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Asa Akira – The exotic Beauty

Asa Akira FleshlightAsa Akira may have an Asian appearance and spent a few years in Japan as a child, she was born in the extremely large city of New York City. She began using her appearance as a teen to profit in the adult industry from the early age of 19 years old. While in New York City, she worked as an adult dancer and dominatrix.

The Asian porn star Asa got her first pornographic experiences shooting lesbian scenes with Gina Lynn. It was only in 2008 that she shot scenes with men on camera. This explains her anxious appearance in most scenes, especially with 3 or more men in each gang bang scene. It is worth noting that she rarely shoots scenes with multiple men.

Asa is also notable for her appearances in fetish productions involving Bondage and NS. On the fetish front, the exotic Fleshlight Girl is also seen in lesbian fisting scenes.

Akira is insatiable in front and in back of the camera. Very popular are her parodies Wolverine XXX and Barbarella XXX.

Her experiences within the dancing world gave Asa a rhythm that’s all her own, which you can see in almost all of her movies. Asa’s sweet demeanor makes her a favorite among men who want to see her in fetish movies that incorporate bondage.

Because she has such amazing curves, it makes sense that her Fleshlight would be one of the most popular products on the market. Get your fill today.

Asa Akira Fleshlight

Asa Akiras Fleshlights:

The insatiable Asa Akira was built to have a Fleshlight modeled after her and is sexy enough to be your favorite Fleshlight Girl. Her own line is a faithful recreation of her vagina, anus and lips. Because these are molded from her, many men can now enjoy her endlessly with her Fleshlight masturbators.

Asa is a Fleshlight Girl that offers five amazing Sleeves in combination with her Orifices. She is by far, one of the most attractive Asian porn stars that is still actively shooting scenes. It is important to note that each orifice is based on a mold of Akira’s features.

This meticulous process resulted in orifices that are extremely realistic in appearance. The color of the medical grade silicone used is also uniquely pigmented to match Akira’s skin tone for the ultimate experience.



Mini Lotus Texture
Pussy – Mini Lotus The Mini Lotus insert provides the most realistic simulation of vaginal sex with one major upgrade: the insert is moved closer to the orifice opening so men who are not well endowed can enjoy all of the wonderfully smooth sensations of the full sized Lotus. Multiple mini-lotuses provide the suction that you need for a good time. Rating in direct- comparison:
Lotus Texture
Pussy – Lotus The Lotus is the big sister of the Mini Lotus and seeks to simulate vaginal sex. It accomplishes this with a super-tight entry at the opening and expands out into a wider channel just like a real vagina. There’s nothing to dislike about the Fleshlight Lotus. You’ll love the real feeling of the vaginal lotus as you penetrate through the narrow opening. Rating in direct- comparison:
Dragon Texture
Pussy – Dragon The special Asa Akira Dragon sleeve is an aggressive and intense insert that provides a sharp and exhilarating climax. It is studded with sharp ribs and a vortex of less intense bands that will leave you breathing heavily and completely drained. Experience the Dragon where you have to control your will to let go in seconds. Rating in direct- comparison:
Forbidden Texture
Butt – Forbidden Akira’s Forbidden Fleshlight Sleeve is the ultimate and most realistic anal experience on the market today. It all starts with an extremely tight and ribbed entry. This expands into a tight spiral that simulates the unique nature of anal sex. Anal sex has never been so real with this twisting and curving Fleshlight design. Rating in direct- comparison:
Swallow Texture
Mouth – Swallow The Swallow Sleeve was designed to be the most realistic oral sex that a toy could provide. It starts with a medium diameter opening with many ribs. At around 5 inch mark, it transitions into a tight canal that simulates the throat. If you go far enough, it opens up into a wider channel. The stimulations that Asa Akira’s Fleshlight provides are silky smooth and leg-shaking. Get lost in the Swallow as you thrust your way through this fantasy. Rating in direct- comparison:


Asa’s profile:

Asa Akira Porn Star PortraitDate of Birth: January 3, 1986
Place of Birth: New York
Country of Birth: USA
Current residence: New York

Body height: 5’1/2″
Weight: 105 lbs
Body in inch: 32 – 24 – 32
Bra size: 32C
Hair: black, long
Ethnicity: Asian
Eye color: brown
Physique: athletic
Tattoos: Right shoulder, left arm, neck
Piercings: No
Sexual orientation: bisexual

Filmography (best known porno films): Total Control, Parody Allstars

Porn Studios: Hustler, Evil Art, Wicked Pictures, Brazzers, Digital Playground, Evil Angel
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