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girls tease fleshlight texture test

Tease your Senses with the tight Tera Patrick Fleshlight

In this review, I want to introduce you to the Fleshlight from the Fleshlight Girl Tera Patrick with the Tease channel. This concerns the pussy Fleshlight that provides an original form of the labia of Tera.

As with all other Fleshlight Girl models, the sleeve orifice is decorated with the original signature of each fleshlight girl; in this case, it is Tera Patrick. The Tease channel gets its name from its design. Tease means “tempting”.

In my personal Flesh Light Test, you will learn how tempting the tease texture really is. I would like to ask you to leave your opinion in the comments field under this review if you already know this texture. How does the Fleshlight feel? If you have questions, you are also welcome to write me.

Who is Tera Patrick?

Tera PatrikTera Patrick is a busty brunette. The American model born on July 25, 1976, in Montana (Great Falls). Before Tera went into the erotic scene, she received her college degree and worked as an emergency medic.

Today, Tera is very popular and has had a very long career in the porn industry. She got her start in 2003 when she was contracted by Vivid Entertainment. During her shooting career, she was featured in over 100 scenes. She has graced the covers of both Playboy and Penthouse, as well as numerous other features in popular adult magazines and press releases. Patrick retired after a lustrous career in 2008 from shooting scenes.

She now works with Playboy and other companies to provide assistance in numerous blogs, vlogs, and other such instructional pieces. Her work still revolves around the industry, and we will never forget the work she did do when shooting.

This 5 ft 9 in goddess draws stares from miles away with her large breasts and tattooed body. Her long legs and dazzling eyes also add intrigue to her overall image. She is an interracial beauty hailing from descendants that feature backgrounds in Thai, English, Irish and Dutch.

Now you can enjoy this erotic, international flavor with the two Fleshlight toys Twisted (Butt Texture) and Tease (Pussy texture).

The Tera Patrick Fleshlight features a Tease model to encompass a deep view into the pussy texture modeled after her. In my opinion, Tera Patrik has really deserved to be a Fleshlight Girl. Let Tera work you up as she takes every inch of you deep inside of her vagina.

Tease Sleeve Description

The tight Tease Fleshlight has been available on the market since July 2014. It consists of four chambers and three connecting channels. The inner channel is 22.5 cm long and declines through its narrow inner diameter, which differs between 7 and 20 millimeters.

After the pussy entrance, the first chamber begins, which starts with an inner diameter of 10 millimeters and a length of 20 millimeters, and is quite small. Small transverse grooves are on the chamber walls. The transition to the second chamber is formed by a transverse rib consisting of six knobs.

The second chamber has an inner diameter of 20 mm as well as six long-stemmed, large studs. The transition from the second chamber into the third chamber is more fluid. There is a strong narrowing at the beginning of an opening channel into the third chamber. Three longitudinal studs, which are lined up in four rows, are additional highlights in the transition because the knobs are aligned with the center of the channel. There is still another lotus node before the third chamber opens.

In the third chamber, there are again long-stemmed nubs facing at an oblique angle to the opening. The inner diameter of the third chamber is wider than the transition duct. At the end of the approx. 3-centimeter third chamber, a transverse rib forms the transition into the fourth chamber.

The following connecting channel leads into the fourth chamber, in which two intersecting longitudinal grooves are arranged spirally (like a cross). At the end, three large round knobs and six small round knobs were selected as the final structure.

My personal Fleshlight Tease Review

Tera Patrick FleshlightAs the Tera Patrick Fleshlight was released in July 2014, made me alone the name “Tease” very curious. The structure of the canal-texture seemed really very intense. I was quite curious, how is the feeling of masturbation and I ordered these rubber pussy for a test.

It took about 5 days until I received the delivery by UPS.

How feels the Tease Fleshlight ?

I was looking forward to unpacking the Tease Sleeve from Tera Patrick. From a purely visual standpoint, you can see. The insert is made of pleasant Real Feel Super Skin™ and has a natural skin color. The labia of Tera Patrick are especially beautifully formed and invite you to enter into the inner channel.

I began the test full of anticipation. As usual, before masturbating I put a lot of Fleshlube into the inner channel. Especially with such narrow inner channels like in the Tease Texture, a sufficient amount of lubricant (water-based) is of crucial importance for me, because otherwise the enjoyment in masturbating is significantly restricted. After warming up with my Sleeve Warmer I could then get to the point.

An intensely tangible narrowness was the beginning of the varied masturbation with the Tease Texture. After I had entered the second chamber, the tightness left immediately after and was replaced by the punctual and grazing stimulation of the long-stemmed knobs. The further path inside was then tight again since I had to pass the Lotus node.

It was like a ride on a roller coaster. A little further, it is then very tight and then again, comes a unique, grazing and massaging stimulation, which completely excited me. The following nubs, which intensely massaged the penis, then brought the stimulation to completion. By pushing forwards and backward, the long-stemmed knobs always offered different stimuli.

