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Fleshlight Turbo – New cool Fleshlight series published


Thrust and Ignition – the newest additions to the Fleshlight range

In January 2017, ILF delighted Fleshlight fans to a brand new range of must-have decides. The Fleshlight Turbo series boasts two major models, the Thrust and Ignition. Available in a range of eye-catching bronze and ice-blue colors, they’re an amazing addition to the range and guaranteed to excite even the hardest to please follower of the manufacturer.

Discover the perks of the new four Fleshlight Turbo products

Up until now, ILF has made a name for itself in producing Fleshlight models based on popular porn stars. Beauties like Kayden Kross, Riley Reid and Nikki Benz are just three of the names who’ve leant their likenesses to the range, making the manufacturer and incredibly popular choice.

However, in the development of these new masturbators, ILF have taken a different approach. The Fleshlight Turbo range still scores high notes when it comes to sensation, but rather than reproduce anatomically correct textures, these devices have been designed with the utmost in pleasure in mind. In particular, the Fleshlight Turbo range has been designed to simulate oral sex, giving users the best alternative to a real life blowjob around.

The brand Fleshlight Turbo was patent protected in October 2016 by the manufacturer.

Both the Ignition and Thrust Fleshlights feature transparent exteriors which boast the usual dimensions you’d expect, although the exterior finish itself differs wildly from what you’ve come to expect. Instead of sleek housing and discreet designs, these models boast a more futuristic appearance inspired by the Steampunk movement.

A quick glance inside shows the inserts on offer, which differ between models. For example, The Ignition variant comes with blue and bronze inserts, while the Trust model also boasts a choice of two colourways, leaving you plenty of eye-popping options to choose from.

Usage options with Turbo

The Ignition version differs from the Trust model. The Ignition Fleshlight features internal ducts which total about 25cm in length. All versions have a revised air chamber, positioned between the opening and channel entrance. The frontal regions of the Fleshlight offer much more flexibility than before, giving your penis much more mobility once you’ve penetrated and helping you achieve a much more realistic sensation that puts you in mind of the best oral sex you’ve ever had. As always, each Fleshlight is lined with SuperSkin material, a medical grade polymer that’s incredibly true to life.

These sex toys are designed to offer enhanced stimulation to the tip of the penis and the glans, while the aesthetics are redefined for style. These make a much better alternative to the porn star replicas of the Fleshlight Girl series and are guaranteed to become a collector’s favourite. ILF also promises that the Fleshlight Turbo series lets users achieve as close to deepthroating as possible with a sex toy stimulator.

Other facts about the novel Masturbators

In short, these new Fleshlight models are an ideal choice for those who aren’t caught up on their toys looking like the real thing. If you’re more interested in physical sensations and a fantastic orgasm, the Turbo series should be top of your list of things to try.

Built to last, you can count on a long service life with these beauties. Like all sleeves and Fleshlight models, cleaning is a breeze, while the addition of lubricant makes even a brief session a spectacular one. Get to grips with the Turbo collection yourself and order yours now from the ILF online shop.


On the day of publication (January, 22th 2017) I´ve ordered immediately the two variants Thrust and Ignition. Soon, I expect the delivery. After extensive testing, I will reporting my experiences  in the near future.

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