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Fleshlight Dorcel: 4 New Girls & A New DORCEL Texture Released

Fleshlight Dorcel Girls

Marc Dorcel presents 4 European porn super stars

Lola Rêve, Claire Castel, Valentina Nappi & Anna Polina

Breaking news is coming in from the parent company of Fleshlight:
Interactive Life Forms or ILF is pleased to announce that there are four new Fleshlights available to curious buyers. Collectively, the new females are referred to as Fleshlight Dorcel Girls. You and I both will be thrilled to meet Lola Rêve, Claire Castel, Valentina Nappi and Anna Polina. Let’s meet the girls right now, and you’ll be ready for their orifices in no time.

You might wonder where the name Dorcel came from, but it’s actually the name of a famous pornographic film producer and director. Born March 27, 1934, Mr. Marc Dorcel had humble beginnings as he made his way into adulthood. With his business based out of Paris, he began shooting European porn movies in 1981. From that point forward, he became a well-known name among both women and men interested in pornography.

Fleshlight Dorcel Texture

The Dorcel girls are a mixture of different fantasies for every man.

  • Lola Rêve is a blonde masterpiece from Montpellier, France. She’s been in many movies, which makes her pussy orifice a dream for many men. At only 24 years old, Lola knows her way around the bedroom, and that fact gets me excited beyond belief.
  • Meet Claire Castel with her short brown hair and curves for days. She’s been working the porn industry since 2010, which makes her a veteran in men’s fantasies. Claire is so well-known that she’s been nominated for several awards in the industry, including the XBIZ and AVN Awards. Take one look at her, and you’ll be buying a new Fleshlight texture in a heartbeat.
  • At only 25 years old, Valentina Nappi actually looks much younger than that with her smooth skin across every limb. She’s a lovely, Italian lady who started her porn career in 2012. Her work with Dorcel made her a household name, which is why there’s products molded from her pussys. Fleshlight has a winner with these ladies exclusively from Dorcel’s collection.
  • Anna Polina has been almost everywhere in the past 10 years so it’s fantastic to see her as part of the Dorcel collection. She’s a mixture of French and Russian descents, which gives her a unique look as you gaze upon her beautiful body. Dorcel chose her as a top pick because of her active involvement in the porn industry. With over 30 films in her background, you’ll never grow tired of this black-haired siren.
fleshlight dorcel girls dorcelstore

I’m extremely excited about the newest Dorcel product because it has countless grooves, narrowings and indentations. The pimples alone are enough to get you going, but it’s the narrow sections that really increase the suction. The sleeve gives you little reprieve as you work your way toward the rear. As a brand-new experience, the Dorcel texture delivers for even the most devoted Fleshlight fans.

This announcement has gotten everyone excited about the new Dorcel Texture. In fact, I’m ready to purchase one so that I can review it as soon as possible. There’s nothing like feeling the sleeve in person because an online viewing just isn’t telling the whole truth. This Dorcel texture appears to be bliss before I even try it out. You can be sure that I’ll be ready to buy it in my next order. With world-famous SuperSkin material, the Fleshlight collection is your ticket to a good time and a fantasy world beyond your imagination.

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