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So Sweet and Wicked: Fleshlight Girl Suzie Carina

Suzie Carina Fleshlight

With her charming face and her contoured body, Suzie Carina from Czechia mostly shows up as the “girl from Next door” in most of her porn videos.

She struck for the first time in the porn industry in 2002. This was in the film Young Débutantes of the German production company Videorama. For hot Suzie, this was the start of her successful porn career with which she natured up to now by appearing in more than 150 films. Also on the popular adult sites Marc Dorcel and Metart, there are many sex photos and movies.

The Fleshlight Girl is not only sweet and enchanting, but also sensational, something she has proved over and over again in her videos. She is free to get spoilt by having pleasure with other women. Also, she is not shy to performing hardcore sex methods. Suzie is one of the few women, who enjoys fisting in front of the camera.

She is versatile and can do a wide variety of sex. Her career was at the climax when she featured in the films: Casino No limit, Inglorious Bitches and Inside Me, Inside You in which she had was given to perform bigger roles.

Moreover, Suzie Karina was selected as one of the Fleshlight Girls. Owners of the Fleshlight masturbators can thereby enjoy their clients with the vagina of her. Carina would give ultimate pleasure to her clients.

Sweet Carina

Suzie Carina Fleshlights:

Because she is a star and a Fleshlight Girls model, normally you can not come closer to the Czech porn star Suzie Carina. To be able to offer you a very realistic experience, an imprint of her vagina was made by Fleshlight. Then this was perpetuated as an opening from SuperEthnicity material for Carina’s Fleshlight.

A total of four different Sleeves stand for you to choose from – the classical Lotus texture, the narrow Mini Lotus insert and the newer models, the Primal and Vortex textures. With Suzie’s Fleshlight, you can enjoy whenever you just feel like, the nearly realistic feeling of sex.



Mini Lotus
Pussy – Mini Lotus With the Suzie Carina Mini Lotus Fleshlight, you are getting closer to the pleasure of all what the Lotus texture offers. The narrow canals which open like Lotus are placed immediately at the pussy. Discontinued since July 2016 Rating in direct- comparison:
Pussy – Lotus You can use this Fleshlight with the classical Lotus texture for more pleasure. You are expected to use the seven chambers which shut closely at the entrance to the Lotus around your penis. You can open the chambers as you wish. The feeling you’ll have is much the same as when you’re having real sex. Rating in direct- comparison:
Primal Texture
Pussy – Primal If you decide to use Suzie’s Fleshlight with the Primal Sleeve, then expect to have a thrilling and diverse experience. The best of the Swallow and the Lotos texture are agglomerated together to provide for an unforgettable climax. Carina’s Primal offers you the best experience. Discontinued since July 2016 Rating in direct- comparison:
Vortex Texture
Pussy – Vortex With the Vortex Sleeve, you enjoy the feeling of a roller coaster journey for your penis. Four different chambers with spiral texture brings you to the orgasm you’ve been missing with Suzie Carina’s Fleshlight. Discontinued since July 2016 Rating in direct- comparison:

Suzie’s profile:

Porn Star PortraitDate of Birth: November 28, 1983
Place of Birth: Brno
Country of Birth: Czech Republic
Current residence: Czech Republic

Body height: 163 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Body in inch: 34 – 23 – 34
Bra size: 34B
Hair: brown, long
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eye color: brown
physique: thin
Tattoos: no
Piercings: yes (navel)
sexual orientation: bisexual

Filmography: Casino No Limit, Inside Me Inside You, Inglorious Bitches

Porn Studios: Marc Dorcel, Pure Play Media, Lesbea, Devotion XXX, Evil Angel, Videorama, Metart

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