Intense orgasm

Likewise, the lotus node pressed the penis once and then massaged the edge again and again. The resulting pressure, which led to a powerful suction, also increased the sensations. The lubricant naturally follows the particularly intensively formed passages in the insert and forms warm, fluffy areas that further increase the feeling when masturbating.

After my first test of Tera Patrick’s tease channel that the texture is “tempting”. She just did not let me rest, and instead always stimulated, tempted and excited. My feelings during masturbation were really unique. So I really recommend you to try it out yourself.

The Fleshlight from Tera Patrick with the tease structure is really worth it and should not be missing in any Fleshlight collection. Perhaps it is of interest for you that second Fleshlight will be dedicated to Tera Patrick with an anal texture. Tera Patrick’s Fleshlight with anal texture is called “Twisted”.

The intrigue really relies on the toy’s ability to heighten all of your orgasms with these new feelings. This feeling most closely compares to real sex; that’s right, REAL SEX! The orgasms come on quickly as the penis doesn’t know how to react to such sensations occurring at the same moment. Additionally, the toy proves to rather slide friendly. Penetration occurs rather easily with the use of a small amount of lubricant.

This molded pussy provides plenty of suction and pressure in the channel. This is a unique and useful feature as it keeps your penis inside the love toy and free to experience the offerings of all the chambers it is made up of. The suction effect also proves to be just right in amount.


Tera Patrick Tease Texture

Fleshlight Tease Sleeve Hygiene

Due to the many bottlenecks and long-stemmed nubs, you have to be particularly careful when cleaning the Tease Inserts. Rinse it immediately after the orgasm under running, lukewarm water. Perhaps you can turn the insert around to clean it even more. Especially in the area of the lotus node, sperm and lubricant remnants are prone to remain, which you absolutely have to remove.

Otherwise, unhygienic bacteria and germs, as well as mold, would occur. After the basic cleaning with clear water, you can pre-dry the inner channel and then disinfect it with FleshWash or isopropyl. You should not use liquid soap to clean a Fleshlight since otherwise, damage to the patented RealSkin could occur.

After internal cleaning and a sufficiently long drying phase, you can still treat the outer area of the sleeve with Renewing Powder from ILF so that it does not get sticky. If well maintained, you can look forward to a long friendship with your Fleshlight.

My Fleshlight Tease Review Conclusion

For me, the Tease channel offered really unique sensations during my test, which differed significantly from the feeling with other Fleshlights, although I do not want to devalue my other variants.

I love the variety that is offered to me by the “tempting” Tease channel. Cleaning the sleeves is somewhat more complex, but is quite okay in relation to the tingling sensations it offers.

With the Tease Insert, men with a shorter penis are not too short because the lotus node is so far forward that every user can reach and enjoy it. I can therefore only recommend purchasing the Fleshlight from the fleshlight girl Tera Patrick with the tease channel. Whoever doesn’t buy the Fleshlight with the Tease Sleeve is missing something.

I really enjoy the complexity of the toy. The multiple pleasure pockets and chambers provide for a mind blowing experience. Just when you thought you couldn’t experience another form of pleasure you become acquainted with a new sensation. The suction is just right in the sense that most of it occur in the front portion of the toy.

As you go deeper into Tera you discover that widens to just the right heights. It is a fun toy to use no matter what size you are as there are plenty of areas that can maximize your masturbation experience. I haven’t found a toy that it compares to due to the different suction levels and the high number of different pleasure points. This toy is second to none when compared to any items Fleshlight has released before and is a must-try!

Review overview

Stimulation, intensity & structure 9
Tightness 7
Suction Effect 8.5
Orgasm Rating 9
Cleanup & Dry time 5
Price / Performance ratio 9


7.9 Flesh Score: Good Tera Patrick's tease texture really suits everyone. The appearance as well as the feeling of masturbating, suction, tightness and handling have completely convinced me in my test comparison. Cleaning the tease channel is somewhat more intense, but doesn't bother anyone at all. The Pussy Fleshlight from the Fleshlight Girl Terra Patrick is really recommended. It is really fun enjoy this Fleshlight in fast thrusts or slow penetration.

  • 6 separate chambers of pleasure
  • Gripping/tightening in the right areas
  • Multiple nodules, pleasure balls, and real feel technology
  • A mind blowing orgasm awaits the user
  • The reel feel texture allows for a real sex experience
  • Any penis size can enjoy these stimulations
  • Long length provides for sexual experimentation
  • Can sometimes provide too quick of an orgasm
  • Inner complexity also creates for added attention to ensure inner form
  • Cleaning process can involve quite the attention to detail
  • Complexity may offer too much pleasure for those who prefer simpler make ups
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