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The Primal Sleeve of the European Fleshlight Girls EU

In 2010, the manufacturer ILF, LLC released a new insert, which received the name of “Primal.” The inner channel is a combination of multiple textures of other Fleshlights. Inside of the Insert, you will find a lot of chambers; there are integrated some nubs, rings, and other bump textures. Two Lotus nodes in the middle and the back of the canal provide a specific stimulation of the penis.

ILF has designed the Primal texture exclusively to feature the Fleshlight Girls EU. The Fleshlight manufacturer has combined the inner channel with the vaginal opening by well-known porn stars from Europe. Their pussy orifices were molded to create the outer surface of the inserts.

Beautiful women like Suzie Carina served as a  submission. So were six Fleshlights, which guarantee a unique experience. More models are Tanya Tate, Ariel (aka Piper Fawn), Marry Queen (aka Miela), Carla Cox, and Eufrat Mai, Silvie Deluxe, Suzie Diamond, Tarra White. Each model brings their touch to the Primal.

I am going to share my experiences with you in this review. This will help those of you that would like to do an own Fleshlight Primal test. If you know the Primal masturbators, please write your opinion under this review.

Primal - The European Fleshlight Girls EU Texture

Primal Fleshlight Description

The Fleshlight Primal Insert has characteristics that are unique only to it. I am going to share them with your as part of this review. This will help those of you that would like to do a Fleshlight Primal test.  This sleeve material Real Feel Superskin™ is safe, non-toxic, and phthalate free.

Fleshlight Primal begins with two ring-shaped chambers, which are each 15 by 15 millimeter in size. The next chamber contains a Lotus node with a diameter of 18 x 10 millimeters. There is then a main-chamber with 20 thin knobs and six studded knobs. The next Lotus node follows after that. Most men will unfortunately not reach the next nodes with a penis length of 20 cm.

As already mentioned, the Primal texture is a combination of known structures. On closer inspection, these are the popular inner channels in the front area of the Gauntlet Insert, the right-angled knob area of the Vibro Touch Sleeve and the 90° arranged nubs from the Stamina Insert and the Speed Bump Fleshlight. The many well-known stimuli were placed in one channel. The Primal Insert promises to be a very intense sleeve.

You need a Fleshlight case to be able to use the sleeve. It is made of hard plastic and has a pearly white color. In both the front and rear there is a screw cap. The front cap covers the pussy orifice, and the rear regulates the negative pressure in the Fleshlight.

My Personal Fleshlight Primal Review

When I saw the Primal channel for the first time, the variety of different structures piqued my interest. This texture should not be missing in my Fleshlight collection. The entryways from European pornstars Suzie Carina and the sexy redheaded Ariel made me especially horny – I just had to order it! Thanks to a great Fleshlight discount promotion I was able to buy the Fleshlights cheaply.

Contrary to expectations, after three days UPS brought my package with the two dream pussies to my door. I could not wait to unpack them and then write to you to begin my practice test.

Design & First Impressions

Ariel (Piper Fawn) Primal Fleshlights Girls EU - Pussy

After unpacking them, I was thrilled by the special design of the Primal inserts during my “finger test.” Currently, there are hardly any other Fleshlight channels that have as many elements as the Primal insert. A combination of interior elements was used that implements the manufacturer’s past and present.

Although the inner channel in the European Fleshlight Girls is no different, the realistically molded pussy inputs looked very inviting. In addition to Ariel and Suzi Carina, the vaginal replicas of the beauties Tanya Tate, Marry Queen, Carla Cox and Eufrat are also very good and unique. The customer can decide who he would prefer.

My first test

As with any practical test, I took my time and watched awesome porn from Ariel and Suzie Carina. The erotic movies and photos of European performers strongly stimulated my imagination and excitement.

I chose Condomi Lube a lubricant because it does not dry out as quickly and is not sticky.  Excited, I dived into the sleeve for the first time and was completely surprised. Through the mixture of nodes, knobs, rings, and forms in the inner channel, the penis is strongly stimulated. A strong suction effect quickly increased my desire.

