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Angela White spoils you with her Indulge Texture

Angela White is a very, very sexy wife from Australia.

Her charisma inspired the men all over the world. Her molded Fleshlights represents a good alternative, to have sex with the porn star.

I’ve previously written about Angela White´s Entice Ass Texture in my previous reviews. Now I got this Fleshlight insert, called the Indulge Texture to test out.

In this review I will testing the Angela White Fleshlight. You can read all advantage and disadvantages about the Indulge Sleeve. Please write a comment under this test review, when you have experiences, questions, or opinions.

Indulge Sleeve Description

The first impressions I have from the Angela White Indulge Sleeve are great. The new sleeve was fitted in a special colored case and felt noticeably heavier. The aesthetic differences don’t end with just the case color.

The sleeve is also a more realistic color and texture when compared to the classic textures. The idea behind the new texture and Fleshlight Girl is to provide a new type and level of stimulation to customers.

Angela White - Indulge FleslightThis orifice was molded from her actual vagina, so it appears exactly like the real thing. It is almost spooky how much it resembles her.

The texture I selected for my set up with the new sleeve was the Indulge texture. This texture measures in at about 9.5 inches [24.1 centimeters] in length, the diameters are a bit trickier to define and measure. The largest diameter measures in at around one inch [2.54 centimeters] with the first constriction narrowing down to a half inch [1.25 centimeters]. The final constriction measures in at around 0.25 inches [0.64 centimeters].

The color of the insert is a more realistic flesh color when compared to the Classic “Flesh Pink” color. This adds to the experience. The canal is vastly different from the older textures. There are three chambers within the Indulge Sleeve. These chambers are arranged in decreasing diameter, so the further you go in, the tighter it feels. In comparison to the other textures, I wouldn’t say the offer anything similar to the Indulge Texture.

My personal Indulge Texture Review

Fleshlight Indulge Sleeve Design

The design of the Indulge Fleshlight follows their tried and true formula. The case provides excellent ergonomics, a high level of durability and some degree of discreetness. The sleeve is constructed of a high-quality medical grade silicone. The new sleeve felt noticeably heavier, but I am unable to determine what the difference in the silicone was based upon density alone.

The entire unit disassembles extremely fast for sleeve changes and cleaning. There really isn’t a difference between the major design characteristics of the Classic and the Girls models with the exception of increased build quality.

Great Feeling with Angela White´s Pussy Fleshlight

The new texture rapidly became my favorite sleeve. There are numerous bumps and bubbles that apply pressure to your shaft to increase stimulation and intensity. As you slide further into the sleeve, it tightens considerably. I would compare hitting the last chamber to touching a woman’s cervix.

In real life a cervix hit leads to a bad time in the bedroom, but with a Fleshlight, it feels great. This combination of a new texture working in unison with a higher build quality and more realistic color yields a world-class experience.

Fleshlight Indulge Texture Angela White

Hygiene & Durability

From testing two toys and having to cut them apart to take dimensions, you should not worry about durability. They are constructed of medical grade silicone and even gave a band saw some difficulty with a clean cut.

The only downside to this texture is the all of the alcoves within the cavity make clean-up more difficult. The increased surface area also led to a longer drying time. In hot and humid conditions, the new texture took 10 hours to dry.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

Wrapping up the review of the new Angela White Fleshlight, you get what you pay for and some trade-offs in the process. On one side, you get increased stimulation and more realistic colors. At the expense of these benefits, you sacrifice cleaning and drying time of the unit.

Review overview

Stimulation, intensity & structure 9
Tightness 7
Suction Effect 9
Orgasm Rating 9
Cleanup & Dry time 6
Price / Performance ratio 8


8 Flesh Score: Great

  • Affordable
  • More Realistic and Intense Experience
  • Orifices Look Real
  • Constructed of Medical Grade Silicone
  • Durable
  • Increased Cleaning Difficulty
  • Increased Dry Time
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