Classic Pink Butt Fleshlight

Classic Pink Butt – The first Anal Fleshlight

Nothing quite compares to your first time. That original experience pales in comparison to recent encounters or sexual adventures. The feel, your sexual drive, and the ecstasy experienced with those first thrusts are unlike any other. After experiencing masturbation with your first Fleshlight toy, the thoughts running through your head are unleashed. You want that experience again and again; you crave it and you yearn for it.

Today we take you back to that moment in time with the Fleshlight Original Butt toy. This anal experience will give you flashbacks of those first adventures. It will have you craving this pink toy gripping your cock tightly and firmly. Take your fantasies back in time with this Classic Fleshlight.

Fleshlight Pink Butt Description

This product is packaged much like other Fleshlight items. The customer will find it boxed with a display of what the model looks like. The Fleshlight Original Butt is pink in color and features a sleek black sleeve in which you can place your anal texture. The measurements allow for an extension of up to 10 inches in length, so any size can experience the masturbation of a lifetime. This Classic Fleshlight features a rather simple structure to mimic that of an anal experience that is sure to bring you to orgasm.

Assembling your Fleshlight could not be made simpler. Take your texture out of the plastic wrap it comes in and run it under water (warm/cold) for about ten minutes. This time period allows for any shipping substances to be cleared from the inner and outer portions of your toy. The substances found on the texture will not harm you, but if you forgo the option of running your toy under the water your experience may be limited in excitement and overall pleasure.

You can dry your toy with a towel or paper towel. You can add any lubricants you want to your device for easier access, but be sure that the lubricants you use do not have any added oils or chemicals that pose a potential health risk for the user. After your texture has dried, insert it into the black sleeve. You are now ready to experience the masturbation experience of a life time and bring back all of your long lost fantasies.

Product Review

Dreamful Anal Feeling

This Original anal orifice provides you with a tight experience similar to that of butt sex. The canal is made up of a simple structure that grips your penis tightly throughout. The glans inside the texture wrap around you and really get the blood flowing from your shaft to your head. The toy also has a suction to it that creates for stimulation and helps ease you into orgasm.

The original entry point boats a very small hole that requires some effort to penetrate. This make-up is like experiencing anal sex for the very first time. The tightness, suction capabilities and simple structure throughout the canal replicate first time anal sex to a perfection. Mastering your sexual capabilities and tendencies are rather tough, so using this male sextoy before experiencing the real thing is very beneficial to understanding and monitoring your stamina. Since the replication is exacted, it also gives you the closest feeling to real anal sex that you won’t find with just any other toy.

Fleshlight also features many different girls and models that have their very own product lines. This original pioneer of the Fleshlight Empire also can add simplicity to the buying experience. Choosing between all of the models and girls is a rather puzzling venture. Stick with what you know best and save some money when doing so. These original orifices feature a very low price point for the materials you obtain in return. Also, no specific individual can match up to those sensations and feelings that rushed your body during your first time.

Caring for your Toy

Purchasing your first Fleshlight toy is a rush of excitement, happiness and pleasure all bundled into one. Caring for your toy is essential to making sure these experiences last and withstand the test of time. Fleshlight features many different toy cleansing products and hygiene products.

When ordering your toy be sure to grab some essentials like FleshWash and FleshLube to ensure a pleasurable experience that is matched with the ability to use your toy under safe circumstances. A dirty toy is always a buzz kill, so make sure you don’t let your pleasure overcome the ability to care for that sweet sexual ecstasy.

My Pros and Cons… The Summary

The decision is now in your hands. Do you want to experience your first anal sex time and time again? Do you want to take your fantasies to the next level? Do you want the practice you need to prepare for taking this sexual entryway in real life? This Fleshlight is great for those unexperienced in the sensations that anal sex can provide. It might change your perspective on anal sex as well.

The only guarantee is that it will be an experience unlike any you’ve had before. Head over to Fleshlight’s website today and learn about how you can obtain your very own Original Butt Fleshlight.

Review overview

Stimulation, intensity & structure 3
Tightness 3.1
Suction Effect 3.2
Orgasm Rating 3.3
Cleanup & Dry time 9
Price / Performance ratio 5


4.4 Flesh Score: Medium

  • Low Price Point
  • Overall Value
  • An anal experience that replicates a ‘first time’
  • Suction, tightness and grips all-in-one
  • Simple structure
  • Imagination capabilities
  • Lack of variability
  • No additional stimulators
  • ‘What you see is what you get’
  • No studs, rings or other similar pleasure stimulators
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