I explored the inner channel slowly millimeter by millimeter and enjoyed the little details. I was totally amazed by the realism.

Incredibly intense and delightful Fleshlight Feeling

Even at the beginning, the two chambers of the canal create a please experience with changing pressure. At the same time, a negative pressure builds up, which creates an additional, stimulating effect.

Subsequently, you then enter the first Lotus chamber, in which the excitation is increased by a narrow, grazing movement. The narrowness feels great. The ring-formed shapes of the annular inserts in Primal produce an intense massaging effect as one penetrates deeper into the inner channel.

The different structures of the main chamber are noticeable on the cock. Nodes and ribs completely enclose the penis. The components massage the penis’s head from all sides. The knob field in the middle of the channel especially exerts a strong erogenous effect. If your penis is longer than 17 cm long, you can even reach the second Lotus node. Men with a 20-cm long penis will be treated with a further nub ring.

Tease and denial

I experienced a special increase in pleasure since I did not cum immediately. The orgasm was prolonged! Firstly, I used plenty of lubricants, which made the penetration feel more realistic. Secondly, I played porn with the European actresses as well. I vary the intervals when I thrust with the speed of the porn stars. It creates the feeling of actually satisfying the beauties.

This made it possible to experiment with an incredibly intense orgasm after a good hour, which I particularly enjoyed. Every part of my penis was satisfied in a very intense and sexy way as I experienced erotic fantasies with my favorite actresses from Europe.

The interaction of the two Lotus nodes, knobs and ribs ensure a sensational overall expertise in every masturbation session! I will use the Primal texture again and again. In my opinion, this Fleshlight shows once again that there is nothing better than satisfying yourself with a Fleshlight.

Fleshlight Primal Texture - EU Girls

Hygiene and Durability

The Primal Sleeve not so easy to clean. You must invest some time to clean-up the many structures. To prevent bacteria and fungus, the inner channel must be cleaned immediately after use with warm water. Use no soap, because the material will easily brittle. I suggest you disinfect your Fleshlight occasionally with the Fleshwash disinfectant spray.

On the outside of the insert, you should bring up occasionally some corn starch so that the sleeve will be nice and soft. ILF provides a suitable Fleshlight renew powder. The powder prevents that your Fleshlight will be sticky.

To prevent mold, you must dry the Sleeve completely after cleaning 24 hours. Don´t put in the sleeve in the case before!

With proper care and cleaning, the primal should never rip or tear.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

In my opinion, the European porn stars are very, very sweet and sexy. I love the hot redhead girl Ariel Piper Fawn! I watched her porn films during masturbation with her Fleshlights. ^^

In theory, you can get a very intense orgasm in fewer minutes. But I recommend you, to wank several hours and ruin your orgasms again and again (named: Orgasm control, Penis edging, Ruined Orgasm). The last orgasm is very heavy and an exciting experience.

The primal truly lives up to its definition of being first and original. With a molded pussy and a combination of the Fleshlight’s of the past, it is truly a one-of-a-kind sex toy.

Men that use this sex toy will have a one-of-a-kind experience. The experience will be like one that they have ever had.

Review overview

Stimulation, intensity & structure 9
Tightness 10
Suction Effect 9
Orgasm Rating 9
Cleanup & Dry time 5
Price / Performance ratio 9


8.5 Flesh Score: Great The primal sleeve brings so much for its users than other Fleshlight's have in the past. It provides many different textures to tantalize the men that use it. This tool will bring out the primal beast in every man that uses its every time that they use it.

  • Varied inner channel
  • Very intense penis massage
  • The Lotus nodes make it real feeling
  • Exact replica to female’s pussy parts.
  • Tight Fleshlight
  • It requires the use of a lot of lubricant.
  • In comparison to other Fleshlights loudly smacking noises
  • It is not as intense as other Fleshlight’s.
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