Fleshlight Camstar: Luxe – Cherry Devivre

Fleshlight Camstars Luxe – Exclusively molded from Cherry Devivre´s pussy

Take one look at Cherry Devivre, and you’ll immediately know that she’s a wild one. In fact, she’s taken many men to the heights of excitement, especially with her fake vagina. I’m proud to introduce my Fleshlight Luxe review that covers every inch of this Russian beauty.

You might be overwhelmed when you try her pussy texture for the first time, and that fact is true for most men. The design alone is enough to visually stimulate you before you’ve even lubricated the sleeve. Dive into this pussy replica today. You’ll be thrilled with the Flirt4Free Camstars who’re currently ruling the voyeuristic world.

In my test report, I´ll tell you my opinions about the Fleshlight masturbator. It is worth to buy this Fleshlight? Find it out. Please let your comments under this review.

Fleshlight Luxe Texture Description

If you’re familiar with the Flirt4Free Webcam, you’ve probably seen Miss Devivre in action. Although she can’t personally visit your home, you can have a close experience with her by trying her Luxe texture. It comes with just her vagina, but what a beautiful orifice it is to behold. The beige coloring allows the lips to stand out as real-life versions of your dream girl. Slide the texture into the dark-blue hard case for the best sensations and product care. When you’re ready, the sleeve will envelope you entirely.

A man with an average length will fit perfectly into this canal because it’s about 9-inches or 23-centimeters long. From the exterior, the sleeve is completely straight. However, you’ll notice almost immediately that your experience is nothing like your standard hand massage.

There are about five chambers with several connections between them. In my opinion, the entire canal feels like a continual chamber with subtle variations between sensations. The design is so unique that I can’t recall which sleeve feels the most similar to this one. Across these various chambers are bumps that vary in height and length along with fingers, ribs and rings. In reality, I had to get used to all of these stimulants across my penis glans before I could fully enjoy the ride.

My Fleshlight Camstar Luxe Review

Curvy and bumpy would be my first impressions of this sleeve. No one can prepare you for the first chamber and connections afterward. Be aware that trying to easily slide yourself into Cherry Devivre isn’t going to occur. You need to be forceful with the penetration in order to gain enough leverage inside of the canal. The effort is certainly worth it, however, as you thrust in and out of this bumpy ride. Fleshlight knows exactly where to locate those fingers as they tease your cock throughout the session.

Fleshlight Luxe Sleeve Design

I can’t imagine a better design than the Luxe model. The first chamber has a concave curve that presses down on your penis head. This sensation alone is enough to finish you off, but you’ve just started to experience Miss Devivre. Extended nodes greet your member as you press forward, and then you’ll feel several bumps massage your head. Get ready for a narrow section as you encounter fingers and suction breaks that will send tingles across your body.

Unusually shaped nodes, rings and other features make up the back end of this sleeve. You might notice that the canal doesn’t taper as it might with other sleeves. In fact, this design feature is a purposeful tactic so that suction and sensation remain intact during your entire session. Although I usually prefer a tight end, you might enjoy the difference that the Luxe texture offers with several rings and convex sections to tantalize your member.

Hot Cherry Devivre´s Fleshlight Luxe Feeling

The main feeling that I get out of this Fleshlight product is constant variation. If I move just a fraction of an inch, I’m sent into a wild frenzy as new textures tickle my skin. As a result of this stimulation, I’m automatically charged with an immediate orgasm. I try to hold back, however, because I want to complete the canal’s length.

You’ll need to be prepared with some strong stamina when you enter this sleeve. The suction is almost constant along the canal’s length while the fingers move in almost every direction as you generate some friction. Slow down for the first part of your ride so that you can feel the complete sensations. Moving too fast will only end your session without any real experience to be had.

The penetration factor is relatively high because you need to move past several connection points within the canal. For most men, the penetration sensation is one of the best ones to feel with each Fleshlight. The tightness otherwise isn’t as narrow as you’d like it to be, however. The connections create a tight effect, but the subsequent chambers are relatively wide and symmetrical. You won’t be disappointed with Miss Devivre, however. Keep an open mind when you’re experiencing her on a virtual level.

Fleshlight Luxe Texture Hygiene

The Luxe texture is probably one of the most difficult sleeves to clean in the Fleshlight family. She’s worth the effort of a good cleaning, so prevent mold with isopropyl alcohol. You can also buy specialized cleaners from Fleshlight too.

These cleaners will remove every residue from the sleeve so that you can continue with the fun. The Fleshlight will last longer too. Simply pull it from the hard case and allow it to completely dry.

Conclusion of the Cherry Devivre Luxe Fleshlight Review

If your penis isn’t thrilled with the Luxe Fleshlight, I’m not sure what will excite you. This texture is one of the most exhilarating rides I’ve ever experienced. The twists and turns that tease my cock only make me come back for more after cleaning up my last session.

Take your time with Miss Devivre, who’s been made famous by She’ll flirt with you on the webcam, and then you can enjoy her in almost real time afterward as you lube up her signatured pussy sleeve. My fantasies have become real, and yours can be visualized as well with this texture in your collection.

Review overview

Stimulation, intensity & structure 8
Tightness 5
Suction Effect 6.5
Orgasm Rating 8
Cleanup & Dry time 7.5
Price / Performance ratio 9


7.3 Flesh Score: Good To be honest, it was difficult to admit that it was time to clean up after my Fleshlight Luxe test. Cherry is one of my favorite webcam girls, and she remains in my fantasies as a permanent fixture. Make your dream world a reality with these realistic sleeves close at hand.

  • Amazing arrangement of different textures to please any man
  • Molded pussy has realistic skin tone that matches Cherry Devivre
  • Can buy a darkblue case to safely hold the sleeve during use
  • First texture based on the ever-popular Fleshlight CAMSTARS
  • Incredible satisfaction reported by many fans
  • Lack of smooth sections for beginner usage
  • Difficult to clean with many small crevices
  • Orgasm may come too quickly
  • Case length a full, 3-inches longer than the texture
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