Review: Fleshlight Girls Entice Sleeve Ass Texture

Fleshlight Girls Texture Entice: Angela White

Entice Fleshlight Texture with Angela White´s Butt Orifice

Angela WhiteWhen you want to entice yourself into full orgasm, picturing Angela White is a good start. Many of my fantasies involve this lovely lady, and you can feel like she’s right in the room with the Angela White Fleshlight sleeve.

Take some time to unwind at home as you enjoy the pleasures that only a molded butt can bring you. I’ve tried out this Angela White ass so that you can know all of the details surrounding this innovative product.

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Angela White Texture Description

This Entice sleeve includes one orifice, in the form of an Angela White ass. With a soft-pink hue, the sleeve looks almost like the real thing. I was thrilled when I tried it because it has one of the most unique canals that I’ve ever experienced. It doesn’t have traditional chambers for your penis glans pleasure, however. As an alternative, there are four helical spirals that designate certain areas. These spirals create a fascinating sensation on the member as you push your way into the canal.

In many ways, this Angela White product is similar to the Twisted canal or Tera Patrick model. It creates a milking action that’s entirely stimulating on even the most experienced men. I appreciate that the canal is incredibly long at 9 inches or 22.5 centimeters because it gives me enough room to enjoy different sections as my experience continues on.

Although the canal is technically straight, the helical form gives you the feeling that you’re diving into a delectable tunnel. At the end of your experience, you’ll only want to try it out again with all of the donut-shaped bumps ready for your stimulation.

My personal Fleshlight Entice Review

Entice Fleshlight TextureMy first impression during this Fleshlight Entice test is one of wonder as the spiral ribs become the focus of my pleasure. If you take a look at the product’s cross-section, the interior appearance may get you excited before you even start. In fact, take a close look at the canal as you gaze down its length. All of those twists and turns are designed for your ultimate pleasure. If you’re ready to explore this product, get ready for a good time right now.

Entice Texture With Winding Spiral Design

To be truthful, I was overwhelmed at the sight of this Angela White orifice. The opening is so tight that it seems like nothing can penetrate it. However, it’s designed with realism involved so the canal’s orifice does give way to the pleasurable interior after lubing up the product and myself.

I’m accustomed to products that have distinct chambers. This model, however, has a helical design to its different sections. Your first challenge is to penetrate the opening where it’s mainly a smooth passageway at first. There is a spiral rib that tickles your fancy too, but it’s relatively subtle at this point. Everything starts to happen across all of your nerve endings when you encounter the cube-shaped extensions. These bumps rub your member at just the right angle because they dot the spiral rib. The designer certainly took a male’s anatomy into consideration when this product was made.

The remaining parts of the canal alternate between donuts, spirals and cube-shaped extensions. I appreciate the donuts’ sizes as they extend about 4 millimeters or 0.15 inches out into the canal. Regardless of your member’s size, you’ll be able to feel every inch of this product. Overall, the design is well thought out as you explore your naughty side with Angela White.

Tight And Very Intense Anal Feeling

If you’re looking for a tight sensation, the Entice product is perfect for your needs. The bare canal is narrow, and the interior features increase the tightness with their sensations too. A drawback to the tightness, however, is the reduced suction effect. The canal doesn’t let much air into the product, which negatively affects any suction that you might feel. Be aware of this fact as you shop around. I didn’t think that the reduced suction made a difference with my experience, but other men might be more attuned to that sensation.

The twisted ribs inside the Entice create a fantastic milking sensation. It’s as if a hand or mouth is creating that feeling, but it’s merely a spiral design. This particular feeling is one of the best parts of this product in my opinion. After feeling the milking sensation, be ready for the cube-shaped extensions. Although they have a flattened top section, these bumps feel like points on your member. After the initial sensation subsides, you’ll appreciate their massaging effect as the milking continues.

Angela White - Entice Texture

Fleshlight Entice Hygiene & Durability

I’m a big fan of the Entice, but it takes some effort to clean it out. If you plan on using it on a regular basis, you’ll need to dedicate some time to cleaning it very thoroughly. The donut centers and tight crevices around the bumps will catch lubrication and your discharge with ease. Use a stream of water and mild soap on your Entice.

I don’t recommend pulling out a toothbrush ^^ for those tiny areas, but try to clean them out as well as possible otherwise. The material is designed to prevent mold – however, you have to do your part in order to keep the Entice in good condition. It is very important to dry this sleeve after washing 1 – 3 days at a well-ventilated place.

After several uses, the product’s durability seems strong. Then dust up the sleeve with Fleshlight Renew Powder.

My Test Conclusion & Final Thoughts

As I think back on this Fleshlight Entice review, I realize that a word of warning is in order. If you’re new to this self-pleasure Fleshlight world, this sleeve might be too intense for you. While the donuts seem to massage my member, the pointed cones can be a bit of a shock for more sensitive users. 😉

The combination of suction and friction is perfect in this Angela White´s Butt Fleshlight. You will climb many intense orgasms with this sleeve. 😉 To criticize is only the generic Fleshlight problem: the canal drying.

Tip: Ideally, buy this product along with a more relaxed item, such as a vagina mold. You can switch between the two products so that you can achieve the pleasure that you’re craving without any surprises.

Review overview

Stimulation, intensity & structure 8.8
Tightness 7.8
Suction Effect 6
Orgasm Rating 7
Cleanup & Dry time 3.5
Price / Performance ratio 8.5


6.9 Flesh Score: Good With so many contours within this butt texture, I know that I won't be disappointed with each use. Simply keep the sleeve as clean as possible, and it should last for many more experiences. The Fleshlight Girls Signature Texture is meant to be durable for every man's fantasies.

  • Very intense spiral-rib with many amount of windings
  • Tight canal
  • Long length offers stimulation for every penis size
  • Alternating soft and pointed textures caress my cock
  • Limited space for suction accumulation
  • Requires extra time to clean and dry
  • Shorter members may not enjoy all of the interior contours
  • Lubrication can become stuck in crevices where it doesn’t function very well
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