifice.

This male sex toy has a discreet design and it is shaped like a black barrel. From the outside of the product, no one can tell that is a masturbator. The only thing that may give it away is the name Fleshlight on the outside of the item in big letters. It comes with a black case and a silver grey sleeve.

Fantastic Feeling, but noisy

To enjoy this Masturbator, you need lube. When a lube that is water based gets thicker, there will be more friction and it will feel different. For the people that use it, it gives them a lot of pleasure. It is recommended to not use oil-based lubricants when using this product – due to the fact that it will degrade the material.

The SuperSkin™ material is designed for real skin feeling. When using a Quickshot Boost, the feel is soft, warm, and mushy.

I love to use the Quickshot masturbator! It´s not so intense like the general Fleshlights, but you can see your penis head on every stroke. Because you can out syringes, you have more pleasure when it comes to orgasm.

Since there is no end cap to muffle the sound, the Quickshot is quite noisy. If people are near someone who is using it, they will need to turn the music or television up or hide under the covers. The noise is also very distracting and detracts from the pleasurable experience.

The orgasmic experience is not as satisfying as with the original Fleshlight due to the fact that it is smaller in size. The original Fleshlight provides more stimulation for every inch of a person because it is bigger than the Fleshlight Quickshot.

Since lube gets all over the fingers, this makes it difficult for a person to hang onto the Quickshot. Finding a dry spot to hold onto is not always an easy process.

Fleshlight Hygiene & Cleanup

The Quickshot™ masturbators are significantly faster clean and dry as usual Fleshlight models.

It usually suffices to rinse the Fleshlight with plenty of water. Soap should never be used to clean it! If it is need of a deeper cleaning, there is a Fleshwash cleaner made by Fleshlight which is designed to clean the sleeves of this product.

To keep the SuperSkin ™ material soft, the company also provides a Fleshlight renewing powder. All a person needs to do is to put a liberal amount of it on the sleeve and then shake off the extra powder. The material feels again like a new product.

My Quickshot Boost Review conclusion

The Fleshlight Quickshot Boost has a lot to offer the people who use it This masturbator is easy to clean, hide, and use. It can be used anywhere by anybody without anyone else know what is going on. It makes the joy of a sexual experience a lot more satisfying.

For the frugal minded person, it is an expensive way for them to enhance their fun. The people that use this item will make something that is outstanding become out-of-this-world.

QUICKSHOT BOOST is a “must have” masturbator for all Fleshlight fans!

Review overview

Stimulation, intensity & structure 6
Tightness 3
Suction Effect 3
Orgasm Rating 7
Cleanup & Dry time 9
Price / Performance ratio 7


5.8 Flesh Score: Good This Fleshlight looks completely different than the normal model. Because the open sleve design enables the the QuickShot a wonderful cumshot.

  • It is discreet and easy to hide (can be hidden in a drawer or shelf with other items)
  • Easy to clean and dries quickly
  • Makes orgasms more pleasureable (is more enjoyable than other Fleshlight products)
  • Is perfect for couples to use
  • Is the least expensive Fleshlight item
  • The small size makes it easy to take anywhere.
  • With the short length and open end of the Fleshlight Quickshot, it is very messy to use.
  • Another drawback of the short end is that the orgasm will get all over the place.
  • A little bit noisy.
  • Less orgasmic experience, as an original Fleshlight.
  • Lube gets all over the fingers
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