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New Fleshlight Girl: Riley Reid – with Utopia and Euphoria textures

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It is agreeable that Riley Reid has hit the headlines in the past couple of years, featuring in a number of video productions of many porn labels. Since 2011, she has featured in more than 360 sex scenes and no man has gone unsatisfied. Honestly, her skills and world-class performance can quench the thirst of even the most demanding man in existence.

The manufacturer I.LF. (Interactive Life Forms) has awarded Riley Reid, to be a member of the Fleshlight Girls family. She get immediately two exclusive textures: Utopia – the pussy texture and Euphoria – the anal texture. I would like to inform you, who is Riley Raid is and how appearance her two new Flesh Lights.

Who is Riley Reid?

Riley Reid Fleshligh introducedShe is an American porn actress. She was born in Miami, Florida. Before entering the adult film industry, Riley enjoyed working as a stripper for about two months. At the age of 19, she joined the adult industry and since then, she is the hottest porn actress the industry can offer. Her classy appearances have earned her many XBIZ and AVN awards including the best porn star of the year. The sexy girl still looks like a teenager by herself.

More about her appearance and services can be found on her personal website

Now you are wondering how you can have an adventure with Riley’s pussy, lips, butt and all the fantasies, right? Worry less. The Fleshlight manufacturers ILF is here to bring Riley’s pussy close to you; virtually of course. They have manufactured a replica of Ried’s ass (Euphoria) and vagina (Utopia) for you to enjoy an incredible sex with.

The new Fleshlights of Riley Reid:

  • Riley Reid Utopia

    The Riley Reid utopia texture is designed with the original labia of the Pornstars and it is signed of their original. The channel has four main chambers with different and unique textures. First, the entry chamber has an inverted cone that stimulates the head of your penis before you reach the first gate. The first gate will offer some resistance, but as you push through it, you will enter the next chamber with soft studs that hit the head of the penis with sensations from all sides. The next chamber will massage the shaft with more intense feelings. Finally, the last chamber crowns the perfect experience. It will tighten as the head pushes in and maximum pleasure is achieved.

  • Riley Reid Euphoria

    The entry of the euphoria has a tight entrance which offers a good start. At the center, there is a tight web of texture that provides some resistance and then allows you to move in again. This keeps some pressure on the shaft. A tight donut chamber follows; you have to push past it. As the head moves into the next donut, more pleasure is achieved.

First impressions of the new textures

These sex toys have been molded to reflect Reid’s real vagina and ass to offer an amazing masturbating experience. The scientific engineering design tops up the pleasurable moments. The toys have varying textures and sizes inside the ass, with a series of pleasure pockets that will stimulate the penis to its climax. Surely, this is fleshlight stands out.

Admittedly, the two releases by the Fleshlight can guarantee a healthy sex experience. The textures are incredible. Therefore, if you are a fan of Riley Reid, buy one sex toy today and take your sex life to the next level.

Next time, we will talk more about these Fleshlights

For more information about the Fleshlight Girl, visit: Riley Reid – Utopia & Euphoria Fleshlights.

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