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Carla Cox – The irresistible blond temptation

Who is Carla Cox?

Carla Cox FleshlightThe pretty, sexy and lovely Carla is a native of Czech Republic and has a long career in the porn industry spanning almost 22 years. Her flawless skin, natural radiation, enviable features and undeniable sex appeal have made her a legend in porn circles. In her hey days she was the star to look out for

Carla initially had a hard time making it in the porn industry and she experienced a lot of rejections before becoming a star. After some time she met people who saw, acknowledged and appreciated her potential and she went on to be a star in more than 200 porn films that have performed extremely well globally. She is a very popular Dorcel Girl.

Carla is versatile experienced and knowledgeable in all matters sex. Whether you are a fan of female eyesculation, or double anal penetration have no qualms because Carla has done films that deal in all sex styles. Her exemplary sexual abilities coupled with her flexibility have made her an expert at her field. She performs her scenes with sensuality and sexual appeal that can definitely turn anyone on.

Carla films have done extremely well and the world has taken notice. Her expertise has grabbed the attention of porn producers in reputable porn studios both in the United States and in Europe. She has had the enviable opportunity of working with the best porn producers in Europe and United States. The porn videos featuring Carla that have were made by European and USA porn studios have performed extremely well and have received rave reviews online.

Apart from starring in porn films, Carla has also undertaken other successful projects in the porn industry. For instance, renowned manufacturer of masturbation products – I.L.F. LLC (Interactive Life Forms) has molded a replica of Carla’s vagina which is sold as a product for masturbation. You can masturbate with the Fleshlight while you look Carla Cox porn videos.

Cox Fleshlight

Carla Cox Fleshlights:

In 2012 Czech porn superstar extraordinaire Carla Cox gained the attention of the entire porn industry. Fleshlight enterprise made the smart decision to make a replica of Carla’s vagina and sell it to its customers. Actually, Fleshlight created an entire line of assorted masturbation applications fashioned after Carla. Some vagina models that have need designed to imitate the perfect vagina of this blonde and sexy bombshell include Mini Lotus and classic Lotus Texture. Apart from these, there are other new brands such as Primal and Vortex which have newer improved textures.

Are you intrigued by this sexy goddess! Check out Carla’s website and you can access a live chat with her or cam2cam. And you will be able to access these amazing sensual masturbation products. The website is easy to navigate you simply go through the products and inquire in case you have an issue or what to find out more about the products. Here is a brief overview of the Cox modeled vaginas that are available on Fleshlight.



Mini Lotus texture
Pussy – Mini Lotus This Carla Cox pussy has a smooth and sensual texture that will massage your genitals and multiply the pleasure. With the Mini Lotus pussy you experience unsurpassed and immediate pleasure. Discontinued since July 2016 Evaluation in the direct comparison:

Lotus Texture

Pussy – Lotus Of course, the Lotos inside canal may not also be absent with Carla Cox Fleshlight. What makes this texture so particularly? An especially realistic feeling! Evaluation in the direct comparison:

Carla’s Biography

carla cox porn star portraitDate of Birth: May 25, 1984
Country of Birth: Czech Republic
Current residence: Los Angeles, London, and Prague

Body height: 165 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Body inch: 34 – 24 – 35
Bra size: C
Hair: blonde, long

Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eye color: blue
Physique: athletic
Tattoos: yes (waist)
Piercings: no
Sexual orientation: bisexual

Filmography: Drunk Sex Orgy (several parts), Fetish Sins, Lolita in Paradise

Porn Studios: Marc Dorcel, Doghouse Digital, Devil’s Film, Evil Angel
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