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Ariel Piper Fawn – The Gorgeous goddess from the Czech Republic

Ariel Piper Fawn Fleshlight

Who is Piper Fawn? (alias Ariel)

Ariel is a stunning adult beauty, who was born on June 25, 1984 in the Czech Republic. She brought it in a short time become one of the most famous actresses from Eastern Europe. With her films thrilled the thin Fawn, which previously used the name Piper Fawn and Faith Lightspeed, a variety of porn fans. Later, she used only the name Ariel. (Derived from the Disney animated film: Ariel – The Little Mermaid)

She began her first steps as an erotic act-model at the tender age of 20 years in 2004. At first she was active for various porn related internet pages, before she became a well-known face on porn site. In the year 2005 was not only creation erotic art works, but also her first hardcore scenes.

With her radiant red hair, the sugar-sweet face and her incredibly sexy body, Ariel (Pieper Fawn) has conquered the European porn scene by storm. Later she also was successful in the United States of America. It is therefore no wonder that the actress to Flesh Light Girl.

Ariel’s Pornography Career

Since her debut to hardcore porn, Fleshlight Girl Ariel has featured in approximately 5o porn films. She starred on the popular Seventeenth Playground. The fact that she has risen so fast In a career speaks volumes about her expertise and professionalism. Most of her films have done extremely well making her a popular face in the porn scene. As a result of her success Ariel has become widely sought after.

Ariel is sexually fluid meaning she is a bisexual, this fluidity has made her very versatile because she has starred on camera with both male and female partners. She has also starred in films which feature threesomes or multiple partners of different genders. She has no restrictions and for this reason she is a notable star in fetish sex porn productions. The Fleshlight Girl is literally taking the porn scene by storm. Her sexy looks coupled with her versatility and raw talent has made her a formidable force in the porn industry.

Because of her prowess and undeniable sexual appeal, Ariel has been singled out by renowned masturbation product manufacture Fleshlight. She is now a brand ambassador for Fleshlight products. Fleshlight has modeled a special vagina line that is a replica of Ariel’s vagina. Her line of vagina has an array of products that will blow your mind and get your sexual juices flowing.

Whether it is worthwhile to buy the Fleshlight Ariel, you can read in the following test.

Ariel Fleshlight

Piper Fawn Fleshlights:

In 2004 Ariel is  a beautiful girl from Czech Republic. She is very popular in the porn scene, but now she is a formidable force in the porn industry. So has I.L.F. LLC asked her, whether she interested to mold her vagina for masturbation products. Ariel’s four sleeves at Fleshlight Girls have received an overwhelming positive reception.

Since 2011 her Fleshlights  has recorded extremely high sales and its popularity is steadily rising. There are four Sleeves, including the popular Lotus texture, Mini Lotus famous Vortex and Primal textures, available for the Ariel Fleshlight. Listed below there are brief explanations why they are a perfect for masturbation.



ariel fleshlight minilotus

Pussy – Mini Lotus This Fleshlight Sleeve has a smooth and pleasurable texture that will excite you and literally blow your mind. Ariel Mini Lotus will make you climax and guarantees you a enjoyable experience. Discontinued since July 2016 Rating in direct- comparison:
ariel fleshlight lotus
Pussy – Lotus This incredible Sleeve has seven chamber of uncontrollable pleasure. The chambers are narrow, smooth and penetration will not only excite you but also make you climax immediately. Ariel’s Fleshlight Lotus is as real as the human vagina is…soft, smooth and so much fun! Rating in direct- comparison:
ariel fleshlight primal
Pussy – Primal Satisfy your sexual hunger with this pleasure packed Fleshlight Sleeve. The chambers of the Ariel Primal Texture are narrow and smooth and will definitely make your orgasm an unforgettable experience. Discontinued since July 2016 Rating in direct- comparison:
ariel fleshlight vortex
Pussy – Vortex The Vortex Sleeve of Ariel’ Fleshlight has fore chambers that have a spiral texture that ensures your penetration is pleasurable, exciting and sensual. The chambers mimic the real movement of a vagina-they widen and narrow as you penetrate and will undoubtedly give you a memorable masturbation experience. Discontinued since July 2016 Rating in direct- comparison:

Ariel ‘s profile:

Ariel Piper Fawn PotraitDate of Birth: June 25, 1985
Place of Birth: Prague
Country of Birth: Czech Republic
Current residence: Prague, Czech Republic
Also named: Peper Fawn, Pipper Fawn

Body height: 1,70 m
Weight: 52 kg
Body in inch: 36 – 25 – 37
Bra size: B
Hair: red, medium-length
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eye color: green
physique: athletic
Tattoos: no
Piercings: no
sexual orientation: bisexual

Filmography: All Reality Gangbang, Inglourious Bitches, Lesbian Fuckfest

Porn Studios: Lesbea, Pure Play Media, New Sensation, Swank, MetArt 2
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