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The Fleshlight Super Tight – One of the first Fleshlight sleeves

When I started my search for an adult toy for men online, I quickly came across the Fleshlight Super Tight Sleeve. This is often considered a classic among Fleshlights. It’s actually molded after the original Pink Lady, which means that it features no textures and is a great starting point for purists. Here is my personal review of the Fleshlight Super Tight Sleeve.

Super Tight Sleeve Description

If you plan to buy this Fleshlight Sleeve, you have to choose which orifice you want. This particular model comes with the following orifices:

The Fleshlight Super Tight Texture is roughly 9 inches long and has a diameter of about 0.6 inches or 15 millimeters. Despite being modeled after the Pink Lady, the Fleshlight Super Tight Sleeve gets its name for being aroand0.2 inches narrower. The Fleshlight itself is pink and comes without a case. It provides a smooth canal with no textures or chambers. This means that the only stimulation you will feel during use comes from the friction created by its patented “Real Feel Super Ethnicity” material.

My Fleshlight Super Tight Texture test

Fleshlight Super Tight Texture Design

The design of the Fleshlight Super Tight Sleeve leaves a lot to be desired. Unlike structured Fleshlights that provide different chambers and textures, this model simply features a tight, single canal. While it’s nice that you can pick from a selection of orifices, I didn’t feel like it stood up well to other structured Fleshlights. However, the Fleshlight Super Tight Sleeve is perfect if you prefer realism over sensation. Its tight canal provides gentle and continuous stimulation.

Super Tight Feeling

The feeling that this Fleshlight provides isn’t very intense. In fact, I would recommend this adult toy for beginners or men who prefer very low stimulation. The tightness that this model provides is decent and consistent throughout the entire canal. Unfortunately, I would have preferred for this unit to provide a tighter sensation with the words “super tight” in the name.

One problem that arises from the tight canal, however, is reduced suction. The smaller canal limits the vacuum buildup common in other Fleshlight models. This makes the intensity of the orgasm lackluster compared to textured Fleshlights. On a positive note, I did notice that the patented Super Ethnicity provides a near perfect slide. In short, it didn’t provide the best feeling I have ever got from a Fleshlight, but it got the job done.

Hygiene and Durability

In terms of overall durability, the Fleshlight Super Tight Sleeve looks like it can stand up to a lot of use and doesn’t seem to be prone to tearing. The material it’s made out of is strong and easy to clean. In fact, cleanup with this model is a breeze and one area where this Fleshlight really shines. Since there are no textures or chambers, there’s no space where residue can build up.

I could rinse it out with water and be ready to go again. Also, the open construction of the Fleshlight also makes it easy to air dry. In fact, I would say that the dry time for this Fleshlight is significantly faster than other sleeves I have used in the past.

Fleshlight Super Tight Review Conclusion

While I wouldn’t say that this is the best Fleshlight I have ever used, the Fleshlight Super Tight Sleeve is far from the worst. It’s made out of good material and is sure to stand up to the test of time.

Unfortunately, it provides very little stimulation, which can be a turnoff for people who have already tried Fleshlights with textures and chambers. Due to the lack of textures, however, cleanup for this model is as easy as rising it with warm water.

Drying time is also extremely fast because of its open construction. If I had to recommend this model to others, I would suggest it for someone who is new to the world of Fleshlights or for men who don’t like a lot of stimulation.

Review overview

Stimulation, intensity & structure 2
Tightness 10
Suction Effect 3
Orgasm Rating 3
Cleanup & Dry time 10
Price / Performance ratio 3


5.2 Flesh Score: Good The Super Tight Sleeve is a good, old Fleshlight Classic. The missing channel structure is somewhat boring. But this Masturbator is perfectly suited for penis orgasm eding on the "Point of no return"! It is simply to clean up and very hygienical.

  • Patented Super Skin material is strong and resistant to tearing
  • Provides a smooth slide
  • Easy cleanup and fast drying time
  • Offers consistent tightness throughout the entire canal
  • Many different orifices to choose from
  • Very well suited for orgasm control games (Ruin the orgasm again and again)
  • Provides little stimulation because of lack of texture and chambers
  • Tight canal limits the vacuum buildup present in other fleshlights
  • Despite being labeled as super tight, the small diameter isn’t very noticeable
  • Doesn’t provide a lot of intensity, resulting in lackluster orgasms
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