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Four Favorite European Porn Stars With a Fleshlight Dorcel Texture

If you’re wondering what a Dorcel texture is in the first place, the name is derived from the company Marc Dorcel S.A. out of Paris, France. Mr. Dorcel’s claim to fame is his pornography studios and beautiful girls working in the industry.

His texture is based off of your favorite ladies, including Valentina Nappi, Anna Polina, Claire Castel and Lola Rêve. Marc Dorcel partnered with Interactive Life Forms LLC from Texas, and the rest is legendary history.

Currently, you can enjoy the Fleshlight Dorcel texture at home as you imagine these four ladies ravishing your body. It’s time to experience this specialized product for yourself. In this review, I imagine you the Dorcel texture and tell you my opinion.

Who are the DORCEL Girls?

The Fleshlight Dorcel Collection is based on the four ladies from Europe. Lola Rêve, Anna Polina, Valentina Nappi and Claire Castel are all wrapped up into one sleeve that will excite the mind and body. When you first receive the sleeve, you’ll notice that it has a lovely, pale-pink color. I’ve stared at these ladies long enough to know that this color is as true-to-life as possible when it comes to their private areas. Take a deeper look at this Fleshlight Dorcel, and you’ll be ready for a session before it even arrives at your doorstep.

You’ll receive one orifice with the Dorcel product. It’s a vagina that’s molded directly from the four girls that please you in all of those porn movies. Between the four girls, in fact, they have more than a dozen movies to get your motor running. I’ve tried to watch a movie and use the Dorcel so that the feeling is as intense as possible. I’d recommend this strategy to any porn fan.

Dorcel Girls Texture Description

I was wondering if I’d even fit inside of this sleeve, but it’s big enough for even the largest man. The sleeve has a 10-inch or 25-centimeter long length with the interior measured at about 9.5 inches or 24 centimeters. With one glance at the delicate vagina lips, you know that this product was made to generate an amazing orgasm. It’s so lifelike that I had to explore the sleeve before I even used it. Needless to say, men in both the EU and USA will be thrilled to add this product to their collection any day.

The canal is a journey itself as you look at it with a critical eye. There’s almost no sensation that’s been left out for your masturbation pleasure. Varying numbers and sizes of bumps, nodes, ridges and lotus shapes will greet your penis glans as you test this sleeve out. The chamber is relatively straightforward, but I’ve found that I can get lost in it without any problems. It grasps your penis with a tightness that can only rival a real, virgin girl.

There are four, distinct chambers that are a mixture of different sensations. Essentially, I’ve grown accustomed to building my stamina with the Dorcel sleeve because I want to feel the entire length of the chamber. The details lining each section are worth the mental and physical effort. Close your eyes, and imagine one of the Dorcel ladies in your room right now. The sleeve is that effective for your mindset.

The Dorcel Girls are not available in the USA?!

At this time, I’ve noticed that you can’t access the Dorcel Fleshlights from an American Internet or IP address. Don’t be surprised if you visit, and you can’t find these luscious girls. It’s possible to use a VPN or proxy daemon as a backdoor into Fleshlight, but that requires some computer knowledge at this point.

As an alternative, simply go to This address is perfect for American customers who want access to the European ladies. It’s actually a French website where you can find those coveted sleeves. You’ll be feeling a porn star in no time with a quick order on this website.

fleshlight dorcel girls dorcelstore

My Fleshlight Dorcel Review

I had a chance to experience the Dorcel sleeve on my own for a few months. Take a look at what I thought of this molded vagina. In reality, you’ll be amazed at the feeling during your first session.

Fleshlight Dorcel Sleeve Design

I was first greeted by nodes that skillfully caressed my penis after penetrating the entryway. There’s no time to breathe, however, because sets of ridges continue to massage my member afterward. As I passed this chamber, I was surprised by three other sections that have varying diameters and lining details. Take your time to penetrate each area because it’s worth the effort.

Nice Dorcel Texture Feeling

Intervals of tightness and open sections will tantalize your penis. These variations allow air to move into the sleeve, which is what you want for that suction effect. You may not slide very well within this orifice, however. The bumpy walls can make that process difficult. Remedy the situation with a lot of lube, and don’t be afraid to thrust.

Hygiene of the Fleshlight Dorcel Sleeve

Fleshlight makes their sleeves as tough as possible while still retaining that lifelike skin texture. Unless you don’t care for the sleeve, it shouldn’t tear or break down. You’ll need to clean out all of the crevices, however. Allow the sleeve to completely dry before trying any other adventures. Keeping the Dorcel clean will only enhance your sensations and prolong the product’s lifespan.

My Final Thoughts & Test Result Conclusion

The Dorcel sleeve isn’t for the faint-of-heart, but it will excite you in ways that weren’t possible before. The sensations are thanks to the unique, design details that dot the interior. Although you won’t receive a case with this sleeve purchase, the Dorcel is worth the trip to the virtual store.

Simply bundle a sleeve, case and lubricant together. Ship it to your American or European address without anyone knowing. I know that your first night with this exciting sleeve will leave you breathless.

Alternative Shops to buy the Fleshlight DORCEL Girls:

If you cannot see the Dorcelgirls on, you can buy the Fleshlights here:

Review overview

Stimulation, intensity & structure 8
Tightness 5
Suction Effect 6.5
Orgasm Rating 8
Cleanup & Dry time 7.5
Price / Performance ratio 9


7.3 Flesh Score: Good Try the Dorcel sleeve out while imagining that Claire, Valentina, Anna and Lola are in the room. I've become a better lover with the help of these sleeves and my imagination. Pleasing every woman is possible with some practice with the best ladies in the business.

  • Various stimulation knobs, grooves and contours to excite every man
  • Easy entryway for any penis size
  • intensive diameter changes provide an intense pleasure
  • the size and length of the Insert fits all penis sizes
  • European Pornstars
  • Intensity level too high for beginners
  • Cleaning takes time
  • the intense stimulation can be to intensive for beginners
  • Channels could be too tight for some men
  • Only in Europe available!